Monday, October 31, 2011

The Hobgoblin Goat Queen

The Hobgoblin Goat Queen


It was Halloween eve down in the goat barn

And the old mama does had prepared quite a yarn

They`d made up a grand tale to make their kids scream

`Bout a spooky grim wraith called the Hobgoblin Goat Queen

As the moon fell behind the nude limbs of the trees

Their kids all came in and fell down to their knees

A cold chilly wind howled through the barn eaves

It rattled the doors and rustled dead leaves

Every kid in that barn Nubian, LaMancha and Sable

We`re hunkered down tight in their comfortable stable

Then out of the herd stepped great, great-grandma Fawn

Her brown fur was sparse and her front teeth long gone

She cleared her long throat and coughed up a cud

Her ancient old eyes chilled those wee kids goat blood

“This tale that we tell has been told `oft before

It`s considered quite factual in noble goat lore

On Halloween night when the human kids trick

For treats that would make any caprine kid quite sick

We goats stay inside safe and snug in our homes

This night is when the Hobgoblin Goat Queen roams

Now the humans don`t see her meandering near

They`re too busy with costumes and candy I fear

But we goats don`t care for such silly old things

Because only we goats can hear those bat wings

You`ll know when the Hobgoblin Goat Queen is quite near

You`re hooves will tingle and your ears will feel queer

You`ll inhale a smell that is rank and offensive

Then you`ll hear a deep blat that will leave you quite pensive

And just when you`re sure your heart can`t bear anymore

That Hobgoblin Goat Queen will leap over the door!”

At that very instant a most terrible sight

Jumped over the barn door and caused a great fright

Every kid in that barn let out a loud bray

And buried their heads deeply into the hay

The does then all laughed like some hens like to cluck

For the specter was none other than Auron the buck

He had gone to great lengths to add to the fright

His head was all cobwebbed, his beard painted white

The kids slowly peeked from amid the hay chaff

Then one kid by one they started to laugh

So be very careful when you leave your safe home

For the Hobgoblin Goat Queen may be ready to roam

Keep far from the goat barns that you may pass

Just to be safe and cover your *Insert word that rhymes with pass here*

Now of course I don`t know if old Fawn`s story`s true

But would this sweet goatherder ever fib to you?


Poetry by V.L. Locey

Happy Halloween!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

First Snow & NaNoWriMo

Good Friday morning gang, drop on down and I`ll grab some mugs.

I hope the past week has smiled down upon you and yours! It`s been a long, tiring week for Mister and I. He`s been on ten hour shifts and rolling out at four in the morning is starting to wear him down, and me as well. Thank goodness the weekend is coming, we can both use some rest! Not that there`ll be much resting, I`m sure. He`ll be up to go hunting and I`m already slated to run my child hither and yon (Which is just on the other side of the Marsh rumor has it) in order to help her with her chorus fundraising.

So this is a warning in advance for family members who read along. Be prepared for the puppy eyes from your niece when we show up! This fundraiser will pay for an overnight trip to Washington D.C. for the kids. Mister asked what going to D.C. had to do with chorus when he saw the booklets. We got the usual teenaged shrug from my child so I suggested that perhaps they would sing ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’?

What else? Well, as the header says NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is about to descend upon we writers.


This event is run by the Office of Lights and Letters and encourages writers to pen a novel in thirty days, the goal being 50,000 words by the end of November. I have once again signed up to participate and plan to use this year’s event to get a large portion of the second novel in my ‘Gods & Goats’ series done. So, if anyone out there is also participating, give me a holler! I admit I`m really keyed up to start the second book, there`s just SO much to cover and so many fun things I have planned for y`all!

I will try my darnedest to keep my blog posts updated but if I slack off in both writing and reading other blogs, I apologize in advance. Since I`m chatting about my obsession with writing, the novel that’s done is coming along well. I now have the second round of edits back and am hoping to have that chore completed before NaNo kicks off on the first.*Crosses fingers* The artwork is coming along nicely and should be quite fun and quirky with a homespun feel, which is what I was hoping for.

That covers the book and NaNo news, so what else do I have to pass along? *Ponders and sips java*

Oh, there`s this that blew in yesterday.

Uh-huh, that`s snow. I was less than impressed to see this arrive so early. Along with lows in the twenties this is a taste of winter that I wasn`t particularly hungry for.

On the goat front all is settling down in the barn. Auron seems a tad weary though. The other day Mister and I had to laugh at the poor, bedraggled man. He had three does in heat at once. Talk about not knowing whether to poop or wind your watch! He literally didn`t know which way to turn with three lovely ladies all vying for his attention at the same time. We had to snicker at him and his predicament! The Sable and LaMancha does over at my buddy Marcia`s are doing good. Two have been romanced by their chosen fellows. We`re still waiting on Calliope but she had come into heat two days before they went over, so it will be another week or so until she and her beau meet. Then we`ll be able to bring them home and that will be that for this breeding season.

Well, guess I`ve bent your ears for long enough this morning. I had best get my rump in gear and head to the grocery store. Before I forget, which I do very easily, a big yodel of welcome to Bri Clark! Welcome to the hillside farm, Bri!

Have a great weekend gang!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Nursing Home List

Come on in and have a fresh cuppa gang!

The other day I was meandering about, reading my favorite blogs, when I came across a post by a good friend of mine, Michele Strangis Stefanides on her blog ‘Life is short - Write it all down.'Michele is a member of my two writing groups, a published children`s author and one heck of a great and funny lady! On this particular day she had posted a list of things that she wishes those who may be taking care of her in a nursing home to know. I roared with laughter at her list and thought to myself, ‘Vicki, you need to make one of those too!’

So I did. Below you will find my wishes for those who may be left with the pleasant chore of keeping me happy in my dotage. Please do note that I am already a particular woman and that, I`m sure, once I hit seventy I`ll be even more particular and far less subdued. I may, in fact, grow vocal and be willing to discuss personal things that would never have been discussed previously. Or, I may just be me with silver hair and an offbeat view of things, who knows?

Okay, here is my list for any future caregivers.


I like classic rock and metal. Do not EVER come into my room and turn on Billy Joel. I will grow angry and will commence to say bad words and wave my cane at you in a threatening manner. Metallica, KISS, Rob Zombie, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Peter Frampton, ZZ Top and Lynryd Skynyrd will be fine, thank you. Avenged Sevenfold, Nickelback, Godsmack and Led Zeppelin are also good musical choices. A poster of Sully Erna from Godsmack would not be looked upon unfavorably. If he is shirtless in this poster, so much the better!

I prefer to watch TV shows that do not deal with celebrities or reality. Do NOT turn on any television shows that deal with stars dancing, singing or other such nonsense unless it`s Simmons Family Jewels. Gene Simmons and his family are the only accepted people in the reality show genre. Do not allow any hunting shows to play either. I have watched over a billion hours of hunting shows and do not wish to see any more in my golden years. If my husband is in the same room with me, then slip him some sleeping powder in his Metamucil shake.

Also, cartoons are fine but they must be good cartoons. And by good cartoons I mean anything I watched when I was a kid. Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry will keep me merry and pleased and humming along. Any of the new stuff will make me cranky and may result in me chasing you down the hall using my walker as a weapon.

Movies are fine, I adore movies. Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, Rocky Horror Picture Show and any film with Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and Robert Downey Jr. are guaranteed to keep me silent and placated in my lift chair for hours. If you place a spaghetti western in, I cannot say that you will not be hit upside the head with a bedpan.

I love to read. I`ll be a happy elderly camper if I am given access to books. These books must deal with hot and spicy bedroom antics, Greek gods, vampires with black daggers or werewolves that have wide and hairy chests. If you are a male attendant, using your powerful upper body to show me how the dark hero looks will be received most favorably. Again, if my husband is sharing my room, the Metamucil/sleeping powder trick can be used here as well.

I like my food to be simple food. I also like plenty of it. If you place a plate in front of me that has a sprig of parsley and some tiny little two ounce slab of meat, I will grow irritable. Do not serve me salad as a side dish. Give me potatoes in any form, pasta under any kind of sauce and a fresh glass of goat milk, not that watery skim stuff they sell in the grocery store. If necessary, I will bring a goat with me to supply my milk needs. She can stay in my room and Mister can milk her, if he`s not out cold from all the doctored shakes he may receive. I also adore Milano cookies, just in case you need to placate me at some time.

I will require my weekly comic books as well. Make mine Marvel, thank you. If you forget and buy some DC comics I may grow rather testy and tell you where you can cram Hal Jordan and/or Bruce Wayne. Indie comics are okay, although they must be either Hellboy or Darkness. Don`t think that I won`t know if you try to slide me Deathstroke as opposed to Deadpool. I will, trust me.

I will also require a laptop so that I can write. This is my last and most important stipulation. Do not even think of shirking on this one, or you will have an irate old woman on your hands.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Word of Mouth - Mermaid

Hey there gang, come on in and we`ll pass along more word of mouth! This time around we`ll be chatting about the novel ‘Mermaid’ by Carolyn Turgeon. I had the pleasure of meeting, and having my copy of her book signed by Ms. Turgeon at a recent author event at my local indie bookstore ‘From My Shelf Books’ in Wellsboro. She is a warm and delightful woman and her fey spirit shows in this latest novel. Ms. Turgeon also has a book out titled ‘Godmother’ which deals with the true story of Cinderella`s fairy godmother. I plan to grab that one as well on my next trip to Kevin and Kasey`s shop. Let`s get into a little more about ‘Mermaid’ though, shall we?

I know most of us are familiar with the classic Hans Christian Andersen fable ‘The Little Mermaid’ and also, many of us have seen the Disney movie based on Mr. Andersen`s classic tale. ‘Mermaid’ is a retelling of this beloved story but it has a definite twist that is darn ingenious. In Ms. Turgeon`s telling we get the story from two sides, the mermaid Lenia and the princess Margrethe. As per the original story, Lenia dreams of the world above the sea and one day rescues a handsome man from a shipwreck. She falls for him instantly as she carries him to shore. Now, this is where we get a nice little twist, because it`s at this time that the Princess Margrethe is brought into the tale. While standing in a convent garden, where she is hiding from her father`s enemies in the South, she witnesses the mermaid coming to shore with a half-drowned man. By the time the princess reaches the shore, the mermaid is gone.

As Margrethe nurses the stranger back to health she discovers that she is falling in love with him, and that he is the son of her father`s Southern enemy. The princess feels that Lenia brought the prince to her for a reason so she devices a plan that will hopefully bring peace to her shattered land. Of course while all of this is occurring on land, beneath the waves Lenia has come to a decision about this prince that has stolen her heart. She decides to do whatever is needed to return to him, even if it means giving up her legs, her home and her voice.

Ms. Turgeon spins a clever and perfectly written love triangle that keeps you riveted until the end of the book. The characters are well crafted and I found myself torn between who should win the prince`s heart. I felt deeply for both young women as they experienced their first love. The plot moves along at a lovely clip, not too rushed or too slow and the details are glorious! I was especially drawn into the realm under the sea that was so artfully crafted by the author. This is a heartbreaking and dark story though, make no mistake about it. For anyone thinking this is a little child`s book think again! There is pain, suffering and sex. The love scenes are nicely done I`d like to add, since that is an important aspect for me, the steamy lover of spicy affairs that I am!

I found ‘Mermaid’ to be a joyful and at times tearful read. Anytime a book can take me to the summit and then pull me to the depths of emotion I have to applaud the author and make sure I pass along the good word. I highly recommend ‘Mermaid’ to anyone that is looking for a love story that is poignant and compelling and highly imaginative.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One Liners-10/19

"Are you sure our Push-Me-Pull-You Halloween costume is on right?"

As always, everyone is invited to play along! Simply put your one-liner for the above photo in the comments section. Also a big yodel of welcome to MaSugar32! Welcome to the hillside farm!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Love Is In The Air

And so was something else! Howdy gang, come on in and we`ll sit a spell!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend? Ours was damp but nice just the same. We seem to be stuck in this funky weather pattern here in the Laurel highlands. We get a couple nice days then we get a few days of rain. I hope this pattern changes before the really cold air arrives or we`ll be up to our keister`s in snow! But enough with the snow worries, right? This weekend marked the beginning of ‘The Love Fest’ for our goats. Yes indeed, this is the weekend that my buck Auron has patiently (If you call screaming in Nubian at the top of your lungs patient) for weeks – Nay, months – for.

First we did a clean-out of the goat barn because once the white stuff piles up, we can`t haul the manure. And secondly, everyone likes a nice clean place for romance, am I right?

Some of ladies were wondering why we were snazzing things up.

After the barn was clean and smelled of fresh bedding things were all in place for caprine lovey-dovey. Sunday morning we rounded up the two Sable`s and the LaMancha. Those three ladies had reservations at my friend’s farm with some handsome fellows of their own breed. The love train is pulling into the station!

Miss picked a fine looking guy for her beloved LaMancha Freya, and this strapping fellow will be the one to make whoopee with the Sable does. I gave Jennifer a firm speech about accepting the gentleman`s suit and waiting to come home and give her attentions to my Nubian buck. This is the strapping Sable buck that Jennifer is slated to romance.

The arrival of new girls really got this pen of bucks attention!

She has been known to do this in the past. If she listens to my words or not remains to be seen but she had better! Not that I don`t enjoy the love children as much as I do the papered ones, but for showing purposes, the truer the kids are to breed standards the better. And that last little Oopsie looks decidedly more like a Nubian than a Sable with his long ears.

While we were over at Marcia`s Miss took the time to cuddle with a new addition to Marcia`s barn.

Ain`t he just adorable?? She also had a litter of kittens that I was eying, and smooching, but I didn`t come home with one! It was tough though let me tell you. I can easily see myself being an old woman with sixteen cats inside the house and a herd of goats outside. Heck, I`m already half-way there!

When we returned home it was time to lead the big man and his half-Nubian/half-Sable sidekick down to the barn. Actually, it was more a case of Auron leading Mister! Ares followed along, wondering what all the fuss was about. Silly wethers I`m sure Auron was thinking. Well, maybe he wasn`t thinking about the wether that kept him company all summer. His mind was on something else I am sure.

Sadly, I didn`t get any pictures of Auron and the ladies. The darn batteries on my camera died. *Frowns* I`ll try to snap some over the next few days. There is nothing funnier than a buck with his tongue hanging out sideways! Or maybe it`s just me and my offbeat sense of humor? Also I really want to apologize about the quality of my pictures lately. My old, and beloved, digital camera got broken. *Gives icy look at Mister and Miss* during a round of rough-housing and I ran to buy another one. This camera I have now is a cheapy and it shows. I plan on asking Santa for a new one though, so hopefully those images will improve after the holidays.

So what did you guys and gals do over the weekend??

Friday, October 14, 2011

Word of Mouth-The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Time for a little Word of Mouth again my friends! It surely does seem that my mouth runs a lot, doesn`t it? This time around we`ll be chatting about the crime drama ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ written by the late Stieg Larsson.

Crime drama`s aren`t my usual genre. I`m more a Para/Rom kind of girl, but every so often I like to take a break from the vampires, werewolves and other assorted sexy type things. After hearing much praise about this book I picked it up one day when I was at my local indie bookstore. Now that I`ve torn through it I am very glad I did.

The story centers around the mystery of Harriet Vanger, a member of one of Sweden`s wealthiest families. Harriet disappeared over forty years ago. After all the those years, Harriet`s aged uncle seeks to finally try to discover exactly what happened to his niece. He hires Mikael Blomkvist, a journalist that has just been convicted in a libel suit, to investigate the now cold case. Mikael is aided by a young woman, Lisbeth Salander, a tattooed, pierced and very troubled computer prodigy. What they discover as they dig deeply into the past and the dark secrets of the Vanger family is truly frightening and mesmerizing.

I won`t go into detail about the mystery so I don`t spoil anything for anyone, but it is a shocker let me just say that. Mister Larsson has crafted a wickedly suspenseful book. It is wonderfully plotted and perfectly paced. It`s sexy, darker than hell, shocking, complex and engrossing. Once you pick it up you cannot put it back down.

The characters are fascinating and very human. They have huge foibles and yet I was drawn to them, especially Lisbeth, although Mikael is quite the investigative reporter. There was something so compelling about Lisbeth and her gritty world that hooked me immediately. The background setting of Sweden was chilling and fascinating and added just the right touch to the mood of this psychodrama. This may be the best crime drama I have ever read. Everything is just so tight I can`t find one bad thing to say about the book.

On my next sojourn to my indie bookstore I plan to grab the next novel ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’ so that I can see what happens next with Mikael and Lisbeth. If you like a book that keeps you up all night, then do pick up this debut novel from Mr. Larsson.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ears, Artists and Fall Fun

Good morning gang! The pots fresh and the sugar bowl and creamer are filled, come on in and have a sit-down!

I hope everyone had a good weekend? Ours here on the hillside farm was busier than usual but it was fun busy, which is quite a bit more fun than work busy. Friday afternoon my buddy from high school dropped in for a visit. It`s so much fun to catch up with Judi and George and spend time strolling down memory lane. Although, there are some memories that I wish my eager-eared child didn`t overhear. Why is it that when you`re calling teenagers to come do some work they can`t hear well, but when someone is telling tales about you when you were sixteen and chasing after that good-looking blond guy up the block, those teen ears pop open wide?

As I was gabbing away with George and Judi Mister and Miss ran over to the high school to cheer on our team for the homecoming game. They won!! Yippee!! Go CV!! Of course the homecoming game means that the semi-formal homecoming dance is the next night. We had done our shopping a few weeks ago and so that freed us up for a jaunt to Elmira Saturday to attend my first ever comic con!

Man howdy, was I excited! My comic man, Jared, had worked his butt off to set it up and it was a huge success! There were artists galore and writers selling their independent comics. Also I got to meet and chat with Khoi Pham, an artist from Marvel comics. He was a delightful man, witty and pleasant and signed one of the comics he had drawn for me. Well, not just for me, there was a long line to meet and greet a famous artist of course. Here is a sample of his work for you non-comic folks. This is actually the cover of the comic that he autographed for me -

I know, right? He is REALLY talented. I would have shown you pictures of Mr. Pham and me as we chatted but I gave my daughter the camera and asked her to snap a few shots. When I was skipping – I mean walking to the car where Mister was waiting (All that comic nerdiness is hard for him to handle at times) I asked her if she got some good shots. She blinked at me. What she was looking at through the viewfinder I cannot say, probably cute comic guy fans, but it was not me or that Marvel artist. Kids. Sheesh. Aside from the lack of pictures it was a great time. Thanks to Jared for giving us fans such a wonderful day!

After we got home from the comic con we got busy with chores and Miss then got herself all loverly for the homecoming dance. She had a good time we were told on the ride home.

I spent Sunday doing the housework I had tossed aside for important things, like comic cons. I got the bed stripped and then commenced to do five loads of wash, run the vacuum, clean the cat box and whittle down more of the edits on my book. I think after I post this I`ll get back to fixing my boo-boos and hopefully by the time Mister gets home today, the first round of corrections should be done! *Crosses fingers, toes and eyes* Damn….it`s hard to type when you`re all crossed up.

So, how was your weekend?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Word of Mouth - Rogue and Pride

Morning gang, have a sit and we`ll pass along some word of mouth! This time around we`ll be chatting about two books both written by Rachel Vincent, ‘Rogue’ and ‘Pride’ which are books two and three in The Shifters series.

I decided to read them back to back and review them both as they flow wonderfully from book two, ‘Rogue’ into book three, ‘Pride’. I am ordering the fourth and fifth books, ‘Prey’ and ‘Shift’ as soon as possible because I literally am beside myself wondering what happens with Faythe Sanders next! You may recall from the previous review I did about ‘Stray’ that Faythe Sanders is one of a very few female werecats in the United States. Tabbies, as the female`s are called, are quite rare and highly cherished members of their pride. They are constantly guarded by their fathers, usually the Alpha of their pride, and other high ranking toms that are called enforcers.

Faythe is a different breed of cat than most tabbies. She is determined to maintain her independence in a society that has yet to step from the fifties in terms of how women are viewed. She left her pride, and the tom she loved Marc, to go to college in the first book. She ended up returning to her father`s ranch in Texas and now works for her father as the first female enforcer. Which means she has a lot to prove to not only her Alpha, but every other tom in the country, but Faythe can handle the job!

In book two, ‘Rogue’, she`s smack dab in the middle of a mystery that has dead strays (non-pride toms) turning up all over her pride`s territory. She comes to find out that one small indiscretion back in her college days will now return to literally bite her on her furry rump. Things begin to really tighten up when she begins to suspect that the dead strays are somehow connected to a rash of missing human women and that all the bodies can possibly be laid at her feet-paws-well, you get the gist!

In book three, ‘Pride’, we find out that not only has the indiscretion that occurred in Faythe`s past reared up and clawed her but she now is on trial for her life. During the trail, which takes place in Montana, Faythe discovers that a rogue stray is terrorizing the mountainside looking for a wild teenage tabby. That they discover this teen tabby unguarded and alone in the Rockies is shocking enough but then they have to try to work out what happened to two missing human hikers before the existence of werecats and their world are exposed. The tension is incredible as Faythe struggles to protect the vulnerable tabby, counteract the scheming territorial counsel that is trying to decide her fate and figure out what this ambitious stray is planning.

Miss Vincent has done a wonderful job with the series so far. Faythe is a sexy, sassy, strong young woman that instantly appeals to the reader. The plots are tighter than a banjo string; the tension builds and builds throughout the two books until you are hurrying to reach the tear-jerker of a conclusion on the last page of ‘Pride.’ I honestly wept when I read that last page. That is how deeply involved I became with Faythe and Marc`s rocky relationship. There are some hot bedroom encounters with Faythe and Marc that satisfied my need for spice very nicely. The sex is hot and honest but doesn`t overtake the storyline in any way, which is how it should be.

What I am enjoying most of all about the Shifter series though is watching Faythe grow up. With each book we witness this brash headstrong young woman mature bit by bit and if there is one thing I LOVE it`s character development. If you`re a fan of the shape-shifting genre please grab this series, you won`t be disappointed.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I`m a Day Late and a Dollar Short

Morning all! Step carefully around the mud and come on in for a fresh cuppa!

I have to wonder where Monday went. Anyone see it? I know it was around here just yesterday but now it`s gone and this entry is late. I had all good intentions of sitting down yesterday to catch y`all up on the weekend happenings but somehow I lost Monday and now it`s Tuesday. Ah well, better late than never as my Granny used to say, right?

Let`s see, what kept us busy? *Sips java and tries to recall* Well first off it rained, which for us here in the highlands of PA, seems to be a daily and ongoing occurrence. Mister was stuck inside for most of the weekend. That`s usually not a good thing since that man being forced to sit and do nothing leads to various and sometimes snippy comments, most from me I admit it. I love the man dearly but a bored husband under foot is….. well…..a bored husband under foot. You ladies can relate I`m sure. Run the vacuum and there he is in the recliner giving you sour looks because he has to put the foot-rest up. Sit down to read and there he is asking you about something he saw on an old Al Pacino flick. (No, I don`t recall the name of that movie where Mr. Pacino was the devil.) Pull out the laptop to write and there he is, asking well meaning questions about what you`re working on and how it`s going and why are you cussing commas and what are all those red marks on the rough draft.

So, to give the poor man something to do we brewed up two huge kettles of stewed tomatoes.

These are for a buddy of Mister`s and are loaded with onions and hot peppers. Old Feral here with her ARD refused to even taste them but they sure did make the house smell good as they were cooking!

We did get a small amount of work done on the back porch. We`re closing it in for the winter in hopes that it will keep the snow and ice from blowing in and also to give us a sheltered place to butcher when it`s time to do that massive Hereford. Unfortunately we could only get a few boards in place due to the steady deluge. The turkeys came over to help and were booted as quickly as they were seen stepping foot on the newly washed flooring.

Honestly, they are worse than kids. One of the hens was caught trying to eat the screws in the drill box. Another was discovered attempting to peck through a trash-bag that had yet to be taken to the shed. I think they`re glowering at Mister in the picture since they would have rather been lounging where it was dry.

Sunday my editor and I had a nice meeting and I now have the first edited version of my rough draft for ‘Of Gods & Goats’ back home! *Breaks into happy goatherder clog dance* She was very impressed with the story and thankfully no major revisions are needed for flow or storyline. I was pretty nervous to be honest when I dropped it off. I know that we`re supposed to have faith in our ability but still, I was anxious about having an independent and highly skilled teacher (Over forty years she has under her belt) going over my book with her fine-toothed comb. It felt like when I was back in high school and turned in a paper that I had worked really hard on, you know that feeling I`m sure. Now I`m staring at a pile of paper with those dreaded red pen marks, showing me where those consabbit commas are supposed to be! Darn commas anyways. It`s a good thing I didn`t pay her by the missed comma or I`d be broke!

But this is part of the process. Once I get things tidied and tightened then it goes back to her for another round of editing then once we both are pleased with it, it will be time to send the book to the publisher. I`m still waiting for the artists that were interested to finish their work and show me their rough sketches for the cover as well but hopefully they should have something completed soon.

So that is why I`m a day late and a dollar short – it`s all the fault of those commas!