Friday, January 5, 2018

MM Goodness Book Review - Inseparable by Sloan Johnson


This is a wonderful coming of age story of two best friends who truly were inseparable from childhood through high school. It was during those last years in high school that Trevor and Gabe realized their feelings for each other had grown into something more powerful than friendship. The author weaves a powerful and compelling tale as both young men work through leaving home, the pressure of collage and self-discovery, and what this new freedom means for their tender relationship.

It’s obvious that our leading men adore and are madly attracted to each other. The heavy sex does mostly happen off page but there’s enough sensual action and dialog to keep even a staunch fan of erotic details such as me happy. The secondary characters are compelling and realistic. There’s a young man named Seth – one of Trevor and Gabe’s roommates – that really grabbed my attention and held it. Since this is the first book in Ms. Johnson’s Port Java series, I hope one of the following books are about Seth. Overall this is a moving and lovely new adult MM romance that left me yearning for more.

5 out of 5 stars

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