Monday, May 29, 2017

Tuesday Tales - Hug

It`s time for Tuesday Tales.

 Welcome back! “Hug” is our word this week. Today I’m sharing a snippet from First Season, the second Harrisburg Railers book. I’m coauthoring this M/M hockey romance series with Rj Scott and am thrilled to be able to share excerpts with the Tuesday Tales readers!

In today’s post, we get to spend some time with Adler as he does a bit of shopping.

This story may have gay erotic scenes, strong social issues addressed and mature language. If those things offend now is the time to move onto another Tuesday Tales blog. Thanks for stopping by!

Sitting at a red light, Winger on the stereo, I mulled over how the three main players in this press event had to be feeling. Tennant and Jared were probably hot, nervous messes. Layton too, I wager. He was kind of high-strung anyway. The man needed a hug. I glanced to the right and saw a small boutique. Classy by the looks. Maybe I should grab them all a little something. I checked my Rolex. Plenty of time. Flipping the turn signal on I slid out of traffic and parked.

The inside of the tiny shop was nice. It was a high-end gift shop with some jewelry. Hand-crafted according to the filigreed signs. Inside the glass were some quality men’s gifts. I settled on cuff links for Rowe and Madsen. Matching silver ones, square, classic, and simple. They fit the men, or so I felt.

Layton would be trickier. None of the jewelry felt like him. I meandered around, checking things out: pretty trinkets and little wooden boxes for earrings or bangles. Silken scarves, frilly shawls, brightly-colored ties. Then I found a box holding a silk handkerchief. It was eggshell white with vibrant rainbow thread handstitched around the scalloped edges. Folded and tucked into the pocket of one of his tailored suits, it would the perfect accessory for a hot, professional gay man.

Ten minutes later I was back in my car, Winger’s “Can’t Get Enuff” vibrating out of the speakers, my gifts lying on the passenger seat.

Copyright 2017 ©by V.L. Locey & Rj Scott


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Susanne Matthews said...

Well done. I always like getting unexpected gifts, especially when someone takes the time to pick the perfect thing.

Flossie Benton Rogers said...

Great detailed description. I like how the perfect gifts were sought.

Tricia Andersen said...

He puts so much thought into the gifts. I love this character. I can't wait to read more of him!

Jean Joachim said...

Love a guy buying gifts for the guys.

V.L. Locey said...

Thank you all so much for visiting and commenting!

Trisha Faye said...

Big sigh... I just adore reading your snippets.