Thursday, October 6, 2016

Roster Addition Cover Reveal

You Wildcat fans out there are going to love this novella! Not only does it tie up one of the overlapping story lines that spanned the 'Cats and Venom books, it highlights two of the most popular Wildcat couples, Derrick & Maggie and Veikko & Liz.

This book is, at its core, a story about the friendship between the two men, and how they will have to work to overcome some pretty big problems that threaten to rip their long standing friendship apart. Who would have thought such a precious little bundle could do so much damage? Look at this darling cover, and the beautiful babe resting on a hockey glove.

Release day is November 16th.


Veikko Aho, Wildcats star goalie, and his wife Liz are about to add a new player to their family roster. The open adoption of Maggie and Derrick’s granddaughter will help to heal the gaping hole infertility has left in the Aho’s life. Finally, that huge mansion on the Main Line will hear the sweet laughter of a child.

But the birth that the Aho’s are so looking forward to seems to be stirring up some anxiety and unspoken fears for the grandparents. As the seemingly endless night of labor drags on, power struggles that threaten to break up a long-standing friendship rise to the surface. Can both families put aside their petty differences or will this precious new Wildcat tear them apart?

How adorable is she? You can preorder Roster Addition at Amazon today! Other buy links are coming soon. 


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