Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Angle Play - A Special Release Day Post

I’m sitting here today trying to figure out what to say about the release of Angle Play. Usually I post up how excited I am and how much I appreciate all the support from my readers and fans because that is the truth. With every book that I write I silently thank the people who read them and show their support with reviews, by joining my readers group, or just contacting me on social media to interact. But Angle Play feels a little different, and not because I don’t thank you all for your support, because I do.

Angle Play feels different because it was the hardest book that I have ever written, and now that it’s out there and being read, I know it’s going to get some real flak from some readers. But that’s okay. I went into this book knowing it was going to be controversial.

Before the book was written, I approached my publisher (love you to bits Mares) and told her what Angle Play was going to be about. The topic was one that was going to alienate some readers and I did not want her to be caught unawares. She replied that she never stopped her authors from creating and that it was my story and should be told my way. She stood behind me firmly despite the knowledge that this book was going to ruffle lots of feathers. And it will. It probably already has. People are going to say that I had an agenda. That I used this book as a platform. That they don’t like to read romances that deal with such controversial things.

To those readers all I can say is that yes, I did have an agenda, and yes, I did use the book as a platform to tell a story that needed to be told. If you dislike romances that deal with social issues, then I’m not the author for you. I hold no ill will toward anyone who reads Angle Play and refuses to read another book of mine. That’s your right as a reader. Just as it’s my right as an author to tell a story that makes you think, and might just open a few eyes a bit.

At least I hope the book opens a few eyes. I hope that it shows one or two people that this most difficult decision is one that is not made in haste or offhandedly. That Stephanie, our leading lady, struggled mightily to come to a decision that was right for her and her alone.

 Primarily, I hope that those who read Angle Play and are outraged at Stephanie’s choice realize that the most important thing is that she had a choice. Because once our choices are taken away our subjugation begins.

The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice ~ Mary Ann Evans (pen-name George Eliot)

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Born and raised in a small town outside Pittsburgh, Stephanie Huschuk has had to battle for everything she’s achieved in life. Now she’s vying for the spot of starting goalie on the Philadelphia Venom and there’s only one thing that might hold her back: her feelings for Professor Greg Blue Blanket. Greg is considerably older than she is and recently divorced.

As if those two things weren’t reason enough for Stephanie to keep her distance, he’s also the twin brother of her goalie coach, Alice Dunlop. But the heart wants what the heart wants and soon Stephanie is facing not only the ire of one of her coaches, but she’s going to have to make one of the most difficult decisions a woman can make.

Will the stresses of family, life, and hockey rip them apart, or will love be enough to keep this couple together?

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