Thursday, April 5, 2018

MM Goodness Book Rec -Playing the Point by Ashley K. Broome

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In hockey getting traded was never easy. Henny knew his trade was coming but he wasn't prepared to go from the Seattle Thunder to playing for what used to be his biggest rivals on ice, the Dakota Crusaders.

He planned to hide everything about himself that prompted the trade. With the preseason over and the regular season in full swing, Henny can only hope that the Crusaders will think he's worth what they paid for him.

He wasn't expecting the current captain of the Crusaders, Matthew Doherty to look past his former team and welcome him onto the team. The way they clicked on ice and how the entire team worked together made the trade easier. Now if he could stop staring at Doherty and focus on hockey, that would be great. He didn't need a repeat of what happened in Seattle. He just wanted to play hockey.

MM hockey romance? Uh, yes please and thank you! I can never get enough. Truly. It’s an addiction that I really do not want to find a cure for. Since I love the genre so much I’m always tickled to come across a new gay hockey romance from a debut MM author.

It’s obvious that Ms. Broome knows the sport. You can feel that in every on-ice scene. The author also weaves a lovely romance here, one that’s filled with tenderness. It’s a perfectly paced discovery between our two leading men and that’s fine. I really enjoy a slow-burn sort of attraction that builds and builds until things burst into roaring flame. The relationship between Henny and Doherty felt realistic as it grew. The friendship that gradually evolves into something more was quite well done.

Overall, this is a great start for a new MM author and I will be anxiously awaiting the next one in the Crusader series!

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Amy Casey said...

Thanks for the post and recommendation. I think I’ll grab this one!