Monday, October 16, 2017

Tuesday Tales - Truck

It`s time for Tuesday Tales.

Today we have a snippet from my current MM hockey romance WIP, Lost in Indigo. In this excerpt, Mat and Indigo are sharing a tender moment alone. 

Our word prompt today is “Truck”.

This story may have gay erotic scenes, strong social issues addressed and mature language. If those things offend now is the time to move onto another Tuesday Tales blog. Thanks for stopping by!

“You want to skip dinner and just hang out in your room?” He asked, his lips softly brushing my ear. My dick was so hard it ached and throbbed. He had to feel the erection pressed against his thigh, but he never commented on it, or tried to get away. If anything, he rolled into me a bit more, snugging his leg tightly to my arousal. “Maybe have some cheese popcorn and watch Breakfast Club?

“You’ll stay and watch it with me?” I finally worked up the nerve to open my eyes and lower my head. His beautiful face was inches from mine, his nose a breath from my whiskery cheek.

“Sure, I’m kind of crushing on John Bender.”

“The music is hot too,” I said then pressed my mouth to his. The angels sang when he kissed me back. I wrapped my arms around him, tasting his lips and the sweet whisper of strawberry gloss as we lapped and licked at each other’s mouths. We broke apart to pull in air and stare at each other as the sun dipped below the trees.

“Yeah, everything from that era is hot,” he said with a shy smile. He managed to get me out of that damn chair and into bed. Truthfully, it didn’t take much coercion on his part. He suggested and I leaped on the suggestion. I knew we were only lounging and watching an old flick, but that seemed to be more than enough for the night. With his hip next to mine and his gelled head resting on my chest, this might be enough for every night I existed. Lord but I had been righteously trucked by my emotions but it felt so good. Much better than being checked into the boards by some massive Russian or a Swedish grinder.

“Okay, so here’s a question.” He sat up and folded his legs into a lotus, his feet bare now that he’d shed his black boots and socks. “If you were straight which Clubber would you sleep with, Claire or Allison?”


“No, I said if you were straight.” His smile was contagious.

“Probably Claire.”

Copyright 2017 ©by V.L. Locey


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Thursday, October 12, 2017

MM Goodness Book Review - Creative Process by Jodi Payne

Oh, my stars and cellos did I love this book! Before we get into the gushing over the book let me gush a bit over the cover. Look at this lovely!

Isn’t that beautiful?! It’s just a perfect representation of the guys in the book. Such bliss. *sighs*

Okay, so onto my review. I adored this book. Everything works and works perfectly in this romance tale of an author and a cellist. Reese and Owen click from the first time they laid eyes on each other. They’re simply adorable as a couple and as individuals. I could relate to Reese, our gory crime thriller author quite well. I don’t get into my work quite as deeply as he does, but there are times its close. Frighteningly close!

The flow of this story is wonderful and smooth and the secondary characters delightful. I sure hope we get a book for Chad, I loved him and want to see him with his special someone. The sex is hot, hot, hot, hottie McHotsen hot! And the romance is paced perfectly and quite realistically. Ms. Payne gives us a couple who are flawed, funny, tender, and loving. Go grab your copy now! 

5 out of 5 stars.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt

It`s time for Tuesday Tales.

Today we have a snippet from a new MM hockey romance book, Lost in Indigo. In today’s excerpt Mat is having a talk with his nurse after disobeying her orders to stay in the sick bed on the first floor of his house.

This week is our picture prompt and all snippets must be 300 words or less and reflect the image chosen. 

This story may have gay erotic scenes, strong social issues addressed and mature language. If those things offend now is the time to move onto another Tuesday Tales blog. Thanks for stopping by!

“You remind me of my sister. She was mule-headed much like you.” Nurse flung the double doors of my bedroom open and I rushed in, disregarding her comment about being mule-headed. “Once when we were young women before leaving for college, she broke her arm riding her bike. She loved to bike and would ride for miles and miles up and down the St. Lawrence, stopping and sitting beside the river to watch it flow.”

My bedroom. Finally. I was so proud of myself. Amazing how quickly the things that fill you with pride can change. A month ago, nothing short of holding that silver cup over my head would have done so, now, getting to the second floor of my old home made me slaphappy.

“So, your sister. She was determined like I am?”

Nurse snorted. I wasn’t sure if it was humorous or dust in her nose. I glanced back over my shoulder but saw nothing on her emotionless face to give me a clue. 

“Determined. Yes, that’s one word for her. She left home one day on her bike and didn’t return. The police found her body four days later floating in the river.”

“My God, I am so sorry for your loss.” I wiggled around on my dusty bed to try to see her better. All I saw was her stiff white back now as she folded one of the drop cloths into a square so sharp the corners would cut you.

“It was many years ago but thank you for your condolences.” She turned to face me then, her gray eyes cold as flint. “That is what happens to people who don’t listen to the concerns of those who are caring for them. My mother and I would warn her constantly about going off on that bike alone, but she never listened. I’ll go call the cleaning company and inform them that they’ll need to come back to do this room. Rest now, please, and do not go out on the balcony alone.”

I nodded. She walked out, folded cloths in her arms, her step brisk.

Cher dieu,” I whispered then fell back onto my naked bed. So much for my good mood…

Copyright 2017 ©by V.L. Locey


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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Half Price Sale on Changing Lines (Harrisburg Railers #1)

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Half price - only $2 for book 1 in the Railers MM Hockey Romance series written with Rj Scott.

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Changing Lines (Book 1)

Can Tennant show Jared that age is just a number, and that love is all that matters?

The Rowe Brothers are famous hockey hotshots, but as the youngest of the trio, Tennant has always had to play against his brothers’ reputations. To get out of their shadows, and against their advice, he accepts a trade to the Harrisburg Railers, where he runs into Jared Madsen. Mads is an old family friend and his brother’s one-time teammate. Mads is Tennant’s new coach. And Mads is the sexiest thing he’s ever laid eyes on.

Jared Madsen’s hockey career was cut short by a fault in his heart, but coaching keeps him close to the game. When Ten is traded to the team, his carefully organized world is thrown into chaos. Nine years younger and his best friend’s brother, he knows Ten is strictly off-limits, but as soon as he sees Ten’s moves, on and off the ice, he knows his heart could get him into trouble again.

** sorry, this is a Kindle promotion that Amazon US set up, not us ... 

Saturday Story Spotlight - Angle Play (Venom #4)

#MF #Hockey #Romance


Born and raised in a small town outside Pittsburgh, Stephanie Huschuk has had to battle for everything she’s achieved in life. Now she’s vying for the spot of starting goalie on the Philadelphia Venom and there’s only one thing that might hold her back: her feelings for Professor Greg Blue Blanket. Greg is considerably older than she is and recently divorced.

As if those two things weren’t reason enough for Stephanie to keep her distance, he’s also the twin brother of her goalie coach, Alice Dunlop. But the heart wants what the heart wants and soon Stephanie is facing not only the ire of one of her coaches, but she’s going to have to make one of the most difficult decisions a woman can make. 
Will the stresses of family, life, and hockey rip them apart, or will love be enough to keep this couple together?

Warning-This novel contains controversial subject matter.



When I arrived on his street, I circled twice until a parking spot opened up. I reached into the back, grabbed my small personal tote, ran up the steps of Greg’s house and let myself in. I inhaled deeply, catching the scent of roasting meat on the air. After placing my bag softly on the floor, I then toed off my flats. I hadn’t told him when I would be home, hoping to surprise him to gauge just how much he had missed me. 

I crept past the stairs leading to the second floor, taking a moment to peek into the living room. The man had been busy. All his furniture was now in place. It really made the house feel warmer. I paused in the doorway of the living room, resting my hip against the jamb. Greg sat at a large desk, one of those massive old wooden ones with tons of cubbyholes. 

His back was to me and he was humming along to Pachelbel’s “Canon and Gigue” while he scribbled on some papers. Music floated around me. I enjoyed being able to admire his shoulders and the way his long hair hung down his back. My fingers itched to be buried in the black mass. I made my way over to him, carefully moving on my toes until I stood directly behind the old-fashioned wooden chair. 

I leaned closer. Greg snaked an arm out and grabbed me around the waist, pulling me around the chair and onto his lap in one smooth move. 

“Wow, your reflexes are amazing for such an old coot.” 

“I took my vitamins this morning.” He nuzzled my neck.

“How’d you know I was there?” I asked, enjoying the hell of out cuddling up close.

 “I saw your reflection in the window,” he told me as he tucked me closer to his chest. I rolled my head to look at the window he had referred to.

 “You’re no fun at all,” I said then looked back at him. I reached up to shove my fingers into his hair. My hands trembled slightly as the strands slithered sinfully over the backs of my hands. 

“You won’t be saying that for long,” he informed me before cupping the back of my head and pulling my mouth to his. 

We kissed greedily, hands roaming wantonly in search of flesh. I wiggled around on his lap. The groan that rumbled out of him sent pulsations of pleasure through me. With two hands wrapped tightly into his hair, I arched up, offering him my bare neck. My eyes drifted shut while he suckled on my throat. I began to sway side to side, his hands on my ribs, as the strains of the “Blue Danube Waltz” overtook me.

“We should dance,” I whispered. He lifted his head and I looked him in the eye.

“You really want to dance right now?” I nodded. The poor man looked at me so piteously. I nodded. He then exhaled deeply. 

“As you wish, milady,” he said then stood up, his hands slipping from my ribs to my ass to place me on the floor. 

He bowed. I curtsied. Then we waltzed. Around and around his spacious living room we moved, his hand on my back, my fingers cradled in his palm. He was so smooth. I tripped up several times but he never let my fumbles break our rhythm. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Changing on the Fly-The Second Period Release Day!

Today you can pick up your copy of Changing on the Fly - The Second Period! 100% of all proceeds raised by this MM hockey romance anthology will be donated to a charity that works to ensure inclusiveness in sports. This is a limited edition collection and will disappear next summer, so make sure you act quickly!

Buy Links:


Changing on the Fly is a celebration of romance, featuring four M/M stories about hockey players falling in love on – and off – the ice. All proceeds from the anthology will be donated to a charity that supports inclusiveness in athletics.

The anthology will be available starting in October 4, 2017, for a limited time only.

It includes the following stories:

Head in the Game by Jeff Adams
Second Chance at Love by Heather Lire
Rookie Moves by V.L. Locey
Secrets by Rj Scott

Story Blurbs:
Jeff Adams’ – Head in the Game
After a disastrous breakup, pro hockey defenseman Roger Jacobson’s game is slipping. With his contract up for renewal, he has to do something quick because his fourteen-year career is on the line. Roger returns to his hometown to work with his old coach, helping run the summer hockey camp. But Dylan Barker, a handsome graduate student and the coach’s son, proves to be a romantic distraction that Roger couldn’t have anticipated.

Can Roger’s trip home fix his game and mend his broken spirit?

Heather Lire’s Second Chance at Love
Growing up in Holiday, Vermont Zach and Tony were best friends. After high school, they drifted apart as their lives and careers took them in different directions. When they run into each other on vacation they fall back into the easy friendship they’d had as kids.
The one thing they didn’t expect was the sexual tension between them. As they explore these new feelings for each other they discover that sometimes the last person they expected fall for is their Second Chance at Love.

V.L. Locey’s Rookie Moves
It’s been three months since New York Nightwings superstar center and captain, Riley Zeally, came out. The glare of the media has been incredibly bright but Riley’s used to dealing with the spotlight. His boyfriend, Keiffer, isn’t. The intense scrutiny of being at the side of such a huge sports star is proving to be incredibly stressful for the one-time hustler.
Details about his former life on the streets is now common knowledge, his life with Riley is under a magnifying glass, and his past is about to step out of the shadows in an even bigger way. Can a rookie in the ways of the press and professional athletics survive the pressure of sharing his life with the league’s most famous gay player? Will the tentative new love Riley and Keiffer share fold under the weight of fans and fame?

Rj Scott’s Secrets
Benji is the skater in the league who brings down the height average. Coming in at five eight, he's used to players chirping at him all night about his height. Including the sexy defenseman for the Carlisle Rush, Avery Lester, with his stunning eyes and his cute smile.

When Benji makes a single inappropriate comment about Avery's ass, everything goes to hell. Add in Avery’s heroics during a hate crime, and things just go from bad to worse. Abruptly it's not his height Benji has to worry about, but the chance that his closely guarded secret is shared all over the Internet.

Can love find a way, or will keeping secrets tear Benji and Avery apart?

Monday, October 2, 2017

Tuesday Tales - Chain

It`s time for Tuesday Tales.

Today we have a snippet from a new MM hockey romance book, Lost in Indigo. In this excerpt, Mat shows off his bear imitation but Indigo seems impervious to the snapping and snarling.

Our word prompt today is “Chain”.

This story may have gay erotic scenes, strong social issues addressed and mature language. If those things offend now is the time to move onto another Tuesday Tales blog. Thanks for stopping by!

“Who is driving?” I snapped, arms folded over my “Ride the Surge” t-shirt.

They all looked at each other as if they were leery of crawling into the cart with an angry golden bear.

“I’ll drive you up.” Indigo skipped around the back of the cart, tossed my bags into the back, then planted his ass behind the wheel, an impish smile playing on those rouged lips.

“Does that grumbly grizzly yanking on his chain act always work on people?”

“Not always.” Apparently Indigo Neu wasn’t scared of the big bad bruin. I wasn’t sure if that was good or bad. “Usually not.” I grimaced as I tried to find a comfortable way to sit in the tiny cart. My legs were too long to stretch them out.

“We’ll be at the house soon.” Indigo slowed a bit, following the sharp curve with care. When we rounded the bend, my house stood before me, welcoming me.

“Wish I had a dog,” I mumbled as I wriggled around. My leg was paining me terribly now, that hit on the bumper flaring things up, I assumed. 

“Yeah? I’ve always wanted a bird. A pretty one the color of watermelon that would dance and say dirty things.”

I looked over at my driver. His profile was appealing. My whole leg hurt now, not just from the knee down. Even my toes were curled in protest.

“A watermelon bird?” Indigo nodded then gave me a quirky little inclination of his head as we rolled into the shade. Trees swayed in the strong wind, the rustling of the thick canopy music to my ears. 

“Christ, my damn leg hurts.”

“Sorry. I’m going as slow as I can.”

“No, it’s not you.”

We crawled to the front porch, the golf cart barely moving now. I groaned in misery viewing that ugly wheelchair ramp sprawled over the five steps on the side of the porch.

The cart rolled to a stop. “Just sit there and let me run inside to get the wheel—”

“I don’t need that chair.” I reached behind me, found the crutches, and got to my feet. I clumped up over the new boards, glaring at them and mumbling. “Fucking played half a period three years ago with a broken rib. Had my fingers busted from a slash and played. Had to pull out my own teeth a time or two. Never had no chair for any of that.”

Indigo appeared at my side, whistling a tune that tickled some old memory. I threw him a look as he walked at my pace, my bag over his lean shoulder, his hat riding at a jaunty angle.

“One time I took a header over the handlebars of my bike and tore all the skin off my chin.” He bounced around in front of me, tipped his head up, and showed me a delicate patch of pale skin under his chin. A few wispy whiskers coated his chin and jaw line. When he lowered his head, his dark eyes glittered with good humor. Did he not get that I was trying to be miserable?

Copyright 2017 ©by V.L. Locey


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