Wednesday, March 7, 2018

MM Goodness Review - Helping Hand (Housemates #1) by Jay Northcote

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You know you have a just wrapped up a great book when you race to Amazon to buy the next novel in the series. I’d blush but hell, I’m not ashamed at all because I adore well-written MM romance. Don’t we all? Of course, we do.

This is a great read, overflowing with realism and superb characterization. We have two college students/roommates – Mac and Jez -who find themselves growing closer to each other as they slowly discover some truths about their sexuality and, of course, themselves and how they’re maturing. That’s a real draw for me, that slow progression to acceptance of who the character is as a person.

Mr. Northcote does an amazing job giving us accurately created young men finding that perfect person right under their unsuspecting noses. I couldn’t put this book down. Then I was sad because it was over. Good thing I have the next one to leap into, huh?

5 out of 5 stars

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