Monday, January 23, 2017

Exciting News for M/M Hockey Fans

Cover Reveal Coming In June

I know it will come as no surprise to anyone that I adore hockey. I also have an incredible love for M/M stories, and especially those set in a hockey rink.

I have two new M/M hockey series starting this year (Cayuga Cougars & Brighton Wood Blades) and have an M/F series (The Venom) running. Being part of the wonderful world of hockey romance I’ve been blessed to meet lots of wonderful authors. Some I’m now lucky enough to call friend. Such is the case with Rj Scott even if she is a Pens fan. *winks* You can check out her blog and her books here--Rj Scott Blog

We started chatting online about hockey and discovered that not only do we have a great mutual respect of each other as well as a similar sense of humor, we also thought that co-authoring an M/M hockey series would be the kitten’s whiskers!

Amid much talking, laughing, and plotting we’ve come up with a brand-new team for a brand-new series! Changing Lines, book #1 in our Harrisburg Railers series will release on July 12th and we have a cover reveal set for early June. I cannot wait to show you the cover! Oh, my gods, it is amazing. Meredith Russell did an incredible job. The leading men are just the swooniest. Is that a word? Probably not but who cares! Take a peek at this awesome logo for the new team—

The Harrisburg Railers - What's in a name?

Wiki... "During part of the 19th century, the building of the Pennsylvania Canal and later the Pennsylvania Railroad allowed Harrisburg to become one of the most industrialized cities in the Northeastern United States.  ...  With Harrisburg poised for growth in steel production, the Borough of Steelton became the ideal location for this type of industry. Steelton was a company town, opened in 1866 by the Pennsylvania Steel Company. Highly innovative in its steel making process, it became the first mill in the United States to make steel railroad rails by contract. ..."

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Angle Play - A Special Release Day Post

I’m sitting here today trying to figure out what to say about the release of Angle Play. Usually I post up how excited I am and how much I appreciate all the support from my readers and fans because that is the truth. With every book that I write I silently thank the people who read them and show their support with reviews, by joining my readers group, or just contacting me on social media to interact. But Angle Play feels a little different, and not because I don’t thank you all for your support, because I do.

Angle Play feels different because it was the hardest book that I have ever written, and now that it’s out there and being read, I know it’s going to get some real flak from some readers. But that’s okay. I went into this book knowing it was going to be controversial.

Before the book was written, I approached my publisher (love you to bits Mares) and told her what Angle Play was going to be about. The topic was one that was going to alienate some readers and I did not want her to be caught unawares. She replied that she never stopped her authors from creating and that it was my story and should be told my way. She stood behind me firmly despite the knowledge that this book was going to ruffle lots of feathers. And it will. It probably already has. People are going to say that I had an agenda. That I used this book as a platform. That they don’t like to read romances that deal with such controversial things.

To those readers all I can say is that yes, I did have an agenda, and yes, I did use the book as a platform to tell a story that needed to be told. If you dislike romances that deal with social issues, then I’m not the author for you. I hold no ill will toward anyone who reads Angle Play and refuses to read another book of mine. That’s your right as a reader. Just as it’s my right as an author to tell a story that makes you think, and might just open a few eyes a bit.

At least I hope the book opens a few eyes. I hope that it shows one or two people that this most difficult decision is one that is not made in haste or offhandedly. That Stephanie, our leading lady, struggled mightily to come to a decision that was right for her and her alone.

 Primarily, I hope that those who read Angle Play and are outraged at Stephanie’s choice realize that the most important thing is that she had a choice. Because once our choices are taken away our subjugation begins.

The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice ~ Mary Ann Evans (pen-name George Eliot)

Buy Links:

Born and raised in a small town outside Pittsburgh, Stephanie Huschuk has had to battle for everything she’s achieved in life. Now she’s vying for the spot of starting goalie on the Philadelphia Venom and there’s only one thing that might hold her back: her feelings for Professor Greg Blue Blanket. Greg is considerably older than she is and recently divorced.

As if those two things weren’t reason enough for Stephanie to keep her distance, he’s also the twin brother of her goalie coach, Alice Dunlop. But the heart wants what the heart wants and soon Stephanie is facing not only the ire of one of her coaches, but she’s going to have to make one of the most difficult decisions a woman can make.

Will the stresses of family, life, and hockey rip them apart, or will love be enough to keep this couple together?

Monday, January 16, 2017

Author/Book Spotlight - Lily Harlem's Hot Ice

By Lily Harlem

Lily Harlem’s sexy Vipers have been re-released and are available on Kindle Unlimited for the first time.

HOT ICE is a series of hockey-themed 7 novels, the first HIRED is only 99c/99p, and the 7th, RUSSIAN HEAT, comes with a FREE bonus short story ROOKIE RULES. They are predominantly M/F erotic romances with the exception of HIGH-STICKED which is M/M and TEAMWORK which is menage a trois. Go on…get lost in Lily’s bad boys of the ice and the women who tame them.

Excerpt from HIRED

“You grab the cushions,” Logan called over the noise of the flapping shrubbery. “I’ll anchor down the parasol.”
Unlocking the door to the living area, I grabbed three pillows and chucked them inside. I went back for the other three then tumbled in, half shutting the door behind myself. My hair was wild, my cheeks stung and my heart pounded as I caught my breath.
I watched Logan close the umbrella and secure the pole into place. He glanced around, shading his eyes with his hand, checking for anything else that might blow away, then headed my way with a train of dry, flat leaves skittering past his feet. I opened the door wide to let him through. He stepped in, still squinting against the dust, as I pushed the door shut with a loud click.
The world went silent. After the howling wind and the roaring sea, the quiet of the house was acute and heavy and fell around us like a dense cloak.
Leaning back against the door, I pulled in a deep breath. “Made it,” I gasped.
“Yeah,” he said, stepping up close—real close.
When I looked up, his cheeks were stained red, several grains of sand hung in his long lashes and his hair was tousled and dusted with gold. “Is that everything tied down?” I asked, trying to ignore my breasts heaving against my halter-top.
“Well, almost everything,” he said with a decidedly carnal grin.
I flattened my palms against the cool glass door behind me. “What else do you need to tie down?”
The right side of his mouth creased upward and he gave the tiniest of twitches with his eyebrows. “I’d like to tie you down,” he said, his gaze coming to rest on my mouth. “To the bed.”
My stomach knotted as excitement, anticipation and sin collided in a delicious tangle.
“But I guess that’s moving a bit fast,” he murmured, bending his head lower. “We only just met.”
“A bit fast for me,” I agreed, absorbing the burning heat from his body as it radiated toward mine.
“Brooke.” He raised one hand and rested it against the wooden doorframe by my left ear. He moved in closer still. The gorgeous spiced aftershave he wore invaded my nostrils and settled not just on my tongue but somewhere else deep inside me. “You remember when you walked out the water yesterday?” he asked in a low, rumbling voice.
“Yes.” How could I forget the toe-curling embarrassment? He’d stared silently as me as I’d ambled up the beach, trying desperately to look cool and unflustered. I felt my cheeks warming further at the memory as my stomach twisted.
“It was a million times better than any Bond movie.”
“It was?”
“Hell, yeah. If they had you as a Bond girl it would be my favorite film. Not just 007, but any film ever.” His mouth slid upward in a grin. “You just about blew my mind.”
“I did?” He’d liked what he’d seen, and I thought he’d been unimpressed with my curvy attributes.
“Oh, yeah, my mind and other parts of my anatomy.”
He ducked his head, his lips a whisper from mine. I could almost taste the salt on his mouth.
“Well, we wouldn’t want that would we, Logan?” I murmured.
“Wouldn’t we?” He raised his eyebrows.
“Sounds painful.” I swallowed, my throat tight.
“It’s already getting painful.” He shifted his weight to the other foot. We were so close now my breast brushed against his chest and my nipples, which had tightened to hard pinched peaks, scraped against him through my clothing.
I reached up to touch his jaw, his bristles catching on my fingertips. Our gazes connected and I rose onto the balls of my feet and pressed my mouth to his.
He opened up and took immediate control of the kiss. He tasted so good—man and ocean, wind and sun—he tasted of everything I was missing in my life and had been for so long. I moved my hands to his shoulders and squeezed hard muscles through his soft cotton shirt. My tongue searched for his and began to explore his mouth.
Logan groaned and let go of the doorframe, cradling the base of my skull in his palm and winding his other arm around my waist. He pulled me close and as the length of our bodies touched, right in the very center of my abdomen, he pressed his steely erection forward. He was right, he was painfully hard.
“Damn, you taste good,” he murmured, trailing a gentle kiss across my cheek.
I tipped my head back and let him explore the base of my ear, the angle of my jaw and the hollow of my throat. “I taste like salt,” I said.
“You taste of the beach and flowers and coconut,” he whispered between kisses. “Delicious.” He pulled back slightly, slipping his fingertips under the shoulders of my cardigan and easing it down my arms. It fell to the floor and he slid his palms back up over my elbows to the base of my neck.
Each tiny section of flesh he touched came alive with sensation and pricked with greedy little goose bumps searching out his caress. I found his mouth again and ran my fingers into the hair at the nape of his neck. I pulled his head to mine harder. I wanted more. Much more.
He was busy, fiddling with the knot at the back of my halter-top. It was cleverly designed with a fitted bra, it had cost a fortune but was well worth it. I felt it slipping free and pulled back from the kiss, crossing my arm over my chest and gripping my opposite shoulder to hold it in place.
“What’s up?” Logan asked, his eyes heavy with desire and his voice thick with lust.
“I’m…I’m big,” I said in a rush then felt silly for saying something so insecure and obvious.
“Me too,” he said, a provocative grin playing on his mouth.

About Lily Harlem

Lily Harlem lives in the UK and is an award-winning author of erotic romance. She writes for publishers on both sides of the Atlantic including HarperCollins, Totally Bound, Pride, Evernight, All Romance eBooks, and Stormy Nights Publishing. Her work regularly receives high praise and industry nominations.
Before turning her hand to writing Lily Harlem worked as a trauma nurse and her latest HarperCollins release, Confessions of a Naughty Night Nurse draws on her many experiences while nursing in London. Lily also self-publishes and The Silk Tie, The Glass Knot Cold Nights, Hot Bodies Bite Mark and Shared have been blessed with many 5* reviews.
Lily writes MF, MM and ménage a trois, her books regularly hit the #1 spot on Amazon Bestseller lists and Breathe You In was named a USA Today Reviewer’s Recommended Read of 2014. Her latest MM novel is Dark Warrior and you can grab Part One of her series Caught on Camera  for FREE! Don’t miss HOT ICE a popular hockey series, again first book FREE!
Lily also co-authors with Natalie Dae and publishes under the name Harlem Dae - check out That Filthy Book which has been hailed as a novel 'every woman should read' and is available in book stores nationwide.
One thing you can be sure of, whatever book you pick up by Ms Harlem, is it will be wildly romantic and down-and-dirty sexy. Enjoy!
Check out Lily’s website for details of her other books and her Amazon Author Page. Subscribe to her newsletter to get a FREE ebook and be the first to hear of new releases and free reads, and if you enjoy Facebook, hop on over there and say hi!