Monday, April 9, 2018

Tuesday Tales - Cart

 It`s time for Tuesday Tales.

Today we have an excerpt from Goal Line, Harrisburg Railers #6, coauthored with RJ Scott. Our word prompt today is “Cart”. In today’s scene Gatlin and Bryan meet. 

This story may have gay erotic scenes, strong social issues addressed and mature language. If those things offend now is the time to move onto another Tuesday Tales blog. Thanks for stopping by!

I peeked at the total for the shop’s phone usage, grimaced, and then looked up in time to see my work area fill with Russian goalie.
“Hello Mr. Gatlin gun man,” Stan boomed, throwing his arms wide then gathering me into his chest for a bear hug that nearly flattened my glasses into my nose. “I am still making fun joke about name.”
Stan pounded on my back. I coughed out a feeble reply then wiggled free. I wasn’t a small man by any means. Standing close to six-foot-tall no one ever called me shorty but in comparison with Stan I felt like a resident of the Shire.
“Still a funny joke,” I told the towering man with his arm resting on my shoulder.
“I know. I make many funny jokes. This is good one I make today for Tennant. How do make tissue dance?” I started to reply but Stan ran me over. “Puts boogie into it!”
I snickered. “That’s a good one.” My gaze caught a flash of blue material lingering in the doorway. There stood a young man in a Railers hoodie with brown eyes and a mouth that poets would write sonnets about. Tall and wide shouldered, his gaze touching on mine briefly before dancing away. Christ the kid was stunning, his long arms and legs adding to the gangly awkward aura surrounding him. Dark hair cut short accented a strong jaw. Those eyes though…
They were full of sad secrets.
“I have more jokes! Why is so windy inside sports arena? All many fans!” Stan howled at the truly terrible kids joke. I smiled then wiggled away from the exuberant Russian. “Adler buy me book full of funny jokes.”
“Did you bring a friend?” I asked, taking my glasses off so the kid didn’t think I was so old I needed glasses to read the phone bill. The fact that I did was really neither here nor there.
“Yes! Is new friend and good goalie back-up for Railers, Bryan Delaney,” Stan informed me, taking his arm from around my shoulders so I could step to Bryan and shake his hand.
“Right, we picked you up on waivers from the Raptors. Good move for the Railers,” I said as I extended my hand to the man. He glanced at me, my hand, the wall, Stan, and then finally slid his palm over mine. His skin was damp with nerves.
“You follow hockey?” Bryan enquired, his voice soft yet deeply masculine. Quite appealing to be honest.
“Not much else to do here in Harrisburg during the winter.” I pumped his hand a few times, curious about how a hockey player could be so timid. Didn’t they need to be outgoing and assertive to play such a violent and aggressive sport? This man was all kinds of contradictions in one sexy as hell wrapper. Not that I was interested in wrappers, of course. I pulled free from Bryan’s grip and put a foot or two between us. Standing by a rolling cart I turned my attention to Stan. “You two here for ink or just to visit?”
“We no make ink now. Maybe later when we train Bryan for Pokémon balls. Now we look for good artwork for making spifftastic mask like mine.”

Copyright 2018 ©by V.L. Locey & RJ Scott


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Susanne Matthews said...

LOL Reminded me of my grandkid's joke--Meet my friend mushroom. He's a fungi. Great job

LeeAnn Pratt said...

Omg I love Stan and now we are getting a new romance to sigh over? Fantastic!!

Laurie P said...

I love Stan! And more stories, happy Snoopy dancing!

Jillian said...

great snippet. Love the humor

Flossie Benton Rogers said...

Wonderful excerpt! Love the line-- mouth that poets would write sonnets about.

Tricia Andersen said...

Oh I love Stan and his bad jokes! And I can’t wait to learn more about Bryan. Great job!

Jean Joachim said...

Gotta love your hilarious Russian hockey men. This one is a gem! Had me laughing. And then the poignant meeting of the two men for the first time. I loved the bouncing from one emotion to the other. Great story. Looking forward to more.

Trisha Faye said...

I love your writing and love this story! I'm with Flossie, I adore the line you used - a mouth that poets would writ sonnets about. Perfection!