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Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt

It’s time for Tuesday Tales!

Welcome back! This week is our picture prompt week and all posts must be 300 words or under and reflect the chosen image. Today we have a snippet from The Good Green Earth, Colors of Love #3. In this excerpt Nate is visiting Bran’s cabin for the first time.

This story may have gay erotic scenes, strong social issues addressed and mature language. If those things offend now is the time to move onto another Tuesday Tales blog. Thanks for stopping by!

 “No, you didn’t they’re just…it’s been a weird sort of day.” He turned off the heat under the pot and walked around an island that held a shiny sink. “I told my aunt and uncle about us, of course, and June has been pushing your name into everyone’s ears. She means well but most of these people were friends or associates of Jim’s, lawyers and such, so now they’re eyeballing me and you and…it’s just been weird. I’m glad you’re here though.”
“Wow, that’s quite the hello,” I said then awkwardly chortled. “I can leave if it makes things less weird.”
“No, no, you do not leave,” he stated adamantly as he stepped in front of me. “This party is for you and them to meet. If they don’t like it they can go home.”
I held out my hand. He gave it a long, studious appraisal before clasping it. “If I kissed you right now would that freak people out?”
“I might freak me out but go for it,” he whispered.
I tugged him closer and tasted his lips, just a quick peck and lick, but it helped ease the lines around his beautiful eyes.
“Taste like spaghetti sauce,” I whispered, taking one final fast taste before he grew too anxious and pulled back.
“Meatballs. I think everything is ready. I hope you came hungry.”
“I did.”
“Good.” He released my hand and we toted out the first of many pans of food.
After my plate was full I pulled a plastic Adirondack chair to the tree line and planted my ass in it. From back here I could eat in peace and hopefully avoid the curious stares of Jim’s old friends. And his uncle. His aunt was beyond cool, singing along to some old song about paving paradise and parking lots that Maggie had belted out during the dessert round. The brownies were becoming more and more suspect. The judge ate three. I hoped he got stoned off his ass. That would be funny. Bran kept looking at me as he moved through his guests. I smiled but remained on the periphery of things. He finally broke free and came over to where I was seated with Pongo at my feet. Dog liked bits of meatball.
“I’m sorry,” Bran opened with as he dropped down into a crouch beside my chair. “This is not the party I should have introduced you at. I just…”
I wiped my fingers on my shorts and pushed them into his hair. His sad gaze met mine. “It’s a fine party. I’m just happy here observing and feeding Pongo.”

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