Friday, March 30, 2012

Word of Mouth- Lover Reborn

Hey bloggers and readers! Time for more Word of Mouth!

I know, it`s been awhile since I posted a book review here and I do apologize for that. I didn`t stop reading, I just stopped doing reviews. But, I have found my zest once again so we`ll start up once more! I just can`t NOT chat about a good read, and my sistahs, the book I`m talking about today is a good read! We`ll be chatting about the newest release in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by the one and only J.R. Ward. Behold ‘Lover Reborn’!

For those who follow the series, this is the book we`ve all been waiting for - The novel about Tohrment. For those who haven`t read the series, I recommend you start at the beginning with ‘Dark Lover’. It`s not necessary but you`ll have a much better understanding of what has transpired in the previous nine novels. (I think Tohr is ten, correct me if I`m wrong fellow BDB fans.) I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum here. If you`re currently reading it or haven`t started though, you may hear things that might give something away. You`ve been warned.

Okay, so let`s chat about Tohrment and his book. I`ve been privy to some reviews on other sites that have not been good ones. I disagree with those bad reviews and not just because of my loyalty to the author. This is a great read! Yes, there is a sore point with me that I`ll address but that isn`t just this book, that runs through the series.

But let`s get back to Tohrment. This book pulls every heartstring that needed pulled. I wept, I cursed, I gasped and I completed a 572 page book in two days. That is how compelling the storyline was for me.

Tohrment has been the long suffering member of this band of warrior vampires. He lost the love of his life, Wellsie, and his unborn son fifteen months ago. The man has been to the depths of hell and back, lost in mourning and stuck in the agony of his loss. As Tohrment tries to deal with his empty life, the Band of Bastards is hiking up their bid to unseat Wrath, the blind king and leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. As we all pretty much assumed, The WARDen brought Xhex`s mother, No`One, in for a reason and that is to be the woman Tohrment eventually learns to love.

There are some damned good sub-plots brewing as well. The separation of John-Matthew and his mate Xhex I think was a fine storyline and addressed a problem that even the WARDen herself admits she has. That problem: the lack of ballsy women fighters. I`ll be honest, I am still waiting for Payne to step up and be the warrior she should be. I know, this series centers on the men, and I love those men to death, but the lack of women being more than just background is beginning to stand out. The author creates these brilliant, gutsy women and then once they`re mated, they fade into little more than pretty, worried females bemoaning how frightened they are about their men out fighting. Yes, we know, the men are in danger but ladies you have SO much potential! Use it!

There is much more these gals (and yes I`m talking to you Beth, Mary, Cormia and Bella) can do with their lives. At least Marissa has her shelter to illustrate her being an independent woman. Payne has yet to show anything to me aside from a love for Manny. Ehlena and Doc Jane have their medical professions to keep them busy, thank goodness, because I just adore Jane. This is my major gripe and probably the only one. I want to see these women being just as strong, if not stronger, then the males they mated. Do they have to strap on daggers and kill lessers? No. But they need to grow some backbones, get some character development and do something with themselves.

This is why I adore Xhex so much. She is not one to sit around, planning parties, burping babies and pacing while the men go out and battle. She is a fighter and an assassin, and a damned good one! She has skills that can be an asset but John, as well as the other guys, are apprehensive about a female in battle. I do understand that this is their world and that females are to be cherished, protected and pampered. I get that the Glymera has set that precedent and enforces it. That`s all nice and well and chivalric but it is not the only thing that females can be. Her split from John in this book makes sense and I was pleased to see the WARDen touching on this. Maybe it will carry over and we`ll see more of the women warriors going head to head with the bad guys. Hopefully the younger Brothers, like John, will at least TRY to widen their views, and in doing so open the eyes of the older men, about women. Let`s hope so.

Okay, that rant is over. Now, onto other things….

Let`s address this screaming frenzy I`ve read in many other reviews about Wellsie not coming back to life. I for one am proud of Ms. Ward for being so gutsy and not copping out on this. That decision took stones given the hue and cry many fans are raising. Yes, some of the other shellans came back in previous books. I was much happier seeing Tohrment work out his loss and move on than having a ‘Holy Hannah, Look Who`s Back From the Dead!” scenario play out again. I feel that would have cheapened the lesson that Tohrment had to learn. Huzzah for you WARDen! You said she was not coming back and you stuck to your guns. This novel was about moving on and learning that you can love again after a terrible loss. We got our HEA, it was just with a different but equally lovely woman. A woman that also has suffered for centuries may I add. I grew to really love No`One and admire her quiet dignity and grit. A writer must be true to her storyline. Yes, we write to please the fans but the fans should not dictate the story.

I enjoyed the romance that blossomed oh-so slowly between Thor and No`One. It felt natural to me. They didn`t leap in pledging undying love for each other right off the bat. There was no rush of bonding scent, no ‘MINE!’ moments, just a slow, natural progression of two mature people coming to realize how much they are starting to mean to each other. It fit Tohrment perfectly. The romance worked for me because it showed that a second love may not be as heady as that first one we all have, but it is just as powerful and perhaps even more enduring. It just works on so many levels.

Another sub-plot that was bubbling along was the Blay/Qhuinn/Layla triangle sort of thingy. If you add Saxton, Blay`s lover, then you have four folks involved. I for one hope that Ms. Ward ties up the Q/B romance soon because frankly, if those two males don`t get together, I may start pulling out my hair and braiding it. Given what we saw at the end of the novel I am thinking we might see a resolution! *Crosses fingers, toes and eyes* At least now we know why and how this future daughter of Qhuinn and Layla comes to be. Again, I was pleased that J.R. isn`t afraid to give readers a different kind of romance, this time a homosexual one. I am cheering for those two males with all I have.

Also a fast nod to the large amount of face-time Lassiter got. I pray we see more of this angel. He intrigues me and amuses me. And I really wish to know about his past.

Oh! And there are no Lesser POV`s in this novel. I found that to be very refreshing.

Overall I was very, very pleased with ‘Lover Reborn’. The plots are tight, the action is vibrant and fast paced and the secondary characters are really becoming interesting (Xcor, yeah, I`m looking at you my man. I see something good buried deep inside you) and the sex….well…this IS the WARDen we`re talking about! The bed-play is hot, hot, HAWT and then add another HAWT and hand me a fire hose! Delightfully wicked and sexy, touching and passionate, sweaty and timid all rolled into one steamy book. Phew! J. R. Ward knows how to pen a sex scene and then some!

I highly recommend ‘Lover Reborn’ for anyone looking for a book that will take you on a roller-coaster of emotions, make your teeth sweat, bring you to tears one page then make you want to throttle that man for being so dense the next. Above all, I recommend ‘Lover Reborn’ for anyone who has lost a love and fears never finding another.

Trust me; he/she is out there.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pokey Socks & Yellow Letters

Hello gang, come on in. I`ll put a fresh pot on, I need it.

I didn`t get enough sleep last night at all! I knew that would happen as soon as I opened up the latest book, ‘Lover Reborn’, from J.R. Ward yesterday. Those novels are addictive!!

So, besides my being up late with Tohrment (Not complaining one bit mind you) I shuffled out of bed this morning, hit the zombie eradicating juice and did some online stuff. After the coffee was gone, I tugged on my clothes and dragged my butt up the hill to do bird chores. Halfway up, I felt something pokey in my sock. Don`t you just hate that? I limped and gimped through all the bird coops, telling my helping hand dog, Trinity, that I have something pokey in my sock. What I thought the dog could do for me I don`t know, but it`s always nice to have someone to whine to. I`ve had that darn sock off ten times this morning looking for the darned poker and have yet to find it! I`m betting it`s one of those invisible hay slivers. Darn thing, poking my foot while I`m suffering a literary hang-over!How dare it?!

Yesterday (See I`m going backwards now just to confuse y`all. Actually, if my brain was working right I`d have put this section first but I didn`t and I`m too sleepy to try to fix it. Just hang in there friends, this rambling post will be over soon) I got this pretty yellow letter in the mail.

Yep, a summons to tell me that I will be on-call for jury duty in the federal court in Williamsport for the month of May, the whole month of May! This could be interesting to say the least. Aside from the fact that the timing couldn`t be worse (I have a book debuting in April and need to promote the heck out of it all summer) the possible drive to Williamsport every day, or being sequestered, I`m more than willing to do my civic duty. I just wish it would be closer. *sighs* Ah well, such is life right?

Some days you get yellow letters, the next day you have pokey socks…..

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Did Someone Say Free Book?!?

Yep, they sure did!

Hey there blogging buddies! Tomorrow, March 26th, marks the beginning of my 'Get Your Gods & Goats!' contest. The winner will get a free, yes FREE, autographed copy of my upcoming novel 'Of Gods & Goats'!

The contest will only be run on my Facebook author page, so if you`ve got a hankering to possibly win a free book, do drop in daily and try your hand at the daily questions! Here`s the link to my author page. Hope to see you there!

V.L.Locey Facebook Author Page

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guest Blogger S.M.Boyce is in the Barn!

Morning all, please give a big yodel of welcome to S.M. Boyce!


Hey everyone! My name is S. M. Boyce, and I’m the author of Lichgates. It’s the first novel in a young adult fantasy adventure trilogy that was just recently published, and I’m here to stand on a box and throw copies at random passersby. Just kidding. I only do that on Tuesdays.


Today, I’m honored to have the keys to “Thoughts from a Yodeling Goatherder.” I won’t lie. Half of my excitement stems from the fact that it’s a freaking amazing name for a blog. Just saying. It makes me want to go out on a mountain and try my hand at it. I bet V. L. Locey is much better yodeler than me, though.


I love the caption contests that Locey does, too, though I must admit I’m not the best captioner. I usually come up with something days later, when the joke’s over, and laugh quietly to myself in my little corner of the cafĂ©. People leave me alone there. Not sure why…


Anyway, I’m here on my Lichgates Hidden World Blog Tour to offer you some fun freebies and talk about the wonderful world of pets and all things fuzzy. This is my little bundle of mischief:



Oh, he looks cute. But that’s his greatest weapon. It’s hard to be mad at him for eating the legs off the coffee table when he gives you that face.

I haven’t actually had many dogs in my life; mostly horses, actually. It’s neat to see Locey talk about the hillside farm, since I get flashbacks to the farm where I grew up. We harvested hay one summer, but apart from that, it was just a horse farm. My mom always wanted a goat, and after reading this blog for a while, I’m starting to see why!


I actually came up with most of the plot and world development for Lichgates while on that farm. We had this open field in the front right of the house, which we never really used except for extra parking if my parents had a party. It was completely covered in clover – it was just a thick blanket of soft weeds that were perfect for falling into and staring off into space. I love the smell of clover —it’s warm, but kind of sweet, and always reminds me of peaceful summers where nothing matters except for hoping it doesn’t rain while you’re sitting out there. I also had a great view of my mom’s garden, with her azaleas and black-eyed susans. It was always interesting to me that those beautiful flowers were so well-maintained and yet never really appreciated as more than being something pretty to look at, while I actually enjoyed the clover more.


These clover-moments actually inspired a prominent theme in the Grimoire Trilogy. I won’t go into too much detail, but clovers are a frequent motif. Additionally, it inspired this line:

“Life requires balance. Though a dandelion is never as stunning as an orchid, we would never appreciate a flower’s beauty without also appreciating a weed’s simplicity. Therefore, we must accept that there is evil if we are to understand what it means to be good.”


It’s a little snippet, one that will be often overlooked, but it makes me smile every time I read it. It reminds me of the farm, my horse, and the time I accidentally mistook my mom’s prized ivy vines as weeds and removed them in a weeding frenzy one spring.


Oops. Sorry, Mom.


If you have a fond farm memory, too, I’d love to hear it. I’ll get us another round of coffee and we can settle in to talk in the comments.


Ah, and before I go, make sure you enter the giveaway that’s coming up here in a minute. You can win a free eBook copy of Lichgates (whatever format you’d like) and some pretty fun book swag. So enter the giveaway and let’s talk farms, pets, and other fuzzy things in the comments!


Snag Your Copy of Lichgates:


Connect with Boyce:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kidding Season Begins

Hi gang! Things are getting busy around here over the past twenty-four hours. Two sets of twins have arrived and by the feel of some of my girls ligaments, more should be hitting the ground any time. Here`s some pics-

Twin bucks born yesterday afternoon-

Twin does just about an hour ago-

What else did I want to pass along before I return to the goat barn?? Oh! Over on the right you`ll see a link for my book trailer! Do check it out if you wish, I`m very proud of it.

And tomorrow my guest blogger S.M. Boyce, rolls on up the driveway of the hillside farm to sit and chat a bit!

Okay, off I go to yank the clothes out of the dryer and then jog back down to the barn. Have a good day all!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rough Night

*Pours another cuppa*

Hey gang, come on in. Pardon me if I drift off during our visit. Just nudge me if I do. Boy, last night was a rough one. Mister has the sinus infection that began with my daughter two weeks ago. It kicked me in the rump last week and now has my husband in its grip. It is a nasty strain that seems to really like settling in your lungs. Last week I coughed so much and so hard I actually tugged a muscle in my back. Poor Mister has been suffering just as badly with his round of it as I did. Didn`t seem to hit Miss Yodeling quite as hard as it hit us old folks. Darn kids and their youthful systems!

Anydoodles, last night hubby and I hit the sheets at our usual time and then he began to cough. And cough. And cough and cough and cough. I felt so bad for him. He did apologize numerous times about keeping me up, which wasn`t at all necessary. When a person is sick, they`re sick, no need to apologize about things, right? Finally after an hour or so I did inform him that we had some Robitussin that might help. He`s a real stickler for taking anything. Trying to get him to swallow down a couple of aspirin is a chore at times. He relented and took a dose then came back to bed.

“I could feel that cough syrup burning all the way down,” he told me then barked harshly.

“Hopefully you won`t be up in an hour looking for some Mylanta for the reflux,” I said then tried, yet again, to get him to take my wedge to sleep on.

Sometimes getting your head elevated does help. He refused once more my offer of the wonder wedge then grumbled about how much it sucks to get old. I agreed wholeheartedly. Must be eventually he quieted down. Or I was so darned tired I zonked out between bouts of coughs. He was one worn-out looking pup this morning when he left for work. I did ask if he thought he should stay home from work, but you know men. They won`t give into it until they`re close to collapse…or that could just be my husband. Off he went, dragging his rump behind him.

Aside from the festering sinus infection that seems to be grabbing our county, things are pretty quiet around here. Oh! No, that`s not the truth. We did have a very sad occurrence on Saturday. One of our neighbors down the road a bit lost their mobile home in a fire. I`m still trying to find out where the family is and what happened, but I`m taking to heart that I haven`t heard that anyone was seriously hurt in the fire thank goodness.

The fellow that wanted the chicks came with his wife and kids late Saturday to pick them up. I think those peeps are going to be well loved! Now it`s just my five puddle ducks in the stove room. They seemed to handle their chicken buddies leaving with aplomb. The goats are still gestating. I now have the kidding box and clean towels down in the barn. It`s the yearly waiting game that the does always seem to win. Just let us leave that barn for half an hour to eat and when we go back down….

Before I forget to mention it in my drowsy state, I`m very excited to have a new friend of mine coming to my blog on Thursday! Her name is S.M. Boyce, she`s an author and Twitter buddy and has a new book out. Do drop on in on Thursday and meet her! You can check out the awesome giveaways she has running in the link over yonder to the right. Just click on the Litchgate button and have a gander! I hope to have some of my writing friend’s guest blog from time to time, so you can get to know them and perhaps support them as they brave the sometimes choppy waters of the publishing ocean.

Well, I see my geese are feeling their oats this morning. As I write this a gander battle has broken out just under my kitchen window. I wish I had the gumption to honk and flail someone with my wings…if I had wings that is. I guess I`ll head off and see what my fellow bloggers are up to. Maybe I`ll do some writing afterwards. Or, maybe I`ll grab a book and curl up for a good nap…I mean read!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just When You Think.....

…..You know your husband, he surprises you!

Honestly, I thought I knew Mister Yodeling pretty well. I mean, after twenty years of wedded bliss nothing he does should surprise me, right? Wrong. Yesterday the man I love pulled a grand surprise off that literally left me in tears. Let me explain…

Yesterday afternoon Mister got home from work late. I knew he was going to stop up to Andrews Well Drilling to pick up a part for a friend of his, so, I didn`t think anything of him coming in about thirty minute late. As usual there is the barking of dogs to signal the master has returned accompanied by great theatrics, leaping, braying and general madness. Once the three official greeters are let out I wait by the door to take Mister`s lunchbox from Trinity, the black lab, who carries the lunch-pail in every day. She loves to help.

After getting the lunchbox from the dog I begin to unpack it while Mister greets the other two hounds, then makes his way inside. In he came yesterday with this….

What could be inside I wondered? We were already up to thirty-four chicks in the house, so please don`t let it be that I thought. Well, I tentatively opened the box and these adorable little things peeked out at me….

And, like some silly school-girl I started to cry. This was not the reaction Mister was expecting I`m sure! It just touched me so that he brought home five ducklings for me so that I could replace the ducks I had lost to predators last year. He knows I love my ducks and geese, and for him to bring me those fluffy widdle puddleducks home, well, it did me in. Sure, some women might tear up over a diamond ring or a new fur coat but if you want to make MY old heart swell, and get a big hug and not just a few kisses, hand me a box of Pekin ducklings.

Yep, just when I thought the man couldn`t move me to tears and make me love him more than I already did, he hands me a box of ducklings and makes me fall in love with him all over again.


And a yodel of welcome to Rose! Thanks for dropping in and visiting the hillside farm! Grab a cuppa and sit a spell. =)

Monday, March 12, 2012

One Liners - 3/12

Peep-"Dat`s right, look up the word cute in Webster`s and see my picture next to it!"

As always, everyone is welcome to play along! Just toss your one-liner for the above photo down with your comments. Have fun!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What goes on in my bed....

I have to wonder exactly what it is that I do when I`m….oh you naughty folks! This isn`t a post about canoodling! That would blow my PG-13 rating into smithereens!

No, what I`m wondering is what exactly happens in my bed after I go to sleep. I seem to wake up every morning looking like I slept standing on my head. I don’t think I`m able to do that. Since I can`t stand on my head when I`m awake, I can`t imagine I can do it while asleep. I`ve questioned my husband about this and he swears he is not standing me on my head during the night. Yet, every morning I awaken, trudge into the bathroom and find a Polish rooster looking back at me.

Figuratively of course, not literally, since keeping a rooster in the bathroom would be as odd as having a turkey in the kitchen. *Ignores Wheatley chasing Lu-Lu under the kitchen table*I have my doubts about Mister`s innocence but, since I don`t have proof, I have to give him the benefit.

Also, there seems to be a wedge thief in our house. This thief does not take my foam wedge far. It only seems to be lying on the floor next to my bed with a black lab resting upon it. Again, I don`t know how my foam wedge is moved out from under my head as I rest. I need that wedge to keep my darn GRD from getting flamboyant overnight. We did try elevating the head of the bed but Mister Yodeling didn`t enjoy the sensation of having his head three inches above his feet. I don`t know why when his head is six feet above his head during the day. *Shrugs*

Then there is the perplexing situation with the blanket. As I`ve told y`all before I`m a hot sleeper. Oh yeah, she is one hot goatherder! SIZZLE! Actually what I was referring to is how I`m Madame Toaster and I sleep with Mister Frigidaire. When I crawl into my bed at night, I carefully fold the blanket down. This way only my toes have extra covering while the rest of me is happy under a sheet! The Midnight Prankster must enjoy covering hot women up because sure as shooting, I wake up during the night, minus my wedge of course and with my hair in that awkward Polish rooster doo, with the blanket up to my chin.

So, not only is someone standing me on my head in the wee hours, they are also slipping my wedge out from under me and recovering me. Whoever this nocturnal sneak is, they`re good! I never see or hear them but the proof of their nightly escapades is darned obvious. I may set up some sort of Rube Goldberg device to catch the person making me have chicken hair. If I do, I`ll keep you informed so you can rest easily knowing this dastardly doer of mischief has been apprehended and your hair is safe.

Monday, March 5, 2012

One-Liners 3-5

LuLu-"Can`t a cat take a nap without the paparazzi showing up?!"

As always, if you wish do play along! Just place your one-liner for the above image in with your comments. Have fun!

Let`s give a big yodel of welcome to Debra Copley Reynolds! Howdy and welcome Debra!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The 'Of Gods & Goats' Website Is Up and Running!

Hot diggity! I`m so thrilled to be able to finally show y`all my new website! *Breaks into happy goatherder clog dance*

This is where you can find out all you want to know about the new book, and probably a few things you didn`t want to know about the goofy author as well! I really am pleased with the awesome job done on it by the same fine fellow that did my cover art. Talk about wicked mad skillz! Feel free to mosey around at your leisure, drop me a line and say 'Yo Vicki!' or just page through and read what`s up.

We will be adding new things as they become available, so do drop in from time to time. You guys know the door is always open and the pot will be on!

'Of Gods & Goats'Website