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Chatting with Samantha Kay

Howdy guys and dolls! I`m very happy to have a fellow Storytime Trysts author stopping by for a visit today. Sam is a bubbly M/M writer that can really write a great tale with lots of spicy bits. And you know I do enjoy the spicy bits! *wink-nudge* I know you`ll enjoy meeting her.

Take it away, Sam!


Hey! Thanks for hosting me today Vicki, it’s much appreciated!

Well, I’ve never done a guest blog post like this, but here goes!

I started writing about a year ago. I had a story in my mind, which I needed to get down onto paper before it devoured my brain, that story was Damaged Goods –one I admit I actually hate! I like the premise of it, but I’m re-writing it because of the poor quality of my writing, which portrays the emotion and difficult storyline very badly!

Anyhow, after Damaged Goods was out of my system, I started on With Regret. I have finished and published Part One, however I am also going back over this to add some more depth to it! I am also working on Part Two of this at the moment, but I’m going to be awkward and re-release With Regret as a full story when Part Two is finished, and it’s all be polished to (near) perfection :-)

I enjoy doing free-reads, such as my current story Forbidden Crush which is posted on Storytime Trysts and Nifty –oh don’t get me started on how AWESOME Nifty is!! Nifty is what encouraged me to start writing in the first place, and was the source of my first group of readers!

Anyway, Forbidden Crush is a short romance story, a m/m love affair! Check it out at Storytime Trysts where there are also other romance stories by a bunch of great writers!

Well, I think I’ll leave it here, but feel free to check out my blog to find out more and see the progress of my work and what other projects I have going on!



Thanks again Vicki! This has been awesome :-)


Excerpt from ‘Forbidden Crush’

*This excerpt contains adult language and is not suitable for work*

“You ok?” Darren laughed quietly.

Jamie’s eyes darted up to look at Darren, his stomach doing a flip at being caught and his face beginning to burn furiously. A tingling sensation began to creep up the back of his neck. Fuck, did he really just catch me doing that?

”Sorry.” Jamie choked, his voice a husky whisper. “I was just. I wasn’t. I err.”

Darren raised an eyebrow at Jamie, who was staring back wide-eyed.

Jamie quickly stood up, his heart feeling heavy. I just need to kiss you. So. Fucking. Badly.

He darted over to Darren and grabbed his face, before hastily planting his lips to his.

Without hesitation Darren grabbed Jamie’s waist and kissed him back. Gasping as he let his tongue dive through Jamie’s lips.

"I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you,” Jamie panted, as his hands then clutched at the back of Darren’s neck.

"Me neither,” Darren said lost for breath, his body becoming hot as his arms encased Jamie affectionately.

Darren backed Jamie up against the wall, before letting his hungry mouth wonder down Jamie’s face and into his neck, where he then began to suck and nibble.

"Oh Darren.” Jamie whined, his cock throbbing painfully as a tingling sensation overwhelmed his body. “Why can’t I leave you alone.”


Phew! I wasn`t kidding, was I? Samantha writes some wonderfully steamy M/M romance. Thanks for stopping in Sam, it was a joy having you here!

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Tuesday Tales - Sand

Hello! It`s time for Tuesday Tales again. This week I`ll be sharing an excerpt from my WIP (Work In Progress) All I Want for Christmas, a holiday themed M/M romantic comedy that was born from a previous picture prompt here on Tuesday Tales. This story is completed and is now in the first round of editing.

This week our word prompt is ‘Sand’. Since this is a rough draft there may be some mistakes. I do apologize for any boo-boo you may find.

Please do check out the other wonderful writers after you`re done reading by clicking on the Tuesday Tales link at the bottom. Thanks for stopping in!


I stared at him over my steaming mug. “You`re such a damned contradiction of a man,” I admitted, at a total loss as to how to proceed. “I`ll be honest and say that you have got me spinning right round, baby, right round.”

“Yeah, I`m dizzy myself,” Coop confessed. “I`m not going to promise you anything that I can`t deliver, Alex. I would like nothing better than to take you upstairs and love you until I work off this clawing need I seem to have for you. If you`re willing to spend the night in my bed with no strings attached, then I`m more than happy to have you there. If you`re looking for more….”

“Thank you for your honesty,” I said. He inclined his head minutely and took another swallow of his hot chocolate. I turned from him to gaze out into the night. We drank together in silence while I mulled things over. He didn`t push and for that I was very grateful.

“Okay, so here`s what I`ve come up with,” I announced after what felt like ten minutes had passed. I inhaled deeply and turned to face Cooper. “Since we`re being honest I`m not going to pull punches,” I paused to give him time to say something. He remained silent so I rambled on. “I am very attracted to you. I mean, so attracted that I have been fighting with myself over what to do next. I`m not the decrepit old man that you are…”

“Touché,” he smiled sardonically and sipped his cocoa.

“.... But I`ve been around the block a time or two. I`m well aware of what it feels like to want someone, although I`ve never wanted a man as intensely as I do you. That being said,” I quickly sliced off whatever he was going to say, “I am also aware of who I am and what I need. I`m not a man that falls into bed without some sort of relationship in the works,” I explained, the steam from my hot chocolate wafting up to tickle my nose. “If I sleep with you I will hate myself in the morning,” I confessed then ran an appreciative eye over him. “I`m pretty sure sleeping with you would make the self-loathing almost worth it.”

“Almost, but not quite,” Coop said. I nodded. “Well,” he coughed, “At least you`re honest. I`d much rather spend the night alone than have a weeping Mary on my hands in the morning. I don`t do relationships, not anymore. I would like to see you again though. I find myself incredibly drawn to you.”

I had to stick my left hand under my armpit to stop myself from reaching for him. It would be so damned easy to let my body do the thinking. He was like the ocean and I the sand. Each look or word from him swept a few granules of my determination out to sea.

“I don`t see how that can work, I`m sorry.” I smiled weakly, handed him my half empty mug then turned to climb the stairs to the loft.

“It would if you relaxed a little and just tried to enjoy this attraction we have for each other. I`m willing to see where it will take us,” he called after me.

I shook my head. Not looking back was torture.

Copyright ©by V.L. Locey


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Tuesday Tales

See you next week with more from Alex and Cooper!

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Wind in White Birch - Issue # 8

It`s time once again for another issue in my free contemporary romance Wind in White Birch.

I hope you`re enjoying reading this romance as much as I`m enjoying writing it for you.

Storytime Trysts

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Zom-Rom-Com Whazzit Now?

That`s generally the first thing I hear when I tell folks I write zombie romantic comedy as well as standard Rom-Com. I can just imagine what my books do to some people’s well-defined literary and genre structure.

“But I can`t even think of what genre her work falls under! It must be a horror book, it has zombies!”

“But no, it has comedy and romance, therefore and ergo, it must be a Rom-Com.”

“Yes, but it also has gay men doing wicked and saucy things! It must be gay erotica!”

Many people will smile as if they know what I`m talking about while others, the more direct ones, will ask me what the flying *#*# I`m smoking. I`ve even had folks inform me that there is no way a story with zombies can or should be funny or romantic. I disagree.

Who says a zombie story can`t be funny? Where is it written that you can`t laugh at the undead? Did anyone inform the directors of Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland about this unwritten law barring comedy from zombie stories?

And who the heck says that romance can`t be found in a zombie story? Has anyone seen Warm Bodies since it came out, or read the book? I personally feel that any story benefits from a touch of romance and that extends to my Zom-Rom-Com books. Toss in the added goodness of gay partners being the lead and you can really throw some people into a tizzy!

Yes, you have to walk a sometimes very fine line because we are dealing with a rather squicky subject matter. The undead can be rather unattractive, and we don`t need to dwell on their rather funky body odor. Also, they do tend to be somewhat discourteous at the dining table. But, who is to say that all zombies have to be so culturally deplorable?

If you look at my two leading men in the Two Guys novellas, you won`t find anything icky or remotely squicky about Paul and Gordon. Oh no, those two are hot as hell and nary a groan or moan escapes their lips unless they`re wound in each other arms. Are my leading men zombies then you may be asking? Well, sort of but not exactly. They still have their looks, wit, and libido so they`re not the typical infected walking dead that you`d expect. What they are is two men deeply in love, carrying a possible secret inside them that just might save humanity.

Hopefully you`re as interested in a funny, sexy romp through the world of the shambling undead as I am! You can find the first part of Paul and Gordon`s story, Two Guys Walk Into An Apocalypse, in the anthology He Loves Me For My Brainsss, available now from Torquere Press. I`ve signed a contract for the first of three proposed Two Guys novellas with Torquere Press, so it shouldn`t be too long for the next installment in my Zom-Rom-Com tale to be released.

If you`d like to grab a copy of He Loves Me For My Brainsss, just click on the cover image over on the right.

For those of you who are still on the fence, how about a wee whistle whetter from the first novella that started it all? Here`s a small bit of fun with Paul and Gordon when they encounter their first wave of zombies in a Do-It-Yourself Depot store.


“I`m leaving the cart here,” Gordon whispered. A small brown sparrow flew down at us then swooped out the open door. That was a prudent thought since the doorway was blocked. I nodded in agreement then we approached the handcart with our shovels held in a defensive manner.

“Is that blood?” Gordon inquired as we neared the cart. “Shit, Paul, I think that`s blood.”

My fingers tightened on my spade. Yes, I know a shovel and a spade aren`t the same thing. Fucking sue me. I was mildly freaked out to see the splash of red covering the park bench boxes.

“I`m choosing to think that it`s redwood stain for the moment,” I whispered while placing a foot onto the cart. It dipped precariously and I quickly got both feet up to stabilize things. I craned my neck out, trying to grab a peek around the jammed door. Gordon stepped onto the cart, the handle of his shovel planted into my lower lumbar.

“It doesn`t look like stain,” he said.

“We`ll worry about that later,” I hissed, forcing the issue from my mind. Sometimes that`s a very effective way of dealing with unpleasant things. Gordon has pointed out, more times than is actually needed in my humble, that all I need do is add ‘Fiddle-Dee-Dee’ onto the end of my refusal to ponder upsetting ideas. Personally I tend to envision myself more as Ashley Wilkes than Miss O’Hara. Gowns made out of drapes don`t look good on me. Don`t ask how I know that.

“It`s stain. Now, let`s just focus on finding the drunk and lending Rusty a hand, shall we?!”I sounded tarter than I had intended and quickly whispered an apology.

Gordon shuffled behind me, his weight now shifting forward as he too tried to peer around the stalled door. We both jerked backwards when something flew past us. It was not a sparrow of that I was sure. It sailed right under our noses and hit one of three neatly stacked half wooden barrels with a splat. Eyes round as saucers I saw it was a severed human hand missing the thumb. Gordon`s pleasant weight left my back instantly as my mind tried to decide if I should scream or vomit.

Bile rose up the back of my esophagus. Vomiting had won it seemed. Swallowing like a hippopotamus with a soccer ball stuck in its throat, I danced backwards, stumbling from the cart in reverse. Gordon shouted. I whirled around, spade trembling wildly, to see a heavy-set woman pawing my man. I knew who she was. It was Ruth, the effervescent older woman who sometimes meets shoppers with a smile and a free cup of coffee in the vestibule. Yes, I know her name as well. Get over it. Gordon`s eyes were wide, his hand was wound in her tousled hair as he struggled to get away from the hussy.

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Tuesday Tales - Spider

Hello! It`s time for Tuesday Tales again. This week I`ll be sharing an excerpt from my WIP (Work In Progress) All I Want for Christmas, a holiday themed M/M romantic comedy that was born from a previous picture prompt here on Tuesday Tales. This scene takes place before the package scene from last week. Sorry for going out of order, but I had to tug the snippet to coincide with the photo prompt. This story is completed and is now in the first round of editing.

For those who were wondering what was in the box Cooper gave Alex, it was a key. If you wish to know what the key unlocked you`ll have to grab a copy when the book comes out around Christmas. I know, I`m terribly wicked at times. Cooper and Alex met after Alex`s cat, Mr. Tibbets, walked on his master`s Ipad while Alex slept and ordered an outrageously priced oil painting from Cooper, who is a famous wildlife artist. Then came a blizzard, snow sentinels, sneezing cats, old women who knit undergarments and too many comedic situations to list. It turns into quite the holiday season for the artist and the senior center director!

This week our word prompt is ‘Spider’. Since this is a rough draft there may be some mistakes. I do apologize for any boo-boo you may find.

Please do check out the other wonderful writers after you`re done reading by clicking on the Tuesday Tales link at the bottom. Thanks for stopping in!

“Your pants are soaked. Give them here and I`ll toss them in the dryer,” Cooper said just the way my mother used to when I was a boy. I turned and peeled them off. “The shirt too,” he added stepping up behind me. I handed over the sodden Wranglers then tugged the fleece over my head. “I`m not trying to pry, but is that a spider on your ass?”

This is why a man should not let his mother buy him underwear. I threw my chin up and defied him to say another word. “Yes, it is. These are my lucky Spider-Man boxers. Now if you could stop gawking at my ass, some clothes would be appreciated.”

The man clamped his mouth shut then walked off chuckling. There was a second where I debated about defending Spidey but I said bugger that as well. Instead of arguing for web slingers on your underwear I removed a mug from the dishwasher, my goal a fresh cup of hot java to ease the pink in my cheeks.

“Here you go, your own clothes,” Cooper held my Darth Stewie sleepers and Toby Keith concert tee. I thanked him, placed my full mug to the island then slid my cold legs into the well-worn pajama bottoms.

I turned around to find Cooper enjoying my shirtless state. He took his time meeting my eyes. When he did a slow burn was taking place in his gaze.

“Where did you get this?” he asked, stepping close then running his finger over the scar across my right pectoral. The skin quivered. My nipple puckered tightly as he traced the line of pink flesh enticingly close to the sensitive nub.

“Skating accident,” I squeaked. He knew his touch was affecting me; I could tell by the way the corner of his goatee would twitch in amusement. He stopped, fingertip resting just below puckered nipple.

“I`m sorry, did you say ‘skating accident?’” he asked. I bobbed my head and used his shock to put some distance between him and I. Nonchalantly I threw a leg over a stool then pulled Toby on. Toby would protect me from Cooper`s powers of seduction. “Did someone skate over you as you lay shirtless and unconscious on the frozen pond?”

“No, Senor Sarcasm,” I took a loud slurp of my coffee. Coop snorted then sat down beside me, his mug of sugared black cradled between his skilled hands. “It`s a long story that you would find boring.”

“Oh, I beg to differ,” the snide bastard countered with a wry sideways glimpse. “I`m beginning to think nothing about you is boring.”

Copyright ©by V.L. Locey


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Tuesday Tales

See you next week with more from Alex and Cooper!

Of Heroes & Hay Bales Cover Reveal!

I am just tickled pink to be able to share the cover artwork for the second novel in my Gods & Goats trilogy with y`all!

Of Heroes & Hay Bales will be available in both print and eReader formats on 4/6/13, gods willing and the creek don`t rise as my granny used to say. Purchase information will be passed along closer to the release date.

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Storytime Trysts - Wind in White Birch # 7

It`s time once again for another issue in my free comtemporary romance Wind in White Birch.

I hope you`re enjoying reading this romance as much as I`m enjoying writing it for you.

Storytime Trysts

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Guest Blogger - Kayelle McClive

As a special Valentine`s Day treat today we have the author of a newly released romance novel! What better way to celebrate the day then discussing love and romance? I`m thrilled to have Kayelle here today. She`s a lovely, witty, talented writer who shares a smiliar attraction for a certain Marvel comics archer that I have. I know you`ll enjoy meeting her!

It`s all yours, Kayelle!


First of all I must thank the lovely Vicki for hosting me here today.

I figured I could give a little insight into how Confederate Moon came to life and the years (literally) that went into making it.

My husband and I do professional photography. We were shooting a wedding at the Mormon/Farnsley House in Louisville, KY. It was at one time a plantation farm. There were various little displays where the wedding reception was being held and some of them referenced the slaves lives etc. My husband casually walks up to me and says. “What if the South won the Civil War because vampires made themselves known to the world and helped them to win?”

My brain exploded into a million ideas, all over the place but the one idea I kept coming back to was that slavery would still exist, but in a different form. Corporations and Banks wouldn’t be the source of wealth, it would be individuals who had control of large amounts of money, mainly vampires. Vampires would pull the strings of the wealthy, the politicians and never lift a real finger.

Of course I had to throw the werecreatures (wolves, leopards, bears etc) into the mix as the adversaries. They needed to be the equalizers while the mages stood on whichever side of the fence they benefitted from more.

The idea that one could become a slave due to the debt they owed seems rather barbaric to us but in an alternate reality where vampires, werewolves, mages, demons and angels exist and are out in the open, it could be very real. And it worked well to put humans very shakey ground.

So began almost a year of study before I ever really put pen to paper. I looked up Civil War battles, economics, the reason why the Civil War happened, (yes it was slavery but it honestly came down to the almighty $$.) I read a lot, I took a college course on the subject and then read a little more.

I fell in love with that time period in American history and to be able to warp it, to add the supernatural and bend it to my will has been far more fun than I ever dreamed. The West was never settled and is called the Wilds of the West, it mainly belongs to the indigenous peoples, the Native Americans. The werecreatures are welcome there, vampires, not so much.

Will you see mention of this in the book, not a lot. Authors will tell you that 90% of the research you do to create a world never sees the light of day, but we need it to know who are characters are, the world they live in and how they survive.

I hope this little insight has peaked your interest in my first novel. “Confederate Moon.”

Enjoy Everyone!!


“Look at your neck and tell me you can decide who to trust or not. God damnit!” he growled, slamming his hand into the steering wheel before he ran it over his face.

I looked into the mirror and noticed the two small wounds in my neck—a vampire bite. I looked over at him, then at the wounds, touching them. They hurt, they were fresh, and the blood that remained on my fingers was proof of that.

“What the hell is going on, Nolan? I just met you last night and you’re ordering me around like a child. Who are you? Why did you buy the bar, huh? You’re not telling me everything I need to know.” I could feel it then, that he was hiding something from me.

He turned to look at me. “Promise me, Bryne, that you will not go to her or try and find out about your family, at least not from her.”

“Why would I promise you anything?”

“Because I’m asking you to!” he yelled, but there was a growl in it. It wasn’t a sound that could be mistaken for anything else. It didn’t scare me as much as it made me angry. I folded my arms across my chest and turned to look out the window. It wasn’t that he made me angry; it was the gut reaction of wanting to obey him. I wanted to do what he told me, and I had no clue why. It was the same feeling as when he’d told me to get into the truck.

“Fine. Whatever,” I muttered. I wanted to get to my place and away from Nolan. Whatever dreams I’d had about him last night were totally ruined. To be honest, there was a part of me that found it kind of cool that he was being all wolfy with me. I mean I barely knew the guy so Estellan must be really bad news for him to be so adamant about me staying away from her.

Neither of us spoke the rest of the ride back. The only sounds were those of the truck on the road and the storm that raged overhead.

The minute Nolan put the truck into park, I threw the door open and headed for the front door. I had nothing to say to him right then, and the farther I was from him the better. I fumbled with the keys that hung around my wrist, trying to find the right one as the rain soaked me. I heard the door slam and knew he was right behind me.

“Bryne, stop!” he said as he grabbed the keys from my hand. I hated his damn wolf fast reflexy…whatever it was!

“Give me the keys. I promised I would stay away from her, now leave me alone.”

“I need to explain,” he said right before thunder shook the ground as it rolled through the sky.

“Explain what? That you said you owned me?” I yelled back at him. I took a step forward, pointing a finger at him. “You don’t own me, you got that? You bought the bar debt. You didn’t buy me. I’m not a whore. I’m not your slave, and you can’t treat me like a child.” I jabbed my finger into his chest. “So back the fuck off, mister!” I didn’t care that I was getting wet or that I was arguing with a werewolf on the sidewalk in front of my bar. A very gorgeous, sexy werewolf who’d just carried me over his shoulder out of a vampire’s house.

The next thing I knew his hands were on my face and he was kissing me. Dear God could he kiss! If I thought the dream I’d had the night before was amazing, this put it to shame. The real thing was waybetter than a dream. His lips pressed hard against mine, his tongue pushed into my mouth making my knees weak.

Kissing him back was instinct and without a thought I grabbed the belt loops of his jeans, holding on as we kissed. I didn’t care that we were standing there in heavy rain, or that the winds had picked up around us. All I cared about was the feel of his lips on mine, and his tongue swirling against my own. The connection I’d felt the night before returned, the heat from him filled me up, wrapped around me like a warm blanket, and I wanted to stay there forever. I gripped his belt loops tighter, wanting to hold onto him as long as I could.

He pulled back from me quickly and stared down at me, water running down his face, dripping from his beard. “You need to get inside and get dry. I’ll be by later this afternoon with the paperwork.”

And without another word he pushed my keys into my hand and left me standing there, lips still swollen and throbbing, my body instantly cold.

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Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt

Hello! It`s time for Tuesday Tales again. This week I`ll be sharing an excerpt from my WIP (Work In Progress) All I Want for Christmas, a holiday themed M/M romantic comedy that was born from a previous picture prompt here on Tuesday Tales. This novella is completed and is now in the first round of editing.

We have a picture prompt this week so the excerpt is written to reflect the image and must be under 300 words. Since this is a rough draft there may be some mistakes. I do apologize for any boo-boo you may find.

Please do check out the other wonderful writers after you`re done reading by clicking on the Tuesday Tales link at the bottom. Thanks for stopping in!


“You`ve been shuffling? Mister I-Don`t-Do-Emotions has been shuffling?” I asked incredulously. The heater came on and blew down on us. A dark lock dangling above his eye flittered in the heated wind. He tried to scowl but it was a weak attempt at best.

“I thought – Well, I thought I`d give you this,” he said, pulling a small red box from within his dapper coat. He extended it out to me cradled in his hands. I looked at the white bow then at Cooper then at the white bow again. “Just take it, okay Alex? Take it and when you get home open it - I mean - before your date open it. What happens after that is up to you.”

“This is crazy, I didn`t get you anything,” I fidgeted.

“Just take it, please?” he shoved the box at me. It settled in my palm with a sparrow’s weight. His fingers moved over my jaw as I tried to decide what to say next. “I really didn`t want this to be over, I just couldn`t see past the fear. Every time I walked past those stupid snow sentinels I had to face the fact that I was scared shitless of what you were making me feel,” he smiled rather quirkily then pressed a kiss to my lips. A short, gentle brush of mouth across mouth before he exited the men`s room silently.

There I stood, holding a red box in the middle of the senior center`s men`s room like a boob. Should I run after him? Should I throw the box away? Should I do the Macarena? I didn`t know what the hell to do or think or feel at the moment, so I did what seemed natural to do.

I lifted the top off the box.


For more great free reads by talented writers just click the link below-

Tuesday Tales

See you next week with more from Alex and Cooper!

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Storytime Trysts - Wind in White Birch # 6

It`s time once again for another issue in my free comtemporary romance Wind in White Birch.

I hope you`re enjoying reading this romance as much as I`m enjoying writing it for you.

Storytime Trysts

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let`s Talk About Sex

*Shakes money-maker to Salt-N-Pepa song*

Phew! That worked up a sweat. Just like a good romp in bed only not quite as enjoyable. I thought we could chat about sex, what makes it work in a book, and what doesn`t as far as I`m concerned. First off I`m well aware that this is a delicate subject for many, so here comes the obligatory warning.

Ahem. If you are easily offended by discussions about sex between a man and a woman or a man and a man, now is the time to leave. I swear I won`t hold it against you.

Okay, now that those who may take offense have clicked on a different and less titillating blog, we`ll get down to brass tacks, or perhaps handcuffs?? Oh yes, we are getting naughty here! I am a woman that enjoys sexy stuff in her books. I don`t always require it. If I`m reading YA then I`m fine with the lack of spicy stuff, but my YA reads are limited. When I leave the teens and their worries behind then I want something erotic but not pornographic.

I guess I`ll take a moment here and explain what I feel is the difference between erotica and pornography. A fine gentleman friend of mine asked me just the other day what difference there was between erotica and porn. My thoughts on this is that erotica empowers a woman. It makes her an equal participant in a sensual scene. Pornography belittles women. It makes the woman nothing more than a thing for a man to slake his desire in or on.

I`m one of them types that must have a good plot to support the sex in a book, and please, this is no slam against anyone who reads a book that is all sex with a so-so plot woven through the grunting and groaning. If that is what you like, and both the characters are over eighteen and willing participants, go for it! For me, I must have a story that is viable and strong. Then the sex can be sprinkled on like a nice hot Cajun seasoning.

So when I sit down to write a bedroom (or haymow or shower or fireside) sex scene, first and foremost the woman is a sexual equal to the man. She may hand over her equality at times, and he may too, but she will always be the one in control of the situation. This is my rule number one. If she says stop they stop. If she says go faster, he may go faster, or he may go slower to make her writhe a bit. Even if the man involved is a god, he takes his cues from his leading lady in all manners of carnal pleasure.

I also write my sex scenes for M/F and M/M alike. I do not make my male/male love scenes more raw or crude. My guys are in a long-term committed relationship. They are not starring in a gay porn movie. They are making love. When Paul and Gordon come together it is an expression of their devotion for each other. Just like when Libby and Ares share themselves, or Maggie and Gerard or Dana and Jonah. A couple in love is a couple in love, no matter the genders involved.

My books tend to have one highly detailed sex scene per novel. I`ll spritzle random hot moments, long passionate kisses, heated embraces, and hot and spicy grope sessions throughout my books, but I only do that one ‘Holy Hannah!’ scene once. For me as the writer, it just works better this way. I can devote more time to humor, romance, action, and adventure if I`m not trying to cram a sex scene into every chapter. I also feel that sometimes less is better.

Just as we talked about with action, too much sex takes away the tenderness and special feel of our couple making love. That is how I feel about my own books. That is not to say that I don`t enjoy more than one adult scene in other books. The WARDen puts several sex scenes in her books amid very strong plots, subplots, humor and action. For her tales more sex works and I enjoy it greatly! For mine, I don`t feel it would. You can see that we`re two different authors with different approaches to how we write our books in varying genres.

I`m also no fan of closed door sex or stringing the reader along to the very end for the connubial bliss to occur, no I am not. Please fellow scribes, don`t rely on making the reader slog through a slow book for the sex at the end. If your plot isn`t strong enough to carry the story, then don`t use the much-coveted bedroom fun as the lure. Your readers will be sick and tired of the weak plot and won`t give two tingles about the love scene when they get to it. If you`re using sex to entice folks to the end of your book, you need to rework your manuscript and add some drama, humor, action, and/or adventure to propel the storyline along.

There isn`t much for me to say about behind closed doors. I`m well aware some readers like their romance this way. It`s just not for me. I want to hear every sigh, see every caress, smell every spicy candle, and taste the passion that is thick in the air. Oh my, I`m feeling flushed of a sudden…..

So that`s how I feel about sex in books that I read and write. What are your thoughts about sex? How do you handle things when the heat between your romantic leads begins to climb?

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Tuesday Tales - Silver

Welcome back! This week we`ll conclude the story of The Silver Box.

Libby, Ares, and the gang are the stars of my Gods & Goats trilogy. The word prompt this week is ‘Silver’ so the story will reflect the prompt. As these are original stories written in a week, some errors may be found. I do apologize for those in advance.

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The Silver Box


Just for the record I personally have nothing against marine life of any kind. Please don`t be sending me nasty grams about the senseless slaying of a shark/monster/child eater. I do not need folks from the Cousteau family calling me bad names in the press. This shark had to go down. Did anyone get mad at Chief Brody? Damn tootin` they didn`t!

The three of us had Lamia surrounded. Harmonia was lunging in and back, poking the creature with her lance. Fear was up on his rear legs throwing those massive hooves at Lamia`s gill slits. And I had the joy of slipping around in a puddle of water and fish slime, trying to drive my short sword into the shark`s giant belly. And it was a big belly. Lamia had not skipped too many meals. Knowing what her preferred food is made me furious.

When Harmonia rammed her lance under a flipper, I opened up the shark`s ribs, cursing at the last minute twist the daughter of Poseidon had managed. She was darn fast for a fish out of water. I was faster though. I asked Ares to guide my hand for the killing blow. Lamia`s mouth was dark and forbidding. Rows and rows of teeth snapped at us. Harmonia jumped over the lashing tail, driving her lance downward into the great sharks back, severing her spine.

I ran in and with the rush of what I hoped was godly intervention slammed my celestial bronze sword down into Lamia`s skull. The shark writhed and screamed. I was knocked ass over tin cups into a statue of a seahorse. Sitting where I landed I observed the death of a monster. She slowly desiccated, flaking apart into dust before being carried away by a cool ocean wind.

“I hope that her father doesn`t hold that against us,” I said, dusting myself off as I hustled into the sanctuary. Inside was dark and reverent, the inner chamber containing a fountain with three fish spurting water from between pursed fishy lips and a wide area in front of the fountain for gifts for the sea god. Even with nothing but flickering torchlight Hera`s silver box was easy to locate. It sat off to the left of the fountain, nearly covered with bolts of fine silk and a staggering mound of gold and silver treasure.

Harmonia and I began digging in the wealth to free the chest. Sure, I had a moment or two where I thought about pocketing a few bangles. I mean, with just a couple I could pay my property taxes until I died. But one didn`t steal from a god, especially one of the big three as Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon are called. It took some time but we eventually freed the box and were able to drag it to the center of the floor.

“It is most lovely,” Harmonia knelt down to trace the intricate carvings in the silver with her fingertips.

“It really is quite fitting for a queen`s raiment’s.” I also took the time to touch and admire the chest crafted by the forge god. “Do you think we should open it?”

“Nay,” Harmonia replied, her finely arched eyebrows knitting together, “The last time a woman opened this chest all the horrors of the world were let loose.”

“True, but they`re all out now, and according to what I heard the only thing remaining is hope,” I ran my palm over the box, amazed at how much I suddenly wanted to see what was inside.

“Aye, I have always wondered what hope looked like. I think she is most beautiful and kind, do you not, Libby?” Harmonia asked dreamily, her long fingers picking at the hasp.

I began rubbing the lid as if it were Ares` wide back. I couldn`t get enough of this box. I had to touch it, caress it, open it and gaze at the wonders within. Harmonia was in the same condition. We would have lifted the lid if not for Fear. The horse had come inside in search of us for lunch no doubt. He had whinnied and nickered and pawed to no avail. So, being the nasty brute that he is, he then peed and pooped on the floor right beside us. Getting sprinkled with stallion pee is not appealing. It does tend to break whatever mysterious spell one is under though.

“You are just plain nasty!” I hissed as he lifted his tail and made pootie patties on the floor. I glanced at Harmonia as we stood up. “Did you feel that?”

“Aye, `twas the evil of the box itself….such a compelling spell. Pandora had no choice but to open it and condemn humanity,” she whispered, her face awash with grief for the woman made by the gods to spread hatred, pestilence, intolerance, violence, death, greed, grief, and a score of other terrible things we humans deal with on a daily basis.

We both flew in reverse when a violent wind blew into the temple. I had thrown my arms over my head expecting Poseidon to appear in a pique. Gods in piques are not a good thing. When the wrath of a god didn`t fall down on my ginger curls, I peeked. There, in a glowing ball of godly luminescence stood my lover`s mother. See, at least you ladies get a phone call before the MIL shows up. Me? Zip and Bang, here she is! Harmonia and I both dipped a fast curtsy, our eyes on the floor.

“Mind where you walk, my queen,” I said.

“Ah, yes,” Hera stepped over the horse dung, her pink chiton folded artfully over her arm so as not to drag on the floor. “I see you have found my chest. Very well done, my dear,” Hera smiled and cupped Harmonia`s adorable chin.

“Ahem,” I coughed. Hera`s blue eyes moved to me.

“Yes, and well done to you as well. It seems my son has chosen a spirited consort,” Hera reached out and patted my wet curls like one would a dog that had just run through the slurry to give you a bone he had found. “I shall now give you the gift I promised.”

“That`s not necessary,” I waved a hand. Sparks flew from her eyes. “But if you insist,” I hurried to add. Hera held out her right hand. I threw a look at Harmonia who shrugged. Was I supposed to kneel and kiss the gold band on her ring finger or what? I took her hand and prepared to drop to one knee.

“Do you know what the band on my finger is, Libby?” Hera asked. Fear snorted fire in boredom behind the Skymother. I shook my head. “`Tis my wedding ring,” she allowed me the luxury of staring at the band given to her by her brother. Yeah, I know, don`t dwell on that aspect of the Greek pantheon. I try not to. “The right hand is the hand a wedding band is placed on.”

I gaped at her. She smiled, pulled a huge peacock fan out of the air or perhaps her ass, I don`t know, I was still wrapping my mind around the wedding band on the right hand. With a gentle swish of a thousand peacock tail feathers we were sent back home.

We arrived in grand and glorious style. Harmonia, me and Fear dropped with a crash into my living room amid Thanksgiving football. Ares, Deimos, and Phobos leapt to their feet in shock. The horse took one look around, lost the few marbles he had, and charged off with the gods of fear, panic, and harmony on his long flowing tail. I turned to Ares as the kids - and steed - climbed the stairs to the second floor. His smile was wide.

“I see you have returned in time to roast that large fowl in the sink! Did you find my mother`s box?” he asked. I ran at him, jumped into his arms and planted a kiss on him that had us both hyperventilating in no time. “Mm, that is nice. I have missed you, my wee bunting.”

“I missed you too,” I whispered over his lips. “Now let me explain something about merry-go-round rings to you.”

The End


Thank you for reading along! For the next few months I`ll be stepping back from writing original stories for my Tuesday Tales posts. Instead, I`ll be using excerpts from my WIPs (Works in Progress) to hopefully entertain you. A new self-published book coming out in April, a new contract with Torquere Press for three novels, and the many other submissions I have planned to send to my publisher just does not allow me enough time. Hopefully, after the crush of debuting Of Heroes & Hay Bales lessens and I get the second Two Guys novel written, I can come back to doing original works every Tuesday. Until then, I do hope you enjoy the snippets from my novels and novellas as I work on them.

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Storytime Trysts - Wind in White Birch # 5

Another Saturday has arrived, and so has another issue of Wind in White Birch. To enjoy this free contemporary romance, just click on the link below. Thanks for stopping in and I hope you`re enjoying Dana and Jonah`s budding romance!

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