Saturday, October 7, 2017

Saturday Story Spotlight - Angle Play (Venom #4)

#MF #Hockey #Romance


Born and raised in a small town outside Pittsburgh, Stephanie Huschuk has had to battle for everything she’s achieved in life. Now she’s vying for the spot of starting goalie on the Philadelphia Venom and there’s only one thing that might hold her back: her feelings for Professor Greg Blue Blanket. Greg is considerably older than she is and recently divorced.

As if those two things weren’t reason enough for Stephanie to keep her distance, he’s also the twin brother of her goalie coach, Alice Dunlop. But the heart wants what the heart wants and soon Stephanie is facing not only the ire of one of her coaches, but she’s going to have to make one of the most difficult decisions a woman can make. 
Will the stresses of family, life, and hockey rip them apart, or will love be enough to keep this couple together?

Warning-This novel contains controversial subject matter.



When I arrived on his street, I circled twice until a parking spot opened up. I reached into the back, grabbed my small personal tote, ran up the steps of Greg’s house and let myself in. I inhaled deeply, catching the scent of roasting meat on the air. After placing my bag softly on the floor, I then toed off my flats. I hadn’t told him when I would be home, hoping to surprise him to gauge just how much he had missed me. 

I crept past the stairs leading to the second floor, taking a moment to peek into the living room. The man had been busy. All his furniture was now in place. It really made the house feel warmer. I paused in the doorway of the living room, resting my hip against the jamb. Greg sat at a large desk, one of those massive old wooden ones with tons of cubbyholes. 

His back was to me and he was humming along to Pachelbel’s “Canon and Gigue” while he scribbled on some papers. Music floated around me. I enjoyed being able to admire his shoulders and the way his long hair hung down his back. My fingers itched to be buried in the black mass. I made my way over to him, carefully moving on my toes until I stood directly behind the old-fashioned wooden chair. 

I leaned closer. Greg snaked an arm out and grabbed me around the waist, pulling me around the chair and onto his lap in one smooth move. 

“Wow, your reflexes are amazing for such an old coot.” 

“I took my vitamins this morning.” He nuzzled my neck.

“How’d you know I was there?” I asked, enjoying the hell of out cuddling up close.

 “I saw your reflection in the window,” he told me as he tucked me closer to his chest. I rolled my head to look at the window he had referred to.

 “You’re no fun at all,” I said then looked back at him. I reached up to shove my fingers into his hair. My hands trembled slightly as the strands slithered sinfully over the backs of my hands. 

“You won’t be saying that for long,” he informed me before cupping the back of my head and pulling my mouth to his. 

We kissed greedily, hands roaming wantonly in search of flesh. I wiggled around on his lap. The groan that rumbled out of him sent pulsations of pleasure through me. With two hands wrapped tightly into his hair, I arched up, offering him my bare neck. My eyes drifted shut while he suckled on my throat. I began to sway side to side, his hands on my ribs, as the strains of the “Blue Danube Waltz” overtook me.

“We should dance,” I whispered. He lifted his head and I looked him in the eye.

“You really want to dance right now?” I nodded. The poor man looked at me so piteously. I nodded. He then exhaled deeply. 

“As you wish, milady,” he said then stood up, his hands slipping from my ribs to my ass to place me on the floor. 

He bowed. I curtsied. Then we waltzed. Around and around his spacious living room we moved, his hand on my back, my fingers cradled in his palm. He was so smooth. I tripped up several times but he never let my fumbles break our rhythm. 

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