Monday, December 11, 2017

Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt

It`s time for Tuesday Tales.

Today we have a snippet from Last Defense, which is book #5 in the Harrisburg Railers MM hockey series written with RJ Scott. In today’s snippet Ben and Max spend some time getting to know each other.

This week is our picture prompt and all snippets must be 300 words or less.

This story may have gay erotic scenes, strong social issues addressed and mature language. If those things offend now is the time to move onto another Tuesday Tales blog. Thanks for stopping by!

“Let me just get Bucky and we can go.”
“Bringing your dog?”
“I just can’t leave him behind.” I tugged open my door and Bucky trotted out, tail wagging, eager to greet Max again. The big man ruffled his gray fur with a large hand between the ears.
“Going to be hard to find a place to eat with a dog,” he pointed out.
“Just leave that to me.”
An hour later we were strolling along the paths at Wildwood Lake, a wonderful park that featured wetlands, bike and running paths, and was dog friendly as long as your pooch was leashed. Max and I sat on a bench in the shade of a hundred lush trees, just off a running path, eating some hoagies we’d picked up as Bucky sat at attention, on the watch for squirrels.
I learned a lot about the man I’d been so intimate with. We both talked about our childhoods, our plans for the future, and our shared love of sports. He told me a couple humorous stories about old girlfriends and boyfriends which answered that big question as well.
Our tastes in music were sort of similar, although he confessed he wasn’t big into music. We liked the same movies and watched a few of the same shows on TV. He wasn’t much of a reader anymore he admitted, but did enjoy thrillers. I had a weakness for all things Stephen King even though they scared the wits out of me. Max smiled easily, laughed even more easily, and touched me in soft, private ways that he didn’t seem ashamed of.
After a small brush of his fingers over my forearm, I leaned over to press my lips to his. He never shrank back or acted afraid of being seen kissing a man.
“You ready to go get naked?” He asked, his words dancing over my lips.

Copyright 2017 ©by V.L. Locey


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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Holiday Goodness Book Review – The House-Sitter’s Christmas by Jean Joachim

#MF #Holiday #Romance 

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I’ve been reading Ms. Joachim’s books for years now and she never disappoints. This time around we get a sweet little holiday fairy tale set in the Big Apple. I’ve been to New York City during the holiday season and truly it’s a trip everyone should make at least once! Reading this book, you’ll feel as if you’re the city, experiencing the lights, window displays, and cheer that radiates from the city.

It’s a delightful MF read, quick and romantic yet filled with Christmas delight. Perfect for a snuggle under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate sort of book. The romance and the storytelling are top notch and the wonderful descriptions carried me back to that trip to Manhattan. If you’re looking for an MF holiday read, this one will fill your stocking with joy nicely!

5 out of 5 stars

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Welcome To My Rainbow Advent Calendar Stop!

I am so excited and humbled to be taking part in Alex Jane's 2017 Rainbow Advent Calendar! From the 1st to the 24th of this most festive of months you’ll be treated to some wonderful LGBTQIA romance with a holiday twist. All the participating authors are sharing links to worthwhile charities and we hope you’ll consider donating during this special time of the year.

For those who don't know me I live in the mountains of Pennsylvania on a small hobby farm with my husband of 26 years, my daughter, one dog, two cats, two Jersey steers, eleven chickens, and a pair of geese. When I’m not writing I can be found watching hockey – LET’S GO RANGERS!! – geeking out over Dr. Who and Torchwood, reading Marvel comics, doing yoga, and drinking coffee.

I write under the super-secret (it’s not at all secret everyone and their llama knows who I am) pen-name V.L. Locey and my books are predominately MM erotic hockey because it’s the genre of my heart, but I do dabble in non-sporty contemporary books as well as paranormal MM romance. I’m also coauthoring a series of MM hockey books – the Harrisburg Railers - with the fantabulous Rj Scott. 

Today I’m sharing an original new holiday short for my most popular couple to date, Victor Kalinski and his husband, Dan Arou. For those not familiar with these two wonderful men, Vic is the special teams coach for the Cayuga Cougars, an AHL ice hockey team based in Cayuga, New York. Dan Arou-Kalinski plays left wing on the Cougars. Victor is a one of those people that you either love or hate, a true marmite character. He’s rude, abrasive, cutting, and sometimes a pure jerk. He’s also one of the most compelling men I’ve ever been blessed to write. I’m still peeling back layers on Victor, and I suspect I may never stop.

I hope you enjoy this tiny Christmas tale, titled The Best Gift, starring my three favorite Kalinski (and Arou-Kalinski) men. It was a pure joy to write!


A Cayuga Cougars Short narrated by Victor Kalinski (Expect language and mature themes. This is Victor and they are hockey players.)

You can grab a free copy of The Best Gift for your eReader over at Instafreebie:

The Best Gift at Instafreebie


My chosen charity is True Colors Fund. True Colors works to end homelessness among LGBT youth. Please consider donating during this most giving of seasons.


Want to read more about Victor and Dan? Why not grab the Point Shot Trilogy, which contains their first three books at one amazing price!


You can also check out their upcoming novel, Coach’s Challenge, which releases on 1/10/18. There will be no preorders for this book. You can add Coach’s Challenge to your Goodreads Want-To-Read shelf at the link below:

Victor Kalinski and his husband, Dan Arou, are living the dream. Married for over a year now, the couple have settled into life in Cayuga surrounded by friends, family, and a team that’s poised to make another championship run. Each man is enjoying professional success as well as personal bliss. Who knew life in the suburbs with a spouse and a child could be so darn satisfying? Not Vic. K, that’s for sure.

The happy times are about to turn rough, though. The Cougars have picked up a new player, Sander March, a brash young center whose sass, skill, and attitude can rival Victor’s. When it’s revealed that this new player and Dan have history, tensions begin to rise between the newlyweds. As Victor and Dan work on those issues, the one person Victor never thought he would meet arrives in the small New York hamlet and proceeds to flip everything in Vic’s life upside down. Can Victor and Dan’s marriage withstand what life is about to drop on it, or will the challenges be too much for them to handle?


Make sure to visit all the other wonderful MM authors who are participating for more fabulous holiday gay romance. And check out our merry little Facebook group! 

Rainbow Advent Calendar Master List

Rainbow Advent Calendar Facebook Group

Thanks so much for visiting and have a happy holiday season!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Tuesday Tales - Heat

 It`s time for Tuesday Tales.

Today we have a snippet from Last Defense, Harrisburg Railers #5, an MM hockey romance book coauthored with RJ Scott that we’re currently writing. In this excerpt we’re introduced to Benton ‘Ben’ Worthington, one half of our couple. Ben is the manager of the Crossroads Animal Shelter and is, sadly, a young widower.

Our word prompt today is “Heat”.

This story may have gay erotic scenes, strong social issues addressed and mature language. If those things offend now is the time to move onto another Tuesday Tales blog. Thanks for stopping by!

“No, see that’s not exactly the kind of…we’re hoping to open up the search for more volunteers to help out over the summer.” I leaned back in my chair, grimacing a bit when the old gal creaked loudly. The AC blowing into my face was measly but given I’d had it in that window for years, and it had been donated, it was doing all I could ask of it to combat the heat. Papers shuffled about on my desk, the semi-cool air rustling over the mounds of paperwork that now fell to me. Gone were the days spent working with the animals at the Crossroads Shelter. Now Ben Worthington spent most of his time in this damn office, talking on the damn phone, trying to wheedle rich people into giving us more of their damn money. It really kind of sucked.

Leaning back a bit more, I let my eyes drift shut as Lenny over at the Harrisburg Herald rambled on and on about the cost of ads and how he didn’t feel he could continue giving us a discount.

“No, we do understand. I need you to understand that we need every penny of help we can get. We’re a no-kill shelter. We’re not state supported. Every dime – I know I tell you this all the time. That’s because you complain about taking five percent off the cost of an ad every time I call.”

Lenny then prattled on a bit more about overhead.

Yeah, tell me about overhead, Lenny. I know all about it.

The harping turned into a droning noise, like Charlie Brown’s teacher, and my mind began to wander. My gaze touched on the personal things nearly buried under the mounds of papers on my desk. A laptop with the shelter logo of a dog, a cat, and a human standing at a crossroads, bouncing around the screen. The laptop made a funny squeaking sound when I turned it on in the morning, but we ignored that. An empty coffee cup with the same logo on it, several books about miserable things like fundraising objectives, managerial and administrative duties in today’s modern shelters, and a gay romance.

I picked up the book, flipped it open, and continued reading about a con man and a stripper who were working together to outfox some Mafiosi. The plot was a little weak, but the sex was hot and oh my stars the romance was incredible. I missed romance. I missed that emotional connection to another man. I missed meaningful sex too. The few hookups I’d had since losing Liam had been cold and mechanical. I missed Liam so badly I ached.

Copyright 2017 ©by V.L. Locey


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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Deep Edge - Hockey Meets Figure Skating

RJ and I are just tickled pink to have time to talk about Deiter and Trent’s book, Deep Edge, as well as our shared love of hockey and figure skating. We’re so proud of this book, and the men starring in it. It’s a wonderful story, filled with hockey, angst, sass, sequins, and two men who wade through the worst life can throw at them holding tightly to each other. Hopefully you’ll love D and Trent as much as we do.

I’m going to age myself terribly here as we talk about skating and how it’s been a beloved part of my life for years. And when I say years, I mean years. I clearly remember watching the 1976 Winter Olympics at the tender age of fifteen. There was a plucky, adorable young woman on the US Olympic skating team by the name of Dorothy Hamill. 

She not only stole my heart, but the hearts of millions around the world. And, yes, I did have my hair cut just like Dorothy’s! Every four years since I do my best to catch the figure skaters as they compete for the gold. Which is where I came across my favorite male skater – and the inspiration for Trent Hanson – Johnny Weir.

After catching his performances in the Olympics, I was a forever fan. When his TV show aired, I watched it religiously. Of course, when RJ and I discussed writing a book about a hockey player and a figure skater falling in love, I knew I had to pattern Trent after Mr. Weir. Trent is a flamboyant, out and proud gay man. He looks hatred and bigotry right in the face and never backs down in his defense of those who are being ridiculed or belittled. He battles against homophobia and embraces young LGBT skaters. He’s gregarious and tenderhearted, and a simply joyful character to have written.

When Trent and Deiter come together, they’re a train wreck about to happen, but they muddle through the dark patches with sheer will and determination, to find love and acceptance in each other’s arms. *sighs* As you can tell, I simply adore the stars of Deep Edge as much as I’ve loved the couples who came before them. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be head over heels with the men who follow this odd but amazing couple!

Buy Links:

Make sure you visit RJ's blog for her post about figure skating!

RJ Scott Blog

Friday, December 1, 2017

Deep Edge (Harrisburg Railers #3) Release Day!

Trent and Dieter's story is now live!

Deep Edge is an emotional story filled with men battling to overcome personal demons and an undeniable attraction. RJ and I loved writing it and we hope you enjoy reading it.

#MM #Hockey #Romance 


One man’s passion, another man’s lies. Can love fix even the darkest of hearts?
Trent Hanson is a figure skating phenom adored by millions around the world. His whole life has been dedicated to the sport he loves even when the sport - and his own family - have turned against him. From the playground to the Olympics to his parent’s living room, Trent has fought against bullies and homophobes to be the out and proud gay man he is. But the constant fighting has left Trent tired, lonely, and skittish. All those fears will have to be shelved though when he’s hired to spend the summer working with the Harrisburg Railers ice hockey team. Who would have guessed that the man fate has decided to pair him off with is Dieter Lehmann, all-around sex god and a man who seems to have everything to prove and doesn’t care who he hurts to get what he wants.
Dieter has spent too many years languishing in the minors, and a secret addiction to prescription painkillers means his career is in a downward spiral. His ex is blackmailing him, and he’s close to walking away from it all. But when he’s called up in the run for the Stanley Cup to cover injuries he has a taste of what it’s like playing in the NHL, and he realizes that a place on the Railers’ roster is what he wants more than anything. More than listening to his heart, and even more than caring for the infuriating figure skater who gets under his skin. When he crosses the line to get what he wants, he knows he has lost his way. He has to change, but is it too late for both his career and any chance he might have at love?

Monday, November 27, 2017

Tuesday Tales - Frost

It`s time for Tuesday Tales.

Today we have the last snippet from my NaNoWriMo MF hockey romance book, Blueline, Venom #6. In this excerpt Helen and Bob are finally alone in a hunting cabin in the Manitoba wilds.

Our word prompt today is “Frost”.

This story may have erotic scenes, strong social issues addressed and mature language. If those things offend now is the time to move onto another Tuesday Tales blog. Thanks for stopping by!

“Well, there are cougars.” He waggled a ruddy eyebrow. I shook my head and shut the car door. “No, seriously, there are cougars.” I pointed a finger at him in warning. “The four-legged ones.”
“Really. So don’t wander off without me along, or a gun at your side.” He went around the back of the Jeep to gather our bags. I squinted into the woods.
“Anything else?” I couldn’t see any big cats but that didn’t mean anything. Cats were stealthy.
“The usual. Elk, coyotes, lynxes, hares, porcupines, beavers, moose.” He walked past as he talked, our bags in his hands. “Don’t need to worry about the hares and porcupines. Elk or moose either this time of year. Fall rut bull moose and elk can be kind of touchy. There’s some bison over in the park but they’re in an enclosure. Oh! Bears. Yeah, there are black bears too. I think that’s it.” He shouted over his shoulder then disappeared into the cabin.
“Great, so bunnies are the only cuddly woodland creatures in this whole province.”
“There’s me here.” Bob reappeared in the doorway. “I’m cuddly.”
“That you are.”
We set into getting the cabin livable for a city slicker like me. Bob hauled the cooler of food inside. Away from the bears. Then we opened the windows and swept out the cobwebs and dead flies. Bob killed a mouse that had made its home in the kitchen pantry. I put clean sheets on the double bed, then threw a thick cover over the sheets.
“Where do we wash up?”
“Kitchen sink.” He jerked his red head at the double sink. “Water pump is outside next to the outhouse. Cold as the ice on a frost giant’s balls.”
Arms folded over my chest, I assessed the one room cabin. Fresh air blew in, the dust was gone, and the mouse was no more. Overall, for a couple days, I guessed I could rough it.
Bob slid up behind me, his arms going around my waist, and began nibbling the nape of my neck.
“You look hot as hell when you stand there like that.”
“Like what? With my arms crossed?” His lips moved up my neck, to the hairline, and then back down to where the collar of my tank top rested on my back. His tongue ran up my jugular as I leaned back into him. His arms were magical at times. Strong yet tender.
“Mm-hmm.” He was growing intent on his mission to seduce me, and foolish woman that I am, I felt myself slipping into the spell of this remote cabin and the endearing man holding me tightly. “Or with them dangling. Or with them around me.”
His hands now roamed over my stomach, pressing into the firm muscles, creeping higher and higher until his palms rested over my breasts. Fire leaped inside me, making me arch slightly into his hands.
“The door is open,” I reminded him as his fingers found and toyed with my nipples.
“Chipmunks won’t mind,” he murmured against my neck.
He must have sensed my growing unease because he ground his erection into my ass as he pinched and rolled my nipples, his lips and tongue leaving a hot, wet path that now trailed down to my shoulder.
“We can shut it if you want,” he whispered as me dropped light little pecks along my bicep. “I’ll do whatever you want, Helen, I just got to have you. It’s been so long, and I love you so much.”
Well damn. How could a woman resist that? I wiggled round in his arms, plastered my mouth to his, and rolled my hip bone over his hard cock.
“You saying yes? This is good? Your knee up to some hot stuff?” His brown eyes burned hot now as he looked into my eyes.
“Yes, this is good, and my knee is fine with hot stuff as long as I don’t have to kneel.”
“I’ll do all the worshipping today.” We fumbled with each other’s clothing as we licked and tasted the others mouth. His hands were big, rough, yet tender as they moved over each bit of flesh he exposed. I ran my hands over his shoulders, his thick arms, and then back into his hair, taking fistfuls of the soft, foxy strands when we tumbled back into the bed. He landed on me, his leg between mine, his weight supported with strong locked arms.
“Bob…” I could feel his gaze dropping to my breasts, and then he’d want to see lower, expose me to the brilliant Manitoba sun falling on us through the open doorway. The air was sweet with dry grass and Bob’s cologne.
          “I’ll worship you today,” he softly repeated, mouthing at my collarbone, the one that still carried a faint bruise.

Copyright 2017 ©by V.L. Locey


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