Friday, June 2, 2017

Here a trope, there a trope...

Everywhere a trope! I, for one, don’t think that’s a bad thing despite what the powers to be may say.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a trope is basically a figure of speech, character, or plot element that’s been used many times.

There are a bazoodle of romance tropes such as dating the best friend’s sister/brother, the alpha hero, accidental pregnancy, or enemies to lovers. Even writing about athletes is considered a trope and it’s one that I fully embrace. *hugs her hockey players tightly*

Now you can find all kinds of dialog about avoiding tropes online and I agree that there are a few that should be skipped over. Overall though, tropes are a wonderful way to get your hero and his love together and most readers have favorite tropes as do authors.

I tend to really like those May/December stories. There’s something about an older man with a younger man that really sends me as both an author and a reader. I’m also partial to the hero being a bit flawed. *looks right at Victor Kalinski* Or in some cases really flawed. I love peeling back one layer at a time to expose the good heart under all the bluster and jerkish behavior.

I like a good case of opposites attracting as well. I have a couple of MM books in the queue that fit this trope. One is a romance between a math teacher and a baseball player and the other is a closeted hockey player falling head over heels for a drag queen.

Wait? What?! Vicki is writing about a sport other than hockey?! It’s a sign of the end times! Flee! Flee! Grab the cat and kids and get into the basement right now!

There’s a trope for every taste. Tell me about your favorites in the comment section.

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