Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Liners-6/30

'Just waitin` for a pork chop to fall to the floor.'

Monday, June 28, 2010

It`s ready! It`s ready!

Hello fans of fabulous felines! Lu-Lu here, and Lucius too, to announce our new blog is all set up and it looks fabu if we do say so ourselves!!

Here`s a link to Purrrsonal Thoughts. We hope you to see you there!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

You never know what the day will bring....

When you wake up in the morning do you??

Hi all! The coffee`s fresh and so am I at times. I hope everyone is doing well as June dwindles down. Life here on the hillside farm never seems to dwindle for some odd reason. Which kind of takes me back to the entry header which I`m sure you`re glad to see. I do tend to veer I know; just snap your fingers in front of my face when I drift off.

Yesterday began as they all do here. Coffee and chores firstly and foremostly! I had planned on doing some laundry but got side-tracked by some fiction work. Also I was sluggish from the night before. Mister and I went out to dinner Friday night to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary. The food was delicious but far, far too rich… least I`m blaming my lethargy on the food! *Winks*

Anydoodles, by the time I had myself in some sort of mental mindset it was time to attend a 4-H meeting. This month’s meeting was at the home of our good friends who raise Boar goats. You all remember them from my entry ‘Ready to meet some meat goats?’

We attended to club business and made inquiries about how far the kids were in their project books. Amazingly Miss Yodeling has her goat book completed! Now she has to finish her photography book and display. If the 4-H members don`t have their bookwork done by Roundup they cannot show their animals at our local fair. That is a HUGE incentive to hit the books but usually the incentive doesn`t kick in until a week before Roundup. Then it`s chicken without head time! Teen-agers, what can you do?

We had a very informative hoof trimming demonstration after the formal business was taken care of, then some Kool-Aid and snacks. Afterwards I trundled my child home and was still feeling the effects of that rich food, so I fiddled some with more writing. (I`m making up for it today trust me, the washer is already running!)

After our evening chores we had settled in to watch a movie on Pay-Per-View when someone knocked on our door. Being caught unawares very seldom happens in this place since our dogs are barkers. Robust and incessant barkers! It turns out that one of our neighbors down the road was having trouble with his bike and needed to call home for a ride. Mister and Mr. Biker had worked together and even car-pooled when we lived in the trailer park across from Mr. Biker`s house so they chatted for a bit, then Mr. Biker walked down our drive to meet his wife.

Not five minutes later their van pulled up and he and his wife came back to the door. Mister Yodeling went back out and after a few minutes came back inside carrying this.

I know, is he cute or what??? As the story came to us Mr. Biker said he was walking down to the end of our long drive to meet his bride when this kitten came running up to him. It followed him to the road and he naturally assumed he was ours (We`re pretty sure it`s a him anyway) or perhaps my sister-in-laws who lives right beside us.

I immediately called my sis-in-law but the little guy didn`t belong to her. We couldn`t think of anyone nearby who had kittens so young so if anyone who lives near us and reads along knows who this 6-8 week old kitten belongs to, give us a ring!

We simply had to conclude someone dumped him alongside the road. That happens around here with frightening regularity it seems and it really makes me mad! If a person doesn`t want an animal at least take the poor thing to the S.P.C.A. where it can be adopted! Sorry. Sometimes I get on my soapbox. I`ll step down now.

The first thing that needed done was a flea bath since he was alive with them! Two baths later and a good combing with a flea comb and we decided he was clean enough to place on the floor. He is a very docile kitten and seems right at home with us and the dogs. We started calling him Lucius since that sounds pretty cool teamed with Lu-Lu and unless someone claims him I think he`ll be staying. I`m such a softie!!

Speaking of Lu-Lu it seems someone has a royal whisker out of place about the arrival of Lucius! Talk about being in a snit!! She has made her displeasure known both to us and to Lucius whenever he gets too close. I have to think that she`ll come around eventually once they get to know each other better.

Although when I mentioned to her that maybe her upcoming new blog may need to be renamed ‘Purrrsonal Thoughts by Lu-Lu AND Lucius’ I got quite the evil eye! If he stays I think they`ll have to share the blog as well as the house stink-eye or not!

Must be new kitten arriving was written in invisible ink on our day planner!

Friday, June 25, 2010

From Feral`s Front.....Back Porch

City girls walk poodles down the sidewalk in high heels. Country girls on the other hand........

Thursday, June 24, 2010

And the winner is.......

Hello fans of fabulous felines! Lu-Lu here hiding behind the laptop with the big news!!

I have finally decided on a winner for the 'Name my Blog' contest. Boy was it a hard decision! I was up all night last night trying to decide! You humans are really very creative creatures, nearly as creative as we cats! I admire that! So without further ado (Whatever that means) let me get to my big announcement!

My new blog will be called-Purrsonal Thoughts by Lu-Lu! It fits me just divinely don`t you all think? Sharon over at Life with Jack n` Jill is the lucky winner! Congratulations Sharon for such a clever title! And a warm purr and leg rub to everyone who entered! Sharon will have this grand assortment of cat supplies donated to our local S.P.C.A. in either her name or the name of her blog, whichever she prefers.

Thanks to all who entered once again! Now I must be off for I have a blog all my own to create! I hope to see all of you and your pets,even dogs are allowed but I do ask they don`t drool on the carpet, when Purrsonal Thoughts makes its debut!

Yours in devilment


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Never enough time in the day

Does that seem to be a problem for y`all as well??

I wanted to post up something yesterday but then yesterday somehow turned into today! I do hope everyone had a good Father`s Day weekend. We had a very nice one but as par the course it was busy and busier still!

Saturday we were up and at it at 8 when our first load of hay arrived bright and early. 10 round bales delivered by 8 AM. That`s one thing about farmers they don`t lay around in bed until noon!

Mister then took off to help our neighbor with his haying. I set into doing laundry which took the best part of the day and running the vacuum to suck up the hay we had drug in on our clothes.

Sunday, Father`s Day, saw Mister Yodeling back at the haying chores up the road. Since they were calling for thunderstorms the heat was really on to get the freshly raked hay baled. There were numerous problems with the baler but somehow they got over 90 bales taken care of! My dad came up and had a nice long visit with us and his dog Tinker.

Dinner was early since I do my special meals at 1 or thereabouts, depending on how fast the potato`s will cook. After dinner and dishes Mister and Miss set off to haul a couple of wagonloads of loose hay that our neighbor graciously told us we could take off the fields. By the time that chore was done it was chore time already!

I`m not sure exactly what happened to yesterday. My daughter, me and my mother-in-law went to get our hair cut at 9 and then suddenly after another 2 loads of wash it was dinner time and chore time again!After our meal of leftover ham and mashed potato`s (Gosh I love leftovers don`t you?) we then spent the evening covering the hay with plastic. And it`s a good thing we got to it since this morning it`s raining!

I guess no-one ever said yodeling and goatherding left much free time did they?

Psssst!! Lu-Lu here with a reminder that tomorrow the 23rd is the last day to enter the 'Name my Blog' contest. It`s a great prize and the winner will be helping a shelter cat and having the honor of thier suggested name as my new blog! A win-win for any human and cat alike!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

What Makes A Dad


God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,

The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle's flight,

The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need,

Then God combined these qualities,
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew His masterpiece was complete,
And so, He called it ... Dad

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There`s a first time for everything!

I know many of us are familiar with that old saying, and heck, it`s true especially when dealing with animals!

I suppose I need to rewind a few days and set this odd tale up for y`all. *Sips at delectable brew to refresh classic memory-banks* Last week Mister Yodeling had Thursday and Friday off due to yet more down days at the foundry. As always when my groom is home we tend to use that time for large and/or heavy jobs that require muscles. Friday evening had rolled around and we had spent the afternoon gathering some loose grass for the cows from a small patch of grass we let grow for this purpose. Actually Mister seemed very happy to allow the yard to grow since it meant less mowing! If it were up to him we`d just have pasture and no yard I fear.

Anydoodles after the grass had been gathered into the wagon I moseyed over to check on my ducks. Mister made them a swanky in-ground pool before they arrived, and since they outgrew their stove room nursery they now reside up with the rest of the loopy birds on this farm, but in their own pen of course. They need some major growth before I let them roam around with the barnyard mafia! Those geese don`t care for the ducklings already and spend hours glaring at them through the fence. Sorry, I get waylaid very easily don`t I? *Takes large swig of coffee* Much better!

As Miss Yodeling and I were draining and filling the duck pond Mister lets the dogs out. All three charged out and hit the weeds with vigor and vitality. Tinker our beagle bringing up the rear since his stubby little legs don`t seem to keep up with long lab legs very well. They ran and played and chased a few bunnies here and there as we sat around waiting for the clean duck pond to refill.

Now this is where the story takes a rather odd turn. I know that many of us own dogs so strange and/or weird maladies appear all the time. I shall try to be as discreet as I can be while describing what has occurred over the past four days with Tinker.

As soon as we returned to the house for dinner he began obsessively licking his manly parts. Mister checked him out and couldn`t see anything amiss, so we assumed he had perhaps gotten stung in a place no man wants to be stung on!

Fast forward to Sunday.

Tinker is still obsessively licking at the offended part of his anatomy. Daily checks from Mister occur and yet he cannot see what is bothering the poor dog so. By this time sleep was becoming hard to find since Tinker sleeps with us. You dog owners all know the sound of a dog that won`t stop licking or chewing as they lay beside you. It`s maddening to say the least and makes falling asleep virtually impossible for both human and canine.

It was decided that Monday I would call the vet because we were at a complete loss. Maybe he had a urinary tract infection of some sort we hypothesized as we lay awake listening to Tinker. I called and made the appointment for Tuesday morning. Now Tinker and Lu-Lu are lovely to take to the vet. Lu-Lu is in a cat carrier and Tinker just wants to greet everyone with beagle good humor. The two lab girls? Mister has to take them due to their size and their deeply rooted hatred of the vet who is a wonderful and kind woman who has never done them any great harm as far as I`m aware!

So Miss Yodeling and I arrive at the vets with the obsessive licking beagle and are soon called back. We explain what has been going on to the good doctor and she gives the timid fellow a rather personal examination. Going by what I told her she then decided to flush out the irritated manly part in case a foreign object may have somehow made its way there.

Now I have seen many a thing in my 49 years on this planet, and have been living with dogs for most of those years, male and female both, but never and I mean NEVER have I witnessed something like what the vet brought back. Somehow the sad stubby legged dude had gotten a stick where a fellow don`t want a stick. It was a good 2 inches long! Thankfully it just a tad bit wider than a pencil lead but still in all what a terrible thing to suffer through!

My jaw hit my chest when our veterinarian showed us what she flushed out. To make sure there was no infection starting she prescribed some antibiotics for Tinker and we thanked her profusely. No wonder the poor dog was so irritated!!

I`m happy to report that as soon as the irritant was gone he immediately seemed to feel much, much better! That is the bad part about be short-legged dog in a world full of tall sticks I have to assume.

There really is a first time for everything isn`t there????

P.S.-Lu-Lu wishes me to remind our bloggin` buddies that there is still a week left to enter your ideas for her 'Name my Blog!' contest. ( The post directly beneath this one.) We`ve gotten some great ones so far and hope to see more!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Purrs & Wags-Big news and a contest!!!

Hello fans of fabulous felines, it`s Lu-Lu at the keyboard again and do I have some exciting news to tell you all!!

Since I began adding my wonderfully purrfect view on things here on the lady goatherder`s blog it`s become rather obvious how many of you enjoy my posts. I am rather delightful aren`t I? Well the goofy goatherder has finally seen the light and is going to give me my own blog!! Truthfully we all know who the real star of this group is don`t we??

I am so excited I`m purring louder than I should, since we cats don`t want our humans to think what they do pleases us too much, but I simply can`t control the volume! To help kick off my new blog (Which will premiere on June 30-my first birthday) we`re going to have a contest! And not just any contest but a contest to name my spectacular new blog! Of course with me involved it wouldn`t be anything less than spectacular now would it?

After much thinking on my part I thought it would be really great to offer something to the cats who aren`t as lucky as I am. I do have goofy owners but they do love me and give me a good home with proper medical care and lots of hugs-when I allow the hugs that is. So here`s what I came up with for our ‘Name my Blog’ contest.

Over the next ten days anyone who has a suggestion for the name of my blog can leave their suggestion in the comment box here on my yodeling goatherder`s blog. On the June 23rd we`ll close the contest and I`ll begin the choosing process. Once I decide on the name for my new blog I`ll announce the winner here.

The person who I deem came up with the best name ( One that suits me to a whisker ) will then have this assortment of cat food, litter and treats donated to our local S.P.C.A. in their name or the name of thier blog if they so desire.

Now isn`t that prize nearly as good as a field of catnip filled with butterflies?!

So put your thinking caps on blog readers and enter your title for my upcoming blog. You`ll be using your creativity and helping cats who are looking for a good home, like I have.

Yours in mischief-


(Future blog star unparalleled)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

From Feral`s Front Porch

One really never knows what one will see. A lovely flowering bush indeed, but what`s this behind it? One of many cotton-tails that send both dogs and cat into a frenzy when spied! A happy sight on a warm morning.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rainy days and cow love

Hi gang! Come on in and I`ll pour you a mug full!

You know how they say when it rains it pours? This weekend was a chilly, blustery one here in the Laurel Highlands of PA, and we did see some rain mixed with some thunder early Sunday morning. We didn`t get the real nasty stuff that some of my bloggin` buddies did thankfully, but it was enough to keep our outdoor activities from being done. Well, at least that`s what I thought. Never let it be said that having critter`s ever allows one to make plans, because as soon as you even start to formulate a plan….well you know how it goes!

Since it was ugly and windy and raining to beat the band I hurried just as fast as my short little legs would go to get the birds done in the morning. When I returned to the house I decided to do some writing and laundry. (Okay, writing would come first but the laundry would get done…eventually.) Just as the plan formed in my soggy head Mister Yodeling came back from the cow barn and gave me The Look. You ladies know The Look. It`s the one that says without words that something was up and that it somehow had to do with you.

“You know those three hens you let set in the cow barn?” he asked, a bit too smugly if you ask me.

“Yeah,” I replied eyeing my laptop covetously.

“There`s peeping coming from under them, so unless you want them all to be stuck in between cow hooves we best set something up.”

I sighed and tugged my soaked chore shirt back on, and the two of us schlepped back to the cow barn. Sure enough as soon as we entered the bovine home we could hear the peeps of new little chicks, and the disgruntled growls of three mama hens. I had showed you all their little hidey spot in the It`s Contagious post a few weeks back.

As soon as Patty and Bubba saw us they made a beeline to the barn, sadly only to find the gate closed soundly in their faces.

“Sorry slick,” I said and reached out to rub Patty`s cowlick and get a sloppy cowlick in return.”You both can use a shower anyway.”

It did take us some thinking and some rural ingenuity but we did come up with a small temporary pen for the rather large clutch of hens and chicks. Amazing how many uses a critter keeper can come up with for a fence panel and some baler twine. Personally I think baler twine is almost as handy and multi-faceted as duct tape! A thousand and one uses! They should sell small balls of baler twine for people in the city to buy. Hey…..maybe I`m onto something there….*Scratches chin and ponders*

Anywhoodles, as the thunder and wind blew around us we got things settled and finally let the two cowboys back into their digs. Patty of course had to give the new pen and families a complete cow eye-ball, but once he ascertained there was no cow grain in the small dish, he promptly moved onto more important things. Like rubbing his soaking wet head vigorously across mom`s fanny until she was flung like a ping-pong ball into her hubby.

Nothing like sodden cow love and new peeps to make even a gray day a wee bit brighter!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Liners-6/6

'Okay dogs we need to all stare at the cereal milk at the SAME TIME!'

Friday, June 4, 2010

Laaaadies and Gentlemen.........

Welcome to the world championship round of the W.G.H.A.! Tonight we have two contenders that will raise the roof on the World Goat Headbutting Association! A match of mythological proportions! A sibling rivalry that has grown for eons!!

Wearing soft white and sporting the marks of a true champion Snubian is Ares, god of manly courage and bloodlust! In the opposing corner wearing brown and a stunning silver collar is Athena, goddess of wise counsel and strategic warfare!

*Goatherder circles pasture with sign that reads Round 1 over her head*

It looks like brother and sister are sizing each other up, waiting for an opening perhaps. This announcer hasn`t been this excited since that famous championship match of several years ago that pitted Andre the boargoat against-Oh! Now the fight has begun!!

Ares comes out butting! And he misses!! I think Ares may wish to change his tactics!


And there`s the bell! Phew! That was quite the first round folks! Now that the warriors are refreshed lets see what round 2 brings!

*Goatherder circles pasture with sign that reads Round 2 over her head*

Athena comes out pushing!! This announcer isn`t sure that`s the best move on the goddess of wise counsels part! She won`t be able to simply shove a mountain of muscle like Ares around! Holy cow folks! I can`t believe my eyes! He`s down!! He`s down!! The god of war has fallen face first into the hay mound!


What an amazing victory for Athena! Just goes to show that brains really do win out over brawn!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rural Ramblings-6/2

I can hardly believe the month of May is gone already. It was a busy month for us. Mister Yodeling had the first two weeks off for vacation and turkey hunting, then the foundry had a mass of down days, so he ended up working 3 days the entire month of May. I heard not one complaint from the man!

Since turkey season if now closed we took a ride yesterday to retrieve our pop-up blind and enjoy the last day off we had. I thought I`d pass along some of the sights.

My first fawn sighting of this year!

It`s not the size of the salamander in the fight, it`s the size of the fight in the salamander! (Yup, that is a penny!)

What were just little fluffballs a couple of weeks ago are now nearly half the size of thier parents. It`s amazing how quickly waterfowl grow!

I`m not sure what kind of bug this is but I just liked the image of him resting on the fern.

Hope you enjoyed the ramble through the country!