Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Last One

Morning all! *Yawns widely* Oops, sorry about that, stayed up WAY too late last night reading. Glory sakes but that Brotherhood is addictive to say the least! Made it to chapter 20 and when I started reading the same line over and over I knew it was time to call it a night. I think I would have gotten further but the birth of this guy set me back a few hours. May I introduce to you all Manny! (Yes, since he was born on the launch date of J.R.`s new book I thought he should be named after the male lead. I`m such a fangirl)

This fella is the last of the new kids we`ll be having, and what a monster he is! Single buck out of my doe Jennifer. He is easily as big as kids that have been here for a week already! Poor Jenny, that poor goat is walking with a very slow gait this morning, but aside from her tender stepping she and Manny are doing wonderfully! Since Jenny had one buck kid I came dead last in our goat pool. Mister and Miss Yodeling tied so they`ve got to haggle over where we go to eat. Long as I don`t have to cook I`m up for anywhere!

So my kid totals are 8 bucks and 4 does. A definate buck year but heck who really cares. We hug and smooch them all equally! Now I`m debating between dusting or reading more of the Brotherhood. Which do you think will win out??

Dang, you guys know me FAR too well!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Double Squee Tuesday!

Howdy gang! Oh me and oh my look what Feral has gotten her hands on would ya?!

Be still my heart! The newest novel from my idol J.R. Ward and three tickets to see Lynyrd Skynyrd AND ZZ Top! What a glorious sunny day this is! The concert is on May 20th and boy am I stoked. I can`t wait to hear Freebird live. Shouldn`t everyone just once in thier lifetime? And as for the book....well let`s just say that if no-one sees hide nor hair of me for a week (Okay, it`ll be read in less than a week I would almost guarantee it) don`t fret. I`ll simply be here, nose glued to each steamy page.

Do y`all hear that?? I think Manny & Payne are calling to me from that there novel. I had best heed thier call lest they think I do not love the Brotherhood! *Shuffles off to sunny spot with new spicy book and fresh cuppa*

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What The Weekend Brought Us

Discovery of the Hole-In-The-Wall-Gang-

Times two-

A new buck and doe (John & Marilyn-Marilyn is lighter brown)

Two more kids, both does named Rose & Sparrow-

Birthday gifts for Mister--*Sigh*

Ahem, yes...birthday gifts for Mister Yodeling-

Hugs for new goat kids-

An application for AARP for yours truly (50 is less than 2 weeks away)

An incubator filled with goose and duck egss-

And last but not least more goat hugs-

What did the weekend bring you my friends?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Birthday Wishes!

Happy, happy birthday wishes go to Mister Yodeling today! 44 years young and still as handsome and contrary as the day I met him.

Love ya honey!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


There`s been a kidnapping!!!!

Ole Man Winter (That nefarious sneaky sod) has kidnapped Lady Spring!

Someone call the Mounties or Scotland Yard or Fox Mulder! Or perhaps Robert Downey Jr. in his Sherlock Holmes attire. *Drifts off with dreamy eyes*

I seriously have to wonder why we awoke to this today. I mean, really?? It was all gone….all the old snow was gone…..and now this!? Egad, what a sight huh?

The geese were most displeased.

The ducks did some belly sledding.

Trinty helping do chores.She looks pretty happy about the snow!

I`m guessing there`s about 8 inches. And of course Mister just took the snow plow off the four-wheeler. Ah well, what are you going to do beside sit inside, sip coffee, read romance novels and maybe play video games with the kids?

Miss Yodeling has a snow day which is always fun, although I have to wonder if these kids will be in school until July with all the snow days!

Anydoodles, beside the crime committed here by Ole Man Winter (That dirty dog) we did have another set of twins yesterday. Two more bucklings to add to the testosterone fest down in the barn! So far I have 7 kids and 6 are bucks. We have yet to name them but both are doing well and mom Farrah is very pleased with her boys.

Here`s the trips doing an early morning sleep in not unlike my daughter. Snow days apply to goat kids too I wager.

My chore helper Trinity doing what she does best, helping. Of course her helping does tend to make my fingers chilly but hey, if it makes her happy right?

So if anyone has any tips about this horrid crime please notify your local police, or let me know. I`ll be investigating and shall not rest until Lady Spring is returned! Come along Horse there is evil afoot!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Phew! Busy Monday!

Good morning gang, pull out a chair and we`ll have us a good catch up!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was a pretty nice, the weather has been up and down but that`s March I suppose. One day you`re out cavorting in a t-shirt and the next you`re back in your winter coat! At least Lady Spring is working her way around Ole Man Winter and for that I commend her!

I had all good intentions of whipping up a blog entry yesterday. You know what they say about that road to a certain place and good intentions! Yesterday was packed right full of running. First Miss Yodeling had a doctor’s appointment (Nothing serious just getting boosters) at 8:30. After that I had to take her to school and stop and grab some Diet Pepsi. Next to coffee, the Black Dagger Brotherhood and comics Diet Pepsi is a necessity for Feral. No sooner had I returned, let the dogs out to do their doggy duties and ran a fast check on the does then my mother-in-law arrived with her dog and one cat in tow. She had appointments for both and can`t handle Patches and the cat carrier. Into her car went I and to the vets we rode!

Now by this time noon had come and gone. We got back to the hillside farm and I see Mister`s car parked beside my truck. Curious I thought. Found out that something had broken down at the foundry and the men had been sent home. He didn`t seem very upset about it I have to say. Seems whatever broke is still broke because he got the call last night that they wouldn’t be working today either. As I type he`s down at our neighbors helping make maple syrup. So, since hubby was home little writing got done yesterday, which is par the course. I can`t concentrate well to write when my darling groom is here. Is it just me or do they seem to wait until you`re doing something and then decide they want to talk??

Then at the 7 PM goat barn check we discovered my doe Fran was giving birth to her third kid. Third! Yup she gave us triplets! This is my first set of live triplets and was I excited! She gave us 2 bucks and a doe which we named Hawke, Carver and Bethany. Bethany is the black kid!

I told Franny that she would have her hooves full with 3 to attend to. Mother and kids are doing wonderfully I`m happy to report. Apparently my ligament check of four days ago was off the mark. I`ll chalk it up to being tired. Now I think my other girl Felicia is getting very close so perhaps she`ll go today….or perhaps not. These ladies do like to keep their attendants hopping!

Speaking of which, I had best tug my Muck boots back on and trundle down to see what I can see. Oh! Before I gad off to the maternity ward I`d like to give a yodel of welcome to Rox!

So what did y`all do over the weekend??

Friday, March 18, 2011

First Set of 2011 Twins

Morning all! I`m pleased to say that yesterday our first set of kids arrived. These handsome lads are from my doe Elizabeth and my junior buck Auron. Mom is doing fine, dad was noncommital. Miss Yodeling named them Altair and Ezio-Ezio is the brown fellow.

I think things may be hopping for the next few days, last night I checked ligaments on the remaining five does to kid and couldn`t find them. So we may be running around like headless chickens, time will tell. Could be I was too tired to do the checks properly. Stranger things have happened!

Verde Farms

Since it is again Friday we`re going to toss in our goatherding hat and join Verde Farm`s Friday Farm Friend blog hop!

Have a wonderful weekend gang!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

World`s Largest Leprechaun


It was with a very unceremonious dump from his sleeping place that C.B. the cow barn rooster was awoken on a chilly March morning. He took a moment to clear the sleep from his eyes and glanced around the barn. Using a wing to rub at his sleepy peepers he stared out into the pasture. Morning was just beginning to tint the sky with soft shades of pink and blue and purple. He yawned widely, covering his beak with his wing then padded softly to the doorway, taking care not to disturb his lovely hens as they snoozed in the rafters. It was hard but he kept his crow in his manly chest.

His yellow feet were already feeling the loss of a warm bovine under them. Also, the rooster noted with distaste, he had stepped right into a very cold cow patty! Where and perhaps more importantly, WHY had his toasty warm cow bed moved he wondered as he scanned the muddy pasture? As he rubbed his foot in the clean bedding he searched and searched. Finally he located the Hereford standing beside his tub of water, staring at his reflection.

“Good morning Sir Patrick of Moo!” the bantam rooster crowed. An upset wife clucked down at him and he dropped his finely feathered head quickly in shame.”And may I add happy birthday!” the rooster whispered and carefully made his way to his enormous friend and barn-mate.

“Good morning,” the red and white beefer lowed, never taking his big brown eyes from the water tub.”And thank you kindly,” the cow added and continued to stare.

C.B. stepped closer to a hoof the size of his entire body and peeked delicately into the clean water. He could see nothing beside a dead leaf that the blustery March wind had dropped into the drinking container.

“You`re more than welcome,” the rooster replied then took a very small drink to clear his throat.

Another crow threatened but he tamped it down lest his ladies wake up grumpy. A man did not wish to have thirteen wives all grumpy simultaneously! And heaven forbid the two that were setting eggs in the wall were to be awoken before noon! Surely the life of a rooster was plagued with difficulty he sighed.

As he tipped his head back to swallow he saw that the Hereford had somehow managed to get a wad of hay stuck to his head. C.B. tipped his head this way and that. The sun had yet to climb high enough to afford perfect vision but despite that he could plainly see something on the cows head!

Perhaps he should point it out the rooster wondered. It would look most foolish for a cow to parade around with a glob of hay attached to his head all day! The geese would certainly point it out. Geese were notorious for making much ado about nothing!

“Excuse me good Sir Patrick of Moo but you have a little something,” the rooster said and motioned to his own head with his wing.

“I know,” the cow replied slowly still entranced with his own image in the water tub.

“Ah,” C.B. said in reply, greatly puzzled but trying to remain courteous.”Are you perhaps adorning yourself because today is your birthday?”

“No,” Patty said torpidly,” This is my leprechaun hat.”

“I see,” the rooster said but he didn`t see at all to be frank!

“I`m waiting for the pot of gold to appear so that I can guard it,” the Hereford added.

Well that certainly cleared things up C.B. thought sarcastically but held his tongue. One did not poke fun at a beast that weighed close to a ton! Especially when one weighed merely a pound or two!

“So you fancy yourself a leprechaun then?” C.B. inquired with as much tact as he could. That massive head nodded very carefully the rooster saw.

“I was born on this day two years ago. The human said that I was a leprechaun last night when he grained me. If that is the case,” the cow said with an unhurried cadence,” Then there should be a pot of gold around here for me to guard.”

“I`m not sure how these things work,” C.B. muttered with respect for his landlord,” But would gold appear in a water trough? Perhaps we should look about the pasture?”

After a moment or two of long speculation Sir Patrick of Moo raised his gigantic head.

“Yes, I think you may be correct. Do you know what a pot of gold looks like?”

“Hmmm,” C.B. pondered and stroked his beak with his left wing thoughtfully.” I should think it would be very golden and glittery. Mayhap if we stroll about we will see the first rays of the sun glinting off of the gold?”

“Yes, that seems right,” the beefer said.”Would you care to ride along and aid me in my quest?”

“I would be delighted good sir!” C.B. said with flourish and flapped his way up to the mammoth creature’s vast back.

He sighed when his small feet felt that warm red fur beneath them. Patrick began to meander then, slowly plodding along the fence. The mud sucked at his giant feet with each step and water trickled down to fill each titanic hoof print. As the twosome made their rounds of the large pasture C.B. began to sing a children`s song he had heard the young miss singing many years ago. It sounded like that ‘Little Teapot’ song tune in rhythm.

“I`m a little leprechaun
Dressed in Green
The tiniest man
That you have ever seen
If you ever catch me, so it`s told
I`ll give you my big pot of gold!”

“That was very nice,” Patrick said over his swaying shoulder.

“Thank you,” the bantam rooster said and bowed most theatrically upon the cows back.

“I think I should like to sing it as well,” Sir Patrick said and began to moo loudly.

Soon the duo was singing in perfect chicken/bovine harmony as they walked. Suddenly and without warning the cow bolted down the hill. C.B. dug his claws into that cowhide tightly! He squawked loudly as he held on dearly for much longer than the required eight seconds. Wings flapping he battled to keep his perch as the Hereford lumbered strongly to where the fence made a small corner. When Sir Patrick hit the brakes C.B. was flung forward roughly. He nearly rolled over the white and red face of his cow-car and had to spit some hay from his beak before he could speak.

“What in the name of Foghorn Leghorn has come over you my good man?!” the rooster clucked with displeasure.

“I have found my pot of gold!” Patrick replied with glee.

“You have?” C.B. inquired while trying to get his saddle feathers neatly rearranged.

“I have! Look my friend!” the cow exclaimed with a very pleased moo, his long tail nearly flinging the tiny chicken from his back so happy was he. The rooster thought to peck that whipping tail but decided against being so discourteous.

C.B. stepped carefully along Sir Patrick`s spine and peered with reservation over the hay hat. There in the dead grass from last summer, along the bottom of the fence, lay a pile of glistening wet rocks. Some were large and some were small. Some were gray and some were white. Each had gold flecks in them and the cresting sun DID make them sparkle like bouillon the rooster admitted to himself. But the small heap was not gold. It was merely a pile of rocks and pebbles the humans had made when they had put new fence posts in last year.

“I am a very grand leprechaun am I not Sir C.B.?” Patrick asked with pride.”Now I can guard this gold daily and ensure it remains hidden!”

C.B. opened his beak to tell his friend and barn-mate that what he found was not gold at all, merely some old rocks with streaks. But once he heard the pleasure in the Hereford`s voice he found he could not take away his friends gratification by ruining his delight.

“Why yes indeed you did find a pot of gold! You are truly a grand and wondrous leprechaun!” C.B. said with great warmth. Sir Patrick nodded with honor at the kind words.”Why don`t we have another round of song to celebrate your discovery?”

“I`m a little leprechaun
Dressed in green
The tiniest man
That you have ever seen
If you ever catch me, so it`s told
I`ll give you my big pot of gold!”


Happy St. Patrick`s Day!


Monday, March 14, 2011


It appears that I forgot to check Mister`s pockets before doing the wash today. I don`t think even a Timex could take this kind of licking and keep on ticking.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rainy Days, Roast Beef and Preparations

Happy Friday all, come on in and have a sit-down.

Things here on the hillside farm sure have been damp! Yesterday it poured like nobody`s business. We are now watered up to our goatherding keisters but the ducks and geese are enjoying the rivers in the yard! Since it was such an ugly day yesterday I figured it was time to get my pre-kidding prep done.

Towels washed, dried and folded. Check. Kidding box tidied and fresh supplies placed inside. Check. New bottle of iodine for new belly buttons. Check.

Goat kid family pool. Check.

Does ready and willing and quite preggers. Check sort of.

As of today they`re all standing about looking at me and Mister looking at them. Oh but I know the games they play all too well! I know when I least expect it-KABLAM! Kids will be hitting the ground faster than you can say 'I was just down here ten minutes ago and only left to pee!'They are wily. Don`t let thier innocent looks fool you.

Last night was Miss Yodeling`s FFA banquet and award ceremony, so we creeped and crawled to CVHS in the deluge. The food was delicious and we shared a table with some family friends and thier daughter, who happens to be one of Miss Yodeling`s best buds.

So many blue jackets! Fills my old farming heart to see so many young people taking an interest in agriculture so it does. Miss got a nice certificate for saying the FFA Creed and public speaking.

And not to be outdone by the FFA feast and fun or the rain I am pleased to say my waterfowl ladies hit 100% production this morning! 3 ducks + 2 geese =5 fresh eggs!Way to go my web-footed lovelies!

Oh! And one more small tibbet before I go fold my wash. Yesterday Mister found his tape. You all remember the tape don`t you? The one that was yellow and called 'Crow Revelry'? The one he and I spent two hours ripping and tearing for just a week or two ago? That tape? Yup, he done found it yesterday morning. You`ll never guess where. Nope, although I did want to put the missing tape there during the mad game of search and no locate. The exalted and holy yellow 'Crow Revelry' tape was lying on the living room shelf under a pile of his hats. Uh-huh. The same hats I vaguely recall asking him to place back on the dryer weeks ago. Oh the look of sheepish male guilt that crept across his face when he discovered that tape.

Not that I am the type of wife who would EVER say I told you so snookums.


Verde Farms

Once more, since it is so danged much fun, we yodeling goatherders are joining Verde Farms in thier Friday Farm Friends blog hop! It`s a real hoot and much easier to do than clog dancing whilst yodeling!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Liners-3/9

'Which way did he go? Which way did he go?' * In Looney Tunes type voice*

As always everyone is encouraged to play along, just add your one-liner in with the comments!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow, Glorious Snow!!

Might as well sing about it huh? Mornin` all! Take a gander at what we got yesterday and last night-

This is as far as the front door would open-

Hmmmm, a wishing well. Wonder what Feral is wishing for-

There`s a car there somewhere-

I did get up to get the birds done this morning. You should have seen the looks the geese gave me when I pushed thier door open and they spied the 15-18 inches of new snow! We have a snow day today so looks like Miss and I will be doing some shoveling. Plowing with the 4-wheeler is a no-go so when Mister gets home he`ll have to get the Kubota out! This lovely stuff started out as rain yesterday. I suppose we should be thankful it wasn`t all snow or we`d be up to our keisters! Heck it was over my knees as it is but then again we Hobbits are rather low to the ground.

And to think I thought I saw my first robin yesterday. Good luck finding a worm my fine-feathered friend!

I`d like to give a yodel of welcome to Wife of a Dairyman! Thanks for stopping in for a visit!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bowl-A-Rama B-Day Party

Morning everyone! Have a seat and a fresh cup and we`ll catch up some.

Well hopefully we can catch up! The past two days Blogger has been a real pain in my rump, not loading up other folks blogs and various assorted other annoying habits. So I`m crossing my fingers that after I update I can read all my buddies newest posts!

Okay, onward to the bowling party we had for Miss Yodeling and-Oh! Just a fast diversion since I wanted to share what I found this morning when I did the ducks.

Yup, it`s my first duck egg of the season!

Alright, now that the earth-shattering excitement of a duck egg has now passed we`ll move onto the party! It was raining lightly yesterday afternoon when we arrived at the bowling alley. Miss is very proud of her new FFA jacket and wears it everywhere even in Hornet country!

Mister and Miss

Aunts, Uncles and Grandma

Aunt Tina and Miss gearing up to knock the pins down

Cousin Shane showing his form while Miss uses the force to will the pins to fall

And speaking of form! I look like a penguin from the rear which explains why my score stays so low. Hard to bowl with flippers as opposed to fingers.

One last picture of the birthday girl

We had a really good time despite the fact that I never once broke 50 and that I have the sound of Burgess Meredith`s cackling penguin laugh now stuck in my head!

A big yodel of welcome to Sheeps & Peeps Farm, Leontien and Wefroggy! Welcome to the hillside farm!

Friday, March 4, 2011

One Liners-3/4

'You look even funnier sideways Madame Goatherder!'

As always everyone is encouraged to play along. Simply place your one-liner for the above picture in with your comments!

Once more we`re joining Verde Farms 'Farm Friend Friday'blog hop this Friday!

Verde Farms

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birthday Wishes and Love

My Teenage Daughter


When you were little
perhaps two or three
dressed in your crown
of ‘joie de vie”

You’d chat for hours
about all that you’d do
life was your stage
awaiting its cue

Off you would run
wind in your hair
seeking adventure
and those who would dare

Follow your lead
in search of the stars
conquer your quest
of never too far

Now a young teen
your passion remains
to discover adventure
touch and attain

Yet the world is much bigger
with many a foe
so be safe in your travels
wherever you go

Take my love with you
pocket your pride
and I will continue
to pray Gods by your side..

Poem written by Anne.

Happy 15th Birthday my child. We love you more than life itself.

Mom & Dad