Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One-Liners 2/28

Wheatley - "And they`re still warm!"

As always everyone is encouraged to play along! Just leave your one-liner in the comments section. Have fun!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

She`s Alive!!!

Kind of scary how much that bride looks like I do before the coffee hits my bloodstream!

Come on in, kick off your boots and grab a cup gang!

I can use a nice round of shoot-the-bull over some coffee. I`m about whipped! Life here on the hillside farm has kept me hopping over the past few weeks. And kidding season isn`t even here yet! Hopefully all the folderol with the book will be over before the kids start arriving. *Crosses fingers, toes, and eyes*

Everything here is running pretty smoothly. Let me see, what`s new? Well, not a whole hell of a lot to be honest. We`re getting ready for Miss Yodeling to turn sixteen on the 29th of this month. Yep, she`s a leap year baby which makes her four. A very mature four, but, four just the same! I still need to do some shopping for the sweet sixteen Miss. Maybe Friday I`ll just shoot over to Wal-Mart and birthday shop then buy some food. One foul swoop is how I like to shop.

Mister has three days off this week for inventory, which pleases him greatly! As I type he`s already let out to go cut wood. My husband is not a man to sit around, even when he has time off. Not like me who is more than happy to be reading or sitting in front of the laptop writing! Speaking of reading, I`m almost done with my annual reread of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. That`s why I haven`t had any book reviews lately. Once I`m done with my beloved Brothers, then I`m diving into some new reads that are calling to me, and we`ll have some book reviews to chat about. I do have a novel a good friend of mine gave me to beta read first though. I`ve been very fortunate of late and have had a few darned good writers send me their work to read. It`s very nice to know that they find my opinions valuable, and, I get to read some great tales as well! A win-win!

Wheatley the turkey poult is getting big. Pretty soon he`ll be old enough to be outside without any light. I was going to take a picture of the little turd-bird but my rechargeable camera battery was dead. Figures. I`ll grab a few images and share them with y`all later, cross my heart. Speaking of bras…nice segue there, huh? Last week I went bra shopping. Ugh. You know, if my boobs weren`t as big as they are I would be all het up about buying bras. Some of them out there are so cute! Heck, a few of the smaller sizes are available for four or five bucks! For me, I have to shell out twenty bucks for one bra. There are days I have thoughts of tossing them all into the burn barrel, but then I realize that ain`t never going to happen. I guess I`m too self-conscious to go bra-less in public. I shudder to think of what the price-check boys in the supermarket would think!

Okay, now that my little side-trip to Brassiere-Land is done, onward with more stuff! Oh! I wanted to share this link with you guys and gals. It`s to my Pinterest page (I have just recently discovered this site and I think I already need an intervention) where I`ve put together a character/storyboard for ‘Of Gods & Goats’! I had a blast! I do admit Ares gave me some trouble, but I stuck it out…doggedly forcing myself to look at page after page of handsome, burly men. The suffering we do for our craft. *Sighs dramatically then giggles*

Vicki Locey (V.L. Locey)Pinterest Boards

I`m in the process of having a good friend of mine build me a website. It`s coming along really well and looks fabu but it also requires me to write all sorts of stuff, like character bios and synopsis` and how the book came to be, those sorts of things. So my writing time has been gobbled up by all the website work. Once it`s done I will link my blogging buddies up and y`all can have a gander.

You were waiting for another left turn about geese, weren`t you? I don`t have any goose tales to tell, unless you count what I did to Mister this morning. Yeah, I best stop before I blow my PG-13 rating for good! I`m off to catch up on what you guys and gals have been up, then I have to pen a process article for the website. Hope the day smiles upon you and yours!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine`s Day

Hug somebunny you love today.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Exciting Book News!

Howdy gang! I am all atwitter! I can now tell y`all that my rural romantic/comedy, 'Of Gods & Goats' will be available on April 6, 2012 in both print and ebook! No worries, before the release date I`ll link everyone up to where they can purchase thier chosen form of godly and goaty reading material.

I`ve also gotten two online interviews set up, which I`ll link here when they occur, as well as my author event planned at my beloved local indie bookstore. Once the date is locked in tight with the bookstore, I`ll pass that along as well.

To celebrate, I wanted to share the cover of the book as well as a snippet, just to whet your whistle! And really, who wants a dry whistler, right?

And now, that snippet from 'Of Gods & Goats' -

“Thank you,” I said again. His fingers were tugging at the cover as he balled his fingers into a fist that could drop Godzilla. “I have some questions,” I added and pulled slightly to keep my chest covered. Not that he hadn`t seen all I had to show already but, you know, a woman has to have some modesty, right?

“I would be surprised if you did not,” he responded tightly. “Ask and I shall attempt to answer your queries, but first you must eat. Would you wish for me to feed you?”

I blinked at him for a moment in surprise then shook my head.

”No, I think I can manage to chew but thanks,” I muttered then looked down at where his arm was stretched across my stomach. “If you move that I can sit up and eat,” I pointed while Argus rose up on his back feet to check out the milk pitcher with very greedy feline eyes. Ares and I both lunged for the glass container at the same time as my cat reached up to dunk his paw into it. Ares` hand slapped down over mine on the handle as I rolled into his side. And then we sat there like a couple of drunken toads on a log.

I could see so much in his eyes in that moment: Hope and despair and fear and strength, eons of misery and laughter, anger and pleasure. All of that was there, and yet something was missing. I felt my blanket slipping downward but I couldn`t do a damned thing to stop it. I was too wrapped up in those godly eyes of his to care.

“You are a very special woman, Libby Simons,” he grunted as if the admission had cost him dearly. I made some sort of goofy sound then leaned forward slightly. I will swear on a stack of the Iliad or whatever it is Greek gods swear on, that my gesture was to make sure the pitcher didn`t hit the floor. I would swear and then I would be tossed into the Olympic jail for perjury. The real reason I drifted closer to him was because he was moving towards me and I really, really, REALLY wanted to taste his lips.

Monday, February 6, 2012

What to Say, What to Say?

Good morning gang! Come on in, shuck off your coat and I`ll grab a few mugs.

My header kind of speaks for me it seems. I`ve been sitting here, sipping java juice and pondering on what to post. Things here on the hillside farm are rather quiet. The weather has been pretty nice considering. No snow to speak of, rather warm days and chilly nights. It feels more like March or April than early February to be honest! I`ll take every one of these kinds of days old Mother Nature wants to give us!

I saw that the groundhog made his prediction. I knew we`d have six more weeks no matter what a sleepy woodchuck told us. If I were Phil I would be so out-of-sorts! Talk about rude! Being drug out of your nice warm burrow just to see if you cast a shadow! I don`t take kindly to being woken up for silliness, just ask Mister. Last night he and Tinker had a small kerfuffle in the middle of the night about leg room. I woke up like a grizzly, snapping and snarling at both the males. Tinker decided to go sleep with Miss Yodeling. Mister fell backwards and opted to remain quiet. Good thinking on both guys parts.

So, what else? Even though we don`t watch sports I saw this morning that the Giants won the Super Bowl. Congrats to the Giants and their fans! I had been hinting to Mister that I wouldn`t mind watching the game just to see the new commercial for ‘The Avengers’ movie due in May, but, alas, we don`t get network channels so I had to find it online. I did and now my inner comic geek is placated for awhile.

We`re looking at a big birthday coming up at the end of the month! Miss Yodeling will be sixteen. Where those years went I don`t have a damned clue. She`s been studying her drivers manual and is now in drivers education in school. I have mixed feelings. On one hand it will be so nice to simply hand her the keys when she wants to go hang out with her friends. On the other hand, it will be terrifying to hand her the keys when she wants to go hang out with her friends. I`m not sure which of her parents will be worrying the most. Perhaps we`ll both be fretting equally until she comes back home safe and sound.

Hmm, what other news is there to gossip about? *Raises cuppa and sips slowly* Mister and I had our movie and dinner date Saturday night. We have this wonderful restaurant in town, George`s, that serves great food that is reasonably priced. And, they have baklava!! I`ve recently discovered this mouth-watering Grecian dessert and I cannot get enough of it into me! I have to blame this new addiction on my editor. It was her that first placed a dish of baklava in front of me and encouraged me to try some. ‘It`s Greek,’ she cajoled. Well, given what my books are about dare I not try it?! Man alive, a slice of baklava and a fresh cup of coffee is like being upon Olympus I kid you not!

On the critter news…… there isn`t much news to report, everyone is just doing their thing. The goats are getting bigger and bigger. The geese are starting to get pushy with each other. Well, the ganders have broken into a few squabbles over the past week or two. Wheatley, the turkey poult, is doing well and getting bigger all the time. My chickens have started to develop a bad habit and I might have to do something about it. Someone in the henhouse is eating eggs. I am not pleased. I have to guess that they`re lacking in protein or perhaps calcium. I have started giving them oyster shells in case it’s the calcium they`re seeking. If that doesn`t stop their pilfering I may have to try something else. Not only is it a darn waste of eggs when I have people waiting for them, but the eggs left in the nest-box are a fright! Covered with dried yolk that is like concrete to try to wash off. Ugh. Some little henny is going to get a firm finger wag if I find out which one it is let me tell you!

Other than that, I don`t one darn thing exciting to relay. Winter is such a blasé time isn’t it? Methinks I`ll go freshen up me cup and see what everyone else in blog-land has been up to! Oh! Before I mosey off, a yodel of welcome to Hilary Lesch! Welcome to the wacky, and sometimes downright boring, hillside farm!

Man, wish I had some baklava to go with this coffee………..