Thursday, September 30, 2010

Arks & Taxi`s

Hey there gang! *Waves with hammer in hand*Don`t mind me, I`m just building an ark up here on the hillside.

Honestly it has rained SO much over the past four days I`m beginning to contemplate gathering up my critters in sets of two! The only ones who seem to enjoy the deluges are the ducks and geese. The cats are grumpy and the dogs can barely take time to attend to doggie business before they`re back at the door.

The past few days have been crazy hectic, which is kind of unusual. Usually I have time in the morning for housecleaning *Breaks into rounds of giggles* Okay I spend my mornings writing. We all knew that right? Today though is the first time I`ve had to sit down with a cup of my beloved brew to pen anything!

Monday my mother-in-law and I rode up to Robert Packer hospital in Sayre so she could have some tests done for carpal tunnel. They were pretty lengthy tests that took well over two hours. I did bring a book and also happened to find the hospitals café which made some delicious latte! Then I just got home, let the dogs out and had to run Miss Yodeling to the optometrist. During all this running it rained steadily.

Tuesday I was once more on the road. We had a blood mobile at our local Masonic Hall, so I spent some time there giving some A positive. Again, it rained off and on all day.

Wednesday my dad was scheduled to have a colonoscopy. Sadly they discovered some cancer so now he also has some surgery to face just as my mother-in-law does for her carpal tunnel. After taking him back home from the same-day surgery I returned home, let the dogs out and then took Miss Yodeling back to the optometrists to pick up her new contacts. It was not raining yesterday as far as I can recall.

I did get Mister to pick up Ironman 2 amid all the driving and hustling, so guess what I`ve been watching! Only a couple times though so far, which for me ain`t too darn bad! Now today it has been pouring all day so far. Lucius made one mad dash out just a bit ago, froze in place then streaked back inside with a scowl. I told him it wasn`t fit for man nor feline outside!

Honestly if I knew what a cubit was I would be sawing as we speak!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cleanliness is next to goatliness

Hi everyone! Hope your weekend was a lovely and productive one!

We kicked off our Sunday with our annual fall goatbarn clean-up. We like to go down to the dirt twice a year-spring and fall-for the ladies, and since archery season opens here in PA next weekend, this weekend was the deadline so I was informed. So come 8 AM we had the Kubota hooked to the manure spreader and were off and forking!

Before we can get to the interior we have to eliminate the large manure pile that bars the path to the door.

First load goes on the corn patch!

The white hats.

After a few hours we had achieved this!

Now we could get inside and lo and behold more forking!

Now with so much forking going on it`s only a matter of time until someone gets a tine in the bottom. This time it was Mister`s bottom and my tine. *Giggles behind hand* I only made a small hole in his pants and no blood was lost.

Finally the last load is in the spreader and we`re on our way to the fields to fertilize. This is from the Kubota as we made that long anticipated last trip. Some nice colors beginning on the trees!

After dinner (Scalloped potatos with ham and apple pie ) it`s now time to call it a night. Methinks I`ll visit some of my bloggin` buddies then take a long, long bubble bath.

Have a good night gang!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I have a question.....

One that has been plaguing me for quite some time now. Since I`m up to my elbows in wash today....

....this query has yet again come to the front of my mind. It has even nudged aside my thoughts on other things such as-Is the coffee ready? Why do my roosters seem to never sleep? Can I talk Mister Yodeling into stopping at Wal-Mart on Tuesday to pick up Ironman 2 on DVD?

My question is this-

How is it possible for one teen-age girl to wear twice as many clothes as her two parents combined?

Does anyone know how this is achieved?? Do they wear two sets of clothes, one on top of the other? Are they actually twins and someone at the hospital forgot to inform me? Is she taking in wash on the side and forgetting to cut me my half? Did she finally discover how to clone herself? And if she has a clone why isn`t this clone doing her laundry?

If anyone has a rational explanation for this please do let me know. I`ll just be over at the washer sipping a cup of coffee and pondering deeply.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The culprit is found!!!

Brrrr! Come on in and warm up!

I`ll be right back, my after-lunch cup of coffee is calling. *Trots off then returns with steaming mug*Ahhh, that is SO much better. Chatting and coffee always go hand in hand don`t they? The past two days here on the hillside farm have been very chilly. Rain and gray skies that hold that tint of fall.

I do enjoy cooler weather as opposed to the stifling heat of late summer. Being as the weather has been so cold and dismal I decided I would begin gathering up some of my yard goodies today. Too cold to dust or any other such thing! Yes I know I have said that it is also too hot or too sunny or too Monday to clean as well. Hey any excuse is good enough for me!

So off I went after doing some story whittling with my trusty camera, yellow cat and black lab. Seems they`re all like American Express and I don`t leave home without them!

Over the past few weeks a mystery has been brewing in my rock bed. (Since the bed sits over our sewer tanks bark and real flowers are out so we filled the bed with red garden stones. Digging up dirt when the man comes to clean the tanks would be kind of silly we thought.)

Someone has been playing havoc with what was once a very pretty pot of artificial flowers. When the destruction first began I assumed it was the geese, since it had their bill prints all over it. Posies torn from the stems and cast willy-nilly around the yard sounds like goose work to me! I could never catch them in the act though so I couldn`t really blame them.

Also to add to the fake-flower mystery the dirt in the pot had been dug in. Now that handiwork couldn`t be placed on the geese no matter how hard Mister tried. They may be pluckers but they aren`t diggers! Well a small chunk of the puzzle came together when my sister-in-law and her hubby stopped over a few weeks ago. As she and I were standing out front chatting a certain yellow kitten that shall remain nameless trotted by, leaped into the flower pot and then did his business. *Frowns*

I then proceeded to tell this certain yellow kitten that my flower pot was not a litter box. I don`t think he listened since his muddy little feet when he comes in tells the truth about his outdoor potty use quite clearly.

Okay, so that solved the upturned dirt in the pot. What about the flowers being pulled off and carried over my yard?? Well today as I was about to start toting my chickens (Fake chickens that is since real ones wouldn`t fare too well in a tote all winter long ) and other things inside to wash them off the culprit appeared! And it was no goose. Again this certain yellow kitten arrived, gave the remaining flowers a quick sniff then tugged one from its stem and took off like the devil himself were hot on his long striped tail!

I did get some shots of the crime before it commenced and then I had to run after the little booger trying to get my flower back. I did recover the poor flower but then decided to just toss it and buy some new ones next year. Also, as you can tell from this entry, the fall clean-up got a wee bit sidetracked.

Ah well, at least THAT mystery is solved. Now if I can only solve the mystery of where my gumption went!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Liners-9/21

Cinderella-'Well what in tarnation happened to my carriage and that valet?!?!'

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hunger Games & Scavenger Hunts

Hello there gang! Come on in and have a sit down.

Yesterday was a beautiful September day here in the Laurel Highlands! Bright sun and mid seventies-a perfect day for a scavenger hunt I agree! And that`s just what Miss Yodeling and I did all afternoon. This event was sponsored by our local bookstore and my favorite bookworm Casey who owns the shop.

For anyone who hasn`t read ‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins I highly recommend it. It`s the first in a trilogy of novels (The second I picked up before the hunt began because I CANNOT leave that store empty-handed!) After signing in and paying our modest two dollar fee my side-kick in scavenging and I set out to find the long list of items required.

String and acorns, different kinds of leaves, an old bottle or can, feathers from birds and wildflowers! We began in our town square which is called The Green.

Also all who participated were required to go to a long list of our local shops and get cards from the merchants. The cards related to things one would have read about in The Hunger Games.

For some added fun and points we had to enter a lovely gift shop on a very busy Saturday afternoon and sing ‘Yankee Doodle’. Only after the highly entertained owner heard our rendition did she sign our sheet. Thankfully I am not an overly shy person but Miss Yodeling was rather reluctant to vocalize! *Giggles at child`s embarrassment*

We spent a good two hours combing our lovely hometown for items and cards and we had a wonderful time doing it! After we complied all we could we returned to the book store and handed in our treasures and sheet. There were prizes for those who did the best and got the most items but the tally wasn`t until the end of the games, which was too late for us to hang around for. Evening chores awaited us so we still don`t know if or what we won but in all honesty it doesn`t matter. A fine fall day spent outdoors and singing ‘Yankee Doodle’ was more than enough fun for me!

And that rosy tint on my kids cheeks during the singing was the icing on the Hunger Games cake!

Friday, September 17, 2010


I`m either very rich or very confused…..more than likely confused although rich would be nice!

How is everyone?? Hope life has been treating you well! Mister has had the past few days off due to yet more down days at the foundry which explains why I`ve been MIA for a few days. So yeah he has the joy of calling unemployment sometime today. That`s almost as much fun as calling your health insurance company with questions about payments rendered.

Anydoodles onto the reason I`m confused or possibly rich! Yesterday after Mister came back from helping get our neighbor`s cattle loaded we decided to fill up the bucks hay feeder. When we got closer to the home-made feeder (We like to call ourselves frugal or mechanically inventive) we made a rather startling discovery.

Now as far as I knew boy goats don`t lay eggs. If this is an error in my knowledge someone please speak up now so I can readjust my obviously flawed thinking. If boy goats do indeed lay eggs then I may just have become a very wealthy woman!!! If it comes to light that boy goats don`t lay eggs then I`m really confused….or more confused then I generally am.

Either way the sight of this nice nest of boy-goat eggs was quite entertaining if not confounding!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Once he was a plump caterpillar.....

And now he is a butterfly! Hi all! Since Absolum decided to emerge yesterday I just had to share some pictures! Here he is just a few minutes after breaking free. Notice how the chrysalis changed from green to clear.

We allowed him some time to dry his wings off. During that time he would turn his body this way and that as he hung from the dried milkweed leaf he had attached to. Within a couple of hours he was fully dried and trying to escape the jar. Miss Yodeling carried him outside on her finger and placed him on one of my peony bushes.(I knew I hadn`t cut them back for a reason!)

When next we checked on him he was gone. We wish you well Absolum on the long journey you`re making to Mexico!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Cold Weather Quintet Warms Up

Hi there! Pull out a chair and sit for a spell over a cup of brew!

Fall has sure blown into and over our little goatherding farm over the past few days. Seems like one day I have the windows open and fans blowing then the next I`m sitting here typing and shivering. I suppose I could be doing housework to warm up but I`d much rather shoot the bull with you guys! Dusting is SO over-rated.

Since I broached the topic of fall I might as well relay this tale of what has been happening lately at bedtime. I promise it won`t be a naughty tale (Darn it I know) but it does deal with naughty creatures so maybe we`ll just say it`s half naughty! The other night was when the midnight musicians had their first performance.

I had climbed into bed after booting a beagle and a yellow lab. They muttered but left the bed then I slipped in behind Mister. Oooo he was nice and warm from being all bundled up! It was rather chilly and after a curt discussion about my leaving the bedroom window open (I won by default since neither one of us wanted to get up and the dogs don`t have thumbs to close the window) I snuggled down into my pillow as visions of storylines danced in my head.

I tend to lie awake for sometime while plotlines and dialog for stories runs pell and mell from one side of my brain to another. This night though I was plumb tuckered out from hauling wood so I was soon drifting off. That`s when the night musicians began tuning up.

First thing that roused me was the ‘Jingle-Jingle-Shake head-Jingle-Jingle-Shake head’ of a dog having a really good ear scratch. Apparently Poe was trying to dig her brain out because that went on forever.

Then the next artist arrived as I worked to block out the brain scratching. Tinker had boinged back up on the bed, laid down tight to my lower back and began chewing on his foot. Now I had ‘Jingle-Jingle-Shake head-Slurp-Slurp-Slurp-Jingle-Jingle-Shake head-Slurp-slurp-Slurp’ ringing in my ears. Mister of course was sleeping like a log while I stared at the ceiling.

Then Trinity arrived. Must be Poe was digging for her cerebellum and was blocking the way to Trinity`s puppy hole beside my side of the bed. (A puppy hole is the one foot of space between the humans storage boxes filled with comics and the bed. This is where a dog slept when they were a puppy and still must wriggle their large black bottom into nightly.) Not being able to reach ones puppy hole makes one sad. The sad pup then begins to whine plaintively. Meanwhile the concerto of brain scratching and foot chewing continues but we have a new addition.

‘Jingle-Jingle-Shake Head-Slurp-Slurp-Slurp-Boo-Hoo-Boo-Hoo.”

Just as I`m about to sit up and yell for quiet the feline contingency arrives. Now you may ask how did I know the cat`s were in the room since they are creatures of stealth. I knew because one of them was under the bed using their claws to make ‘Rip-Rip-Rip-‘sounds on the side of the new mattress while the smaller one was just discovering the fantastic game of ‘Catch-the-toes-under-the-blanket’ and purring like a lunatic. Ah the orchestra of sleep deprivation was now complete and what a musical they presented!

‘Jingle-Jingle-Shake Head-Slurp-Slurp-Slurp-Boo Hoo Hoo-Rip-Rip-Rip-Purr-Purr-Purr-Ouch!’

The ouch was mine when the smallest member of the quintet`s teeth and claws went through the blanket and into my big toe. I`m the back-up singer must be. *Sighs*

The Cold Weather Quintet will be going on tour soon and I`ll be taking advance ticket orders! Call now!!!

We`re joining in the Saturday Pet Blog Hop this week! It`s a wonderful way to find new blogs and make new friends, and it`s quite easy to do! Simply add your link in the McLinky tool and copy and paste the code into your HTML editor.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

From Feral`s Back Porch

I tell ya I just love this age of computer technology! It allows me to share images with y`all within minutes of the picture snapping! Not half an hour ago I was helping Lu-Lu post her newest entry on her and Lucius` blog and heard the chickens carrying on. I paid it no mind since Lucius is outside skulking about. The upset clucking didn`t stop though and I moseyed to the window to peek in case Lucius was being TOO much of a pest, and this is what I saw.

She had been calmly nibbling on the grass and just as I snapped this one shot from my back porch the dogs saw her. Needless to say she ran back into the statewoods. I`m wondering now if Lucius is hiding under my truck wondering if he just saw the worlds biggest chicken!

Now I really have to get back to the housework....or do I???

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The last hurrah of summer

Salutations gang! Have a sit down while I jog off and grab a fresh pot!

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. It hardly seems possible. Didn`t we just have a Memorial Day weekend?? Where the heck does the time go? Anydoodles my ruminations on possible time/space continuums aside our long weekend was busy, busy, and busier!

We started out hauling wood and over the course of three days got eight loads split, hauled and stacked. My lower lumbar is reminding me that I`m not quite as young as I used to be! There used to be a time I could go all day and not flinch. Now my old.... I mean classic body flinches when I even THINK about what I used to do back in the day!

We also did some garden work. Our pumpkin patch is drying down and for the life of us we can`t figure out what to do with so many already ripe pumpkins!

If we bring them home our geese and chickens will have them gutted before you can say ‘Pumpkin Innerds’! But if we leave them in the patch whoever decorated this one may come back for more. (Yup that’s a bear’s claw mark)

So we opted to leave most of them for now. Mayhap the bear might not come back but we know full well the poultry will be sniffing around. Well, if poultry sniffed that is.

We did grab a few to give to our family for decoration.

Call him Pumpkin-Head!

And some of our Indian corn too! Isn`t that just the prettiest colored corn you ever saw?!

After chores we headed up to my sister-in-laws for a cookout and get-together. She has one of the most lovely landscaped yards I`ve ever seen, so I thought you may enjoy a peek yourself. Gert sure has a green thumb!

Actually her name isn`t Gert it`s Roxanne. On my hubby`s side we have a Roxie that’s called Gert, a Deanna that’s called Berf and a Jeff that`s called Elmer. Mister and his one sister missed the nicknames it seems.

Although sometimes I have a few names for Mister and it ain`t Pumpkin-Head. *Smiles wickedly*

Monday, September 6, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

One Liners-9/3

'Hey! Move your big red ear would` ya?!'

Anyone who wants to share a one-liner please do so! Just stick your witticism in with your comments!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Butterflies and old friends

Howdy! Come on in and I`ll pour some java juice over some ice cubes for everyone!

It has been hotter than Hades here in Pennsylvania the past few days! Even Lucius has decided to linger in the AC of late as opposed to tormenting chickens. This old girl is more than ready for fall to arrive.

Yesterday was a wonderful day for this yodeling goatherder and I wanted to share with my blogging buddies about it! Since the header starts with butterflies I figure we`ll go there first. Yesterday Absolem made his chrysalis. Sadly I missed it. I never seem to be peeking at them when they transform into this lovely green shell with a ring of gold.

When he pops out I`ll post the pictures. Hopefully he does emerge. We had a monarch one year that never did come out of his chrysalis for some reason or another. Keep your fingers crossed!

Aside from caterpillar antics I spent the best part of the day with one of my dearest friends from high school. She and I have kept in touch via birthday cards, letters and of course Facebook but yesterday was the first time we`ve seen each other in close to thirty years.

Mutt and Jeff of the class of `79 right!? Go Panthers!! We call ourselves that so no worries if you thought it.

Ah the fun we had sitting at my kitchen table reliving those glory days as BRUCE! would say. (You have to say Mr. Springsteen`s name like that-BRUCE! I think it`s even a law in New Jersey.)

We reminisced about so many things….

Like the fact that Miss J. had a certain class for first period and I had the same class for last period. She would attend her first period class and then mysteriously appear in my last period class as well. See there were these twin fellows that she and I were just wild dreamy about and one of the twins (Can`t recall which one because they both looked the same but he was dreamy rest assured) was in my sixth period class. She would even take the same tests twice just so she could sneak peeks at Mr. Teen Heartthrob! Why on earth the teacher allowed this to occur I don`t have one cold clue but he did!

Then we waxed a good long while about the rock concert we went to over the summer. It was held in this HUGE open arena and the line-up was to die for! Steve Miller and Peter Frampton and Yes! We used to worship Yes….still do actually. Anydoodles she and I and a couple other girlfriends went to this all day event. It was baking hot and water tankers were there spraying people to cool them off. We couldn`t recall which band it was but one of them displeased the crowd for some reason.

Personally I can`t imagine any of that stellar line-up displeasing anyone, but what the heck do I know? This food fight broke out and she tells me she can still see me, sitting on our blanket among this throng of thousands with a milk crate over my head. Seemed practical at the time! Who wants half-eaten burgers and fries smeared with ketchup in their hair?? I was hoping Peter Frampton would pick me from the crowd or something I suppose. Ah the dreams of youth.

It was a glorious day spent with my dear friend and then we went to dinner. She was very tickled to finally meet Mister and Miss Yodeling and I was very happy to meet her friend of many, many years. He is a very outgoing and fun loving man which to be with Miss J. he would have to be! I really hated to see her leave but their trip across Route 6 was waiting. I bet she was cranking up the Yes and Genesis as they drove off. I know I`ve been in the land of classic rock since I hugged her goodbye!

Still waiting for Frampton to show up though…….maybe he`s scared of goats????