Monday, May 31, 2010


Hi all! Come on in and take a load off, the coffee`s ready!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend for those who celebrate it! Ours here on the hillside farm was more hectic than two raccoons stuck in a feed sack! So I thought I`d pass along what kept we goatherders hopping. I`d yodel but frankly I`m too darn pooped to even work up a note!

Friday night we three journeyed into our lovely little town to grab some pizza and wings then go to the movies….kind of a relax while you can because you just KNOW the next three days will be hectic kind of night. Saturday saw quite a few happy happenings! Early on Saturday morning I made my usual trek up the hill to do the birds and check on the many expectant mothers.

Sadly we had to break my sitting goose. Seems a chicken meandered into her space and a rather nasty episode occurred. During the flail mama goose broke all her eggs. I was pretty disappointed since they all had nearly ready to hatch goslings in them, but such is the way of life on the farm at times.

Anywhoodles, when I peeked in at mama turkey I found evidence of a recent hatch! Now mama turkeys can be downright cantankerous when they have poults and her low hissing growl (And rather large sharp beak and wings) persuaded me to not tackle this alone.

I came back down and Mister Yodeling accompanied me. I figured…hey they`re his turkeys let him get flogged and pecked right? Although according to him he is already pecked by a cranky old hen. *Rolls eyes *

She had eleven new poults under her as near as we could count. They kept running about and mama was becoming quite ornery! I know, aren`t they cuter than a June bug?

Then a bit later on Saturday two of this year’s goat kids-Achilles and Artemis-went to their new homes! The two young folk here are new members to our 4-H group and also new to goatherding as well. So we said goodbye to Luke and Leia, as they are now called. See you at the fair guys!!

Sunday seemed to come far too quickly. Where does the time go when your family has a few days off??? Mister puttered around with our driveway, running the rake on it with the Kubota. There are times I think he would sleep with that tractor if he could! And I fully understand! What a work-saver it is! I spent the morning making picnic food for a family cookout in the afternoon, and then doing some of the never ending laundry. We are either very clean people or very dirty, I ain`t quite figured out which yet. The cookout was fun and the food was as delicious as always. Told ya your pictures would be in the blog dear family members! *Giggles like an imp*

Monday morning dawned and Mister and I scurried down to do some corn planting before it got too hot. The past week here in PA has been stupendously hot and I have had serious thoughts about sticking my toes into the puddleducks big black bowl to cool off while they frolic. Then I see what is floating in the puddleduck bath and opt to just sweat.

Actually the corn patch didn`t take nearly as much time as I had thought it would. Mister got it tilled up rather nicely after plowing it the other day and we set into making rows and dropping pink nuggets of Silver Queen into their spaces.

I did hear my dear hubby give a stern warning to C.B. the rooster. (C.B. stands for cow barn which is where he and his harem hangout. I know original name huh? )

“I better not see one chicken in here digging out corn seeds!” Mister scolded.

C.B. remained silent so only time will tell if he obeyed or not. For his sake I hope he did! Afterward we got my mother-in-laws garden planted for her then went to the cemetery to place flowers in our family plot. Dinner tonight was another cook-out with hot dogs, potato salad and watermelon. I`m about plumb tuckered out but I am sipping at some of that glorious brew made with coffee beans.

I would hate to drop off in the middle of a…………………..

Friday, May 28, 2010

In memory of those who have served


I watched the flag pass by one day.
It fluttered in the breeze
A young Marine saluted it, and then
He stood at ease.

I looked at him in uniform
So young, so tall, so proud
With hair cut square and eyes alert
He'd stand out in any crowd.

I thought, how many men like him
Had fallen through the years?
How many died on foreign soil?
How many mothers' tears?

How many Pilots' planes shot down?
How many foxholes were soldiers' graves?
No, Freedom is not free.

I heard the sound of taps one night,
When everything was still.
I listened to the bugler play
And felt a sudden chill.

I wondered just how many times
That taps had meant "Amen"
When a flag had draped a coffin
of a brother or a friend.

I thought of all the children,
Of the mothers and the wives,
Of fathers, sons and husbands
With interrupted lives.

I thought about a graveyard
at the bottom of the sea
Of unmarked graves in Arlington.
No, Freedom isn't free!!

Kelly Strong

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ten Questions

Howdy all! Have a sit down and a cuppa!

Not too long ago over on Texan`s blog she posted a set of ten questions and invited all who follow her blog to participate. The question`s were entertaining and thought provoking and I figured I`d give it a whirl! So with my Nubian mug beside me I`ll try my hand at answering these queries!

1-What would your perfect day consist of?

For me it would start off with a calm morning sipping my java juice while I worked on my various writing projects. Then some time with the family…..perhaps fishing for largemouth bass in our favorite farm pond or hanging out with the goats. Dinner would be something I didn`t have to cook and the dishes would be washed magically like Mrs. Weasley`s are. After dinner some reading or watching a movie with Mister and Miss Yodeling. To top off this perfect day a hot bubble bath and a bed without a beagle glued to my lower lumbar. Yup, sounds just about perfect.

2-How would you describe yourself if you were an item of clothing?

I`d be an old pair of jeans. Well worn and discolored some with iodine from treating belly buttons. I`d be soft yet still strong enough for the work required of me.

3-What hobbies are you currently working on?

My favorite hobbies are reading and writing. At the moment I`m reading a paranormal romance about a dragon who falls in love with a human woman, and my fiction tales are perking along nicely.

4-Walking in the woods in Wellies, or barefoot on the beach?

Woods and Wellies!

5-Have you ever hugged or sang to a tree?

As a matter, I have hugged many a tree! I can recall one instance in particular when Mister and I were down at Pink Creek fishing for trout. This was many years ago, before Miss Yodeling came along. After we were done fishing my husband thought it would be great fun to scale one of the steep mountains that bank Pine Creek. His idea of fun and mine are apparently worlds apart at times. As we made our way up that deadly side-hill I clung to many a tree for dear life. I also recall whispering my thanks to the stout trunks and also whining out a prayer or two. So yes I have hugged a tree but I`m not sure if pleading with the gods to end this torture counts as singing.

6-Growing your own veggies or nipping to the supermarket?

We grow our own veggies every year and despite the battles with potato bugs, cucumber beetles and black bear coveting our corn I much prefer our own veggies.

7-Have you found anyone interesting in your family tree?

Now this one I assume has to do with researching your roots. I have not done that, someday I hope to. As to having interesting people in our family, ho boy! Is that one a loaded question! Perhaps I`ll have to pen a blog entry about some of the unique characters we call family. I can almost hear some of the family members who read along cringing already! *giggles impishly*

8-Slap up meal in a posh restaurant or fish `n chips from the wrapper?

I`m not a posh restaurant kind of person to be completely honest. Once in awhile, on a special occasion such as Mister and mines anniversary sure, but usually we`re more than happy to just have a burger and fries or a pizza from the box. We are pretty simple folks who enjoy that simplicity.

9-Which element do your most resonate with? Earth, air, fire or water?

Earth easily. I enjoy the woodlands and the game that inhabit it. I`m a down-to-earth type of goatherder. Coffee plants grow in the earth so earth for sure!

10-Do you believe in fairies?

I like to ponder on things that are mystical and magical….To imagine such fey creatures and allow them to inhabit my over-active imagination and let them carry me to other worlds and other dimensions. So I suppose I believe in the love of the lore and the gift of such imaginings for the human spirit. Fairies free our souls and our creative muses.

Well that was fun! If anyone else would like to play along please do so!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One Liners-5/25

'Sometimes my head gets SO heavy'

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rural Ramblings-The other side of hunting

I know that quite a few people feel that hunting is just about the kill. Sadly for them they don`t take the time to see what beauty nature has to offer. I thought I`d pass along some of the sights I`ve come across during our days afield.

Seems as if this is all I see of the wild and wily Eastern wild turkey. The scoreboard now reads Turkeys 10-Feral 0. Ah well, that`s why they call it hunting and not getting!

Being out in the woods at sunrise and listening to that first call sleepy of a song bird directly over your head, nothing can beat it!

Even though the turkeys have been invisible there have been other woodland creatures that we`ve encountered either heading to the blind or leaving.

Speaking of woodland creatures, I have to pass along this little nugget from yesterday morning. Mister Yodeling and I were in our pop-up blind as the first rays of the sun began to tint the sky. As it grew lighter I got a soft nudge in my side. I jerked awake and lifted my head from his shoulder.

"Look at the mouse in the tree," he whispered.

I peeked around him and through the small side window I could see a mouse scurrying up a thin apple sapling. Then another one came dashing up! The two romantic rodents then decided to engage in marital relations on a shaking little branch. Sadly for Mrs. Mouse Mister Mouse fell off with a soft thud to the leaf litter after just a second. We both sat and snickered at the rather spicy show. After a space of time spent listening there was a rustle in the dry leaves at our feet. I instantly hefted my boots up to my knees.

"Take it easy. It`s only those mice," my husband whispered. I could hear the barely concealed chuckle in his voice.

"If one of them races up my pantleg I am OUT of here thundering herd of turkeys or not!!" I hissed back and spent the next 15 minutes hugging my knees while he shook his head.

So even sharing a blind with two amorous mice has it`s own kind of appeal. At least to my amused spouse!

Friday, May 21, 2010

They like me! They really like me!!!

Hello fans of fabulous felines! Lu-Lu here once more and I`m purring like I just found the cream bowl!

Here of late I`ve been rather cranky about the lack of what I feel is fitting attention. Well as they say the squeaky wheel does get the grease! Yesterday that goofy goatherder seemed to be in a very chipper mood. I of course assumed it was still a left-over happiness from the very special gift I gave her for Mother`s Day. She hurried around in the morning and left me to keep an eye on the dogs with a very promising statement as she hurried off.

“Just wait until you see what I`m bringing home!” she smiled before she scurried to the truck. I watched her leave from the front window and began to ponder and groom. Surely she must be heading to town to buy me something! After all my birthday is only a month away, just so you all know and can begin shopping now. Perhaps it would be a new fuzzy ball, since she knows how much I adore my yellow one. Or maybe she had finally located a titanium mouse for me to bat around. My furry ones have all been eaten by a dog that shall remain nameless. (He has long ears and short legs.)

I meandered back into the bedroom and settled in for my fourteen hour nap under the bed. I heard the ruckus when she came back home but frankly I was too exhausted to come out to see what she had purchased. I yawned and drifted back off with visions of cat-nip filled balls dancing in my head.

Soon evening came and I awoke and stretched myself languidly. Cats always stretch languidly for we feel there is nothing to compare to a good long stretch after a good long nap. As I flattened down the fur behind my left ear I heard something in the stove room. The humans have a small window behind their headboard that opens into the stove room and in the winter glorious heat comes in that window. The sound was intriguing…..something I had never heard before. It must be my gift I thought!

I leaped onto the window sill and peeked down into the stove room. Why… was amazing! Delightful! Stupendous!! What wonderful toys she had gotten for me! I think they`re supposed to be a surprise though since she put them somewhere I can`t seem to get to.

Ooooo but they are succulent looking aren`t they? Tiny little fluffy birds that run around peeping!! Mmmmmmm. And to show how much my people like me they`re even keeping them warm for me under a red light like they do in human grocery stores with other forms of tasty fowl.*Licks lips*

Seriously, it`s about time they showed their awe and gratitude for me allowing them to live with me isn`t it?? I can`t WAIT for my birthday!!

Yours in devilment-


Thursday, May 20, 2010

So many wonderful friends!

Truly it`s been a blessing to make so many warm and wonderful friends in the blogging world! Thoughts from a Yodeling Goatherder was given this award over at For the love of dogs!

Thank you so much! I encourage anyone who loves dogs or cats or animals in general to dash over and check out her wonderful blog!

Now the rules for this award are as follows. Thank the person who gave it to you, share some things about yourself, pass along the award to other bloggers and contact them about thier award. So I suppose it`s now my turn to share some deep and perhaps far too revealing things about myself.

Prepare yourselves and you may wish to put the children to bed just to be safe.


1-My favorite Disney movie is Aladdin.

2-If I had to choose between being reincarnated either as a dog or cat I would choose to come back as a cat.

3-My favorite soup is and always will be my mother`s homemade chicken noodle soup.

4-I don`t own a dishwasher or a cell phone.

5-The first video game I ever played was Pong. (My daughter laughed hysterically at that for some odd reason. )

6-I`ve been a card carrying member of the KISS army since 1976.

7-My favorite musical is Grease.


Now I`d like to pass along the Versatile Blogger award to the following blog writers.

Lilacs and cats

A City Chicken Farm


A Farm Wifes Life

The Pugs Strike Back

I`ll be dropping in to the winner`s blogs real soon to let them know they`ve won....and maybe have a cup or two with them!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Liners-5/18

'High on a haybale was a lovely LaMancha.....'

As always, anyone who wishes to play along is encouraged to do so!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

That`s Fowl!-It`s contagious

Broodiness is running rampant on this yodeling goatherder`s farm!

It seems like everywhere I look, and even some places I don`t look, there`s a bird setting eggs. It`s reaching epidemic proportions and I fear I may have to call in the CDC (Chickens Driving me Crazy). It`s not just the bantam hens though, egg sitting fever has spread to the other breeds as well.

If you recall I have a goose who I thought was a gander (Color me embarrassed!)Well she has been sitting tightly on a nest for about three weeks now. There was a busted egg incident that we had to contend with so I`m not sure about the viability of the remaining clutch to be honest. Talk about a flail trying to remove a broody goose from a dirty nest! Thankfully the bruises are now fading.

Then we discovered our lone hen turkey had ideas about procreation and built herself a nifty little nest in the corner of the turkey coop. I did inquire of Mister Yodeling about raising even more dim-witted turkeys, and said in a tone most kind, that I felt we should take the eggs. As you can see she now has about twelve to fifteen under her bare breasts. *Sighs* Him and his turkeys, I swear!

Onward we go through this plethora of maternal-minded fowl! This wee silver hen has the distinction of being the first of the sneaky sitters. About a week ago I emerged from the goat barn with milk pail in hand to see this little family out scratching about.

“Duh…err….uhm….say what now?” I muttered in complete shock.

Mister Yodeling said the same thing when he stepped out after filling the hay mangers. Apparently the clever little thing hid her clutch in a silage feeder we had stopped using. So okay, what`s six little chicks right? I mean, it`s not like we have several chickens hidden in dark corners correct? I should know better than to think I`ll ever get the upper hand with these critters.

Aha! What have we here stashed behind the beam? Oh yes, one more broody hen.

Oh and what`s this lurking between the boards of the cow barn?? Three?!?!?

Good grief! And those are only the ones that we`ve discovered! Pretty soon the sound of little poultry feet and peeping will drown out the whispering winds in our pines. Add to the unexpected arrivals the six ducklings that I ordered and I may well soon be up to my elbows in downy covered babes! Egads! I just had a thought! *Ignores snort from wisenheimer husband* What if this epidemic affects humans?!?!

Wouldn`t I look silly all cuddled up in a nest box?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yellow atop blue


Beside the stream I lingered
My daughter at my side
We sat beneath the summer son
And watched the rippling tide

Between we two a bouquet sat
Dandelions freshly took
One by one the yellow gems
Met softly with the brook

The current gently bid the gem
Too far for us to see
Much like life will all too soon
Carry my child from me.


This is a poem I wrote to go along with some pictures my daughter took for her 4-H photography project. I hope you enjoy both the words and the images.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Purrs & Wags-A most special gift!

Hello fans of fabulous felines! Lu-Lu here at the laptop once more!

Now I know that Mother`s Day has passed but since I spent most of it sleeping I missed a lot of it. Seriously I do need my beauty sleep and night time is the right time as we feline`s like to say. When I woke up from my day long nap it came to me that I was the only one who didn`t get the lady goatherder anything for this most special of days. I licked my paw and flattened down the fur behind my left ear and contemplated. What could a cat get for her human mother?

After a good long grooming session I meandered out and got to check out what she received. She did get a new printer/scanner to scan more pictures of me I`m sure. Also she got this compact disc that plays the loudest music I have ever heard! It made my ears lay down flat to my glorious head! I`m not sure what an AC/DC is exactly, or even a soundtrack, but I do know I`ve heard cats make better noise perched atop a fence!

The goofy lady also got this toy that she wore all day attached to her shirt. According to her it was an Ironman chest beamer. It also made some weird sounds. She is so odd truly, but she IS the one who fed me from a bottle when I was just a tiny kitten so I suppose I`ll let her oddities slide. This was all well and good but I still felt this strange sensation in my chest. Some would have called it guilt but I think it was a hairball personally.

I was stumped as to what to give the yodeling lady! I ruminated on it all night while I played with my fluffy yellow ball and carried ponytail holders from the kid’s room as she slept. I even lowered myself to asking the dogs for suggestions.

“Get her a shoe!” the black one said.

“Give her a squirrel. Did someone say squirrel?!?!?” the yellow one answered.

“Make her an anti-beagle washing thingy!” the little hound said. He was still mad about having to get a bath last night after rolling in goat poop you see.

I didn`t like any of their suggestions and honestly I should have known better. Dogs! But something the damp beagle said stuck in my glorious feline mind. I would make her something special! Something that she would know had been made by me, Lu-Lu, the cat with the sass! This is what I came up with! Doesn`t it simply scream ‘Lu-Lu’!?

Yours in devilment-


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

'A mother`s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.'

Victor Hugo

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Look what came in the mail!!

Yesterday our postman delivered a package from Brenda at Granny`s Best and boy was it packed full of great cheese`s! Amazingly, since I never win anything, I won one of two prizes over at Brenda`s blog when she was having a logo search!

There were samples of brie, herb, pepper jack, cheddar, zinful cheddar, smoky cheddar and blue cheese. We had to try a taste of each as soon as they arrived and WOW! Brenda you make some delicious goat milk cheese! Each different variety was a real pleasure to try! I think the cheddar and the pepper jack may be our favorite`s so far.

Thanks Brenda for the wonderful sampler! And pass a thanks along to those does of yours for thier contribution to the tastiest cheese to ever arrive in my mailbox!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I think I may have angered......

……the gods of fish and fowl!

I know, it`s hard to imagine such a thing as affable and just plain cute as this yodeling Hobbit goatherder is, but the facts be the facts. The gods are either very upset with me or are having a good chuckle at my expense. Not sure which but the heat is on and the darn critters just aren`t co-operating! I`ll explain the situation as it stands here on the hillside farm.

Monday morning Mister Yodeling came home with this slung over his proud shoulder.

22 pounds of wild turkey, quite the nice bird I did have to begrudgingly admit. So being the slightly competitive person I am when it comes to hunting and fishing yesterday after the school bus rumbled down our dirt road, Mister and I set off to find my trophy. It was a beautiful morning.

The woods were alive with merry calls from songbirds and scolds from both chipmunk and squirrels alike. We got to the Porcupine Blind which sits….oh? Why do we call it the Porcupine Blind you ask? Witness what those quill-carrying miscreants have done to the wood.

As I got settled Mister hurried to set up Homer, Marge and Marge 2.0 (Why 2 hens? I don`t know, the man said he needed another one. Who am I to question?)

After he returned, and grumbled about the porcupine chews, he called just for the heck of it. Both of us nearly came out of our skins when 2 gobblers responded right off! They were up on top of a rolling hill in the pasture and out of sight. ‘Yes!’ I thought,’ I`ll be adding my Turkzilla to the family freezer right directly!’

I thought wrong. *Sniffs* We sat in that blind for nearly three hours and do you think either of those tom`s would come see what all the lonely hen calls were about?! NO!

“I think he must have his feet glued to that rassafrassin` pasture!” I said during the long and painful wait. (Actually I said something other than rassafrassin` but G rating and all.)

“I was wondering if they had stepped into a tar pit,” Mister responded sullenly. See, here in PA if you purchase an additional tag you can harvest two gobblers. Mister did of course, I didn`t. Heck I have enough trouble bagging one let alone two!

When eleven o`clock rolled around I finally tossed my hands up into the air and admitted that Glue-Foot and Tar-Pit had won. They must have had hens with them (the strumpets) so why bother to come look at poor lonely Marge and Marge 2.0??

So hoping to pull myself up by my bootstraps from the poor showing at gobbler bagging when Mister suggested we go fishing after dinner I was all over that! Now I`d show him just what kind of outdoorswoman I was! The three of us grabbed our poles and our Power-Bait for trout and off we went to a local fishing hole that rumor had it was recently stocked.

Yeeaah, the fishing went just about the same as the mornings turkey hunt. Mister stood beside me and tugged one after another out while Miss and I stood there with empty hooks and amazed expressions. He had his limit, which is five here in PA, in about hour.

All I caught was this teen-fish which is cute as a button but not quite the catch I had in mind.

So I suppose I had best be making some sort of offerings to the gods of fowl and fish before I head out with my 12 gauge or fishing pole again! *Sits and sips coffee and tries to think of suitable offering to appease riled gods*

Any suggestions??

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A morning of memories

Hi y`all! Tug out a chair and let me tell you a story about a young lady and her turkey hunt.

Yesterday was the first day of spring gobbler here in Pennsylvania and as you all know, Mister, myself and Miss Yodeling are hunters, so Saturday morning was a very highly anticipated one! Hubby and I were up and at `em by 4 AM, Miss Yodeling got the revelries calls by 4:30 AM. Dawn of the living dead times two! But after a quick cuppa, or two, and a bagel I was more or less ready and so was my daughter. We set out while it was still dark, all three of us in our leafy camouflage and made our way to our blind. Yup, there were a few trips and stumbles but I am glad to say no pratfalls.

Since we only have one 20 gauge for we ladies it had been decided that if a gobbler came in my child would get the shot since this is her first season out, and if a young hunter can actually harvest an animal the chances are high they will stay a hunter.

So we ladies got situated in our little blind that had been set-up beneath a large pine.

Mister snuggled into the trunk of the tree to call after setting up Marge & Homer, our hen and jake decoys.

The first hour was rather slow and we girls got sillier and sillier as the time wore on. Mister would call and we could hear 3 gobbler`s behind us, but they were across the road and the creek and usually they can`t be called across.

As we giggled and made up stories about Turkzilla, the 500 ton turkey that would strut in and gobble so loudly the very trees would blow over, Mister kept talking to those three lonely gobblers so far away.

After about 90 minutes this old goatherder had to stretch her short legs and work the kinks out of her back, so we all took a kink break. While we stood outside our blind and the blood started to flow once more Mister Yodeling decided to call again, using a mouth call. Lo and behold one of those lonely old boys was coming closer!

Needless to say the three of us hurried back to our places! Miss Yodeling got situated and after another long ‘Come on big boy’ set of hen sounds we heard one loud gobble. Then…..nothing. Mister fell quiet and we did also. Miss got her gun up and steady on her shooting pole and we waited…..and listened…..and waited…trying to stay as still and as quiet as those church mice do.

Without warning, to our left, we heard a spit and drum. He was close…..very, very close. A spit and drum is a sound a gobbler makes which sounds like ‘chick’ then he vibrates his chest to emote a ‘brrrooommmmm’. It`s very distinctive and once you hear that, your bird is near. He spit and drummed another time or two. Miss Yodeling was on the left, me on the right, Mister behind us. I slipped my eyes to the opening in the front of the pop-up blind….and there he was……A huge mature gobbler in full strut and heading right to our decoys.

“Oh my god,” Miss whispered.

“Steady,” I replied softly.

“Oh my god,” she repeated keeping the gun on the gobbler as he passed the hen, his angry eye on that upstart jake decoy.

“Safety off,” I said on a rustle, my heart beating as fast as hers and my breath just as rapid.


“Oh my god,” she said shakily as he kept on an angle, giving that young jake the evil turkey eye.

“Try to wait for him to come out of strut,” I whispered, trying to remind her to aim for his head, which is hard when it`s tucked back as it is when they strut. He turned slightly so that we could now see more than his wide fanned tail.


I honestly cannot say which of the three of us was the most excited when that gobbler went down. Miss and I were screaming and hugging inside the blind and then we dashed out, still squealing and hooting. Her dad and she exchanged a bear hug and a few high fives. What an amazing experience and all three of us were able to share it, as a family, in the beauty that is Penns Woods.

And what a bird he was!! 21 pounds-TRIPLE bearded and spurs that measured well over an inch in length….what a trophy!

So please, if you can, take a kid hunting and/or fishing and build your own morning of memories.