Monday, May 15, 2017

Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt

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This week is our picture prompt week and all posts must be 300 words or under and reflect the chosen image. In this final snippet from An Erie Uprising, we get a small glimpse of things after the first night of the battle the shifters and their allies have waged against the Elder Counsel.

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Several of the old folks spit on their fingers and made circles to ward off the vampires. That made me think of Rugby and the staff. They had done the same with the merfolk until they grew to know them. There was so much distrust among our kind. Suspicion and fear just for being different. Seems even those in our shifter community had biases. Odd that. Perhaps we all could stand to learn to be more accepting.

“Right, well, you heard my friend Vincente, the Elders remain. Since we don’t know how that fight will go, we need to find hiding places. Pick somewhere that you can wiggle into comfortably. It might be a long wait until it’s safe to come out.”

They broke off and wandered away among the rock formations. I snuck off to strip and shift. Penelope and the old mink – I’d not gotten her name – waited for me. Little Miss Fennec had shifted as well. The first slim beams of sunlight danced on her red fur. My, but foxes were beautiful creatures. Penelope and Mama Mink joined me in searching among the crags and crevasses. We located a nicely sized crack in the rocks that ran far back into the stone. The ladies wiggled in first then I joined them, blocking off the opening with my body. If anyone reached in they’d get a damn good bite. And woe to the fool who pulled me out. I was now all about the spraying first and asking questions later.

The three of us nuzzled and wriggled close, sharing our body heat. I managed to sleep but it was a fitful rest. Every little sound caused me to jerk awake, sniff the air, and squint out into the brilliant fall sunshine warming the rocks. It was during a short period of deep sleep that I was ripped out of the toasty little nook by my tail. That was the wrong end of a terrified skunk to be yanking on, I can tell you that. Whoever had this polecat by the tail was going to regret it.

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Susanne Matthews said...

Made me giggle. Pulling a skunk out by the tale is bad news. Even getting close enough to one to touch it is dangerous.Well done.

Karen Cino said...

Great way to incorporate this week's picture prompt into your story. You ended this leaving us wanting to read more.

Jillian said...

Nice snippet! And love the reference to foxes. They are some of my fav. creatures.

Tricia Andersen said...

I love his warning to anyone who grabbed him. This guy is so adorable!

Jean Joachim said...

I love how feisty he is for a little guy. And the descriptions of their world are wonderful. Yes, he has that powerful spray. Can't wait to see what happened to the idiot who yanked him out of there. What would you get if a skunk mated with a fox? Oh, wait. He's a gay skunk. Never mind.

V.L. Locey said...

Thank you all so much for visiting!