Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One Liners-3/31

'They never said anything about leaving sleeping GOATS lie......'

Monday, March 29, 2010

1 Norse goddess and 1 Greek God arrive!

Morning gang! Pull out a chair and let me pour you a cuppa while I fill you in on what`s new around the hillside farm!

The weekend was a busy one, as they usually are. My father has returned home to Pennsylvania and is now staying with us for awhile. I suppose Texas was just too different for a boy born and raised in the laurel highlands. He seems very pleased to be back in the mountains and although our little house is now pretty dern full we`re glad to have him here! Tinker about turned himself inside out when Pop walked in the door!

I did finally get a picture of Hades and Persephone all dried off. I think this little doeling will be my keeper from this year`s batch of Nubian`s! Most of my Nubian kids are light brown and/or red *Eyes Anakin who yawns back* while this little darling is a nice rich dark brown!(Persephone is on the left in this image)

Also we had two single kids arrive over the weekend. Miss Yodeling was tickled many shades of pink to have her LaMancha doe give her a doeling whom she named Freya. Freya is indeed a Norse name but I guess she figured since her goat was SO different she needed a non-Greek name! Friday night sure was hectic since Freya and this beautiful buck who I named Adonis, both arrived around 11:30 at night. I must admit if I were in the market for a Nubian buck, I would take this little man in a flash! I just love his markings and his ear-set is superb!

Also, I think I`m losing in the goat-pool.*Sighs* This is why I never go to Atlantic City! I`d lose the farm and all the critters that go with it if I ever laid money down on any kind of wager...although losing the turkeys may not be all bad.

Hmmmmmm, wonder if they take poultry at Trump`s Casino??

Friday, March 26, 2010

100 posts, 2 more goat kids, 1 inch of snow......

….and a partridge in a pear tree! *Giggles impishly*

I know what you`re thinking and yes I do need a bit more zombie nullifier this morning it seems. Or mayhap someone has laced my beloved java juice with goofy pills. Go ahead and say it since I know you`re thinking it. ‘Goofy pills would have no noticeable effect on you Feral’. Seems we`ve grown to know each other pretty well over the months don`t it?

One hundred posts. I have to admit when my dear friend nudged me to begin blogging I honestly didn`t think I had anything in my life, or goofy caffeine-rich comic-book filled mind, that could fill a hundred posts.

I stand corrected it seems. (Please do not tell Mister Yodeling I was wrong since I have him firmly convinced that I am never wrong about anything.)

I wanted to just express how much this blog and the blogging community has come to mean to me. I have grown to love this little corner of cyber-space greatly since I began this endeavor. I always feel as if I`m sitting down with dear buddies around my kitchen table as we sip that heavenly brew and chat away. My granny would have called it a ‘coffee clutch’ and perhaps it is.

I tend to think of my blog and the many wonderful friends I`ve made as more of a patchwork quilt of friendship-each of us sewing the panels of our lives together with strands of friendship that keep us warm at night.

Thank you all for the warmth.

Now let us move along before I get all weepy just like I do every time I watch Steel Magnolia`s or Ole Yeller. Don`t do it Travis!! Don`t get yer gun!!! Sorry, cinematic flashback there, I`ll be fine. * Takes long sip of coffee*

Yesterday afternoon we had yet another set of twins born on the hillside farm! This is Hades and Persephone (Hades is the one on the left.) They were both a little damp yet when this picture was taken so I`ll try to snap one of them dry and fluffy today if I can. Mama Felicia is doing wonderfully and the delivery was a snap. Three down, five to go!

And one last kick in the pants from Mother Nature it seems. This is what I awoke to this morning, an inch of fresh snow. I can hear the robin’s complaining already…‘How am I supposed to find a worm with THIS stuff on the ground!?' I was saying worse but I shall not repeat what I muttered this morning when I let the four dogs out, G rating and all.

Guess that concludes today round of caroling….unless someone wants to break into ‘Rockin` around the Christmas tree’?? I`m game!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

B-day wishes & more new kids!

I wanted to pass along a big 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!' to my husband who turns 43 today. Have a wonderful day honey!

We had our second set of twins yesterday, all went perfectly and mama Fran and babies are doing great. This is Zeus and Hera. (Zeus is the darker red one)

Two down, six to go!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The first set of twins have arrived!!

May I introduce Aphrodite and Athena who were born yesterday.

Mom Farrah is doing well and the delivery went wonderfully. One down, seven to go!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Purrs & Wags!

Hello fans of fabulous felines it`s me that tortoiseshell delight Lu-Lu!

I had a question and since my lady is too busy on her hands and knees using a hanger to tug my precious foil balls out from under the stove, I thought I`d use her laptop thing and ask you all. Maybe you can make sense of this because I`m stumped, and she`s no help whatsoever, what with her head on the floor sneezing at the dog-hair tumbleweeds she`s pulling out as opposed to my toys. (Please note that all the loose hair belongs to the dogs. Cats do not shed; we swallow our fur then cough it up later. Usually on the carpet or furniture which is a much more economical way to get rid of loose hair don`t you think?)

So while she mumbles and snorts I`ll bat this your way and see if you can figure it out.

The other morning after a rather boring night-I only got yelled at once for rolling one of my foil balls into the door repeatedly-I went gliding out when the lady and the man got up. The dogs ran. I glided quickly- a huge difference. When my lady goatherder tripped over the short-legged leaping dog to open the front door she said, and I quote-‘Time to let the four dogs out.’

After I spent some time chasing the three dogs around on the porch her words made me stop. I sat down in her flower box and counted all three dogs as they went about making their duties in the yard.

I counted and counted as they milled around rolling on their backs in that nasty wet mud stuff. She did say four dogs. I heard her and as you know cats hear very well, when we want to that is. Did we get another dog?! I sure hoped not since three of the slobbering mutts are more than enough for one sleek cat like me to put up with!

When she opened the door back up I came in with the dogs. Now every morning since then she says the same thing! It`s really getting my whiskers knotted since I`ve searched high and low and can`t find this fourth dog!!

So you other humans, can you answer my question? Do they make invisible dogs?? If so, can we make the three I share my house with invisible too??That would be awesomely cool!! No more having to watch them being so grossly affectionate with their kisses and their wagging tails! *Shudders*

I`ll be over on the counter pushing the man`s spare change into the dog water dish just for fun, so when you humans have some answers you`ll know where to find me.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A poem to welcome spring!

Love on a Pond


Peep, peep, peep
Peep, peep, peep
Called little Johnny Jim

Peep, peep, peep
Peep, peep, peep
To bring his love to him

Peep, peep, peep
Peep, peep, peep
“I'm waiting here for you!”

Peep, peep, peep
Peep, peep, peep
Called back sweet Hester Sue

Peep, peep, peep
Peep, peep, peep
“My darling swim to me!”

Peep, peep, peep
Peep, peep, peep
“No darling, you to me!”

Peep, peep, peep
Peep, peep, peep
“Hester the ponds too wide!”

Peep, peep, peep
Peep, peep, peep
“Then hitch yourself a ride!”

Peep, peep, peep
Peep, peep, peep
“The turtle would eat me!”

Peep, peep, peep
Peep, peep, peep
“Oh Johnny honestly!!!”

Peep, peep, peep
Peep, peep, peep
“Hester what can I do!?”

Peep, peep, peep
Peep, peep, peep
“Our kids depend on you!”

Peep, peep, peep
Peep, peep, peep
That news did make him swim!

Peep, peep, peep
Peep, peep, peep
“Oh yes !!! Oh Johnny Jim!!!!”


Happy Spring from all us peepers here on the hillside farm!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day & B-Day Wishes!!

Happy St. Patricks Day y`all!!

Also, happy birthday wishes go to Saint Patrick of Moo-

And Patty`s step-brother who we were fortunate enough to see being born yesterday afternoon!

Mr.Yodeling and Mr. L checking on the new calf. Mom does not look pleased about the nursemaids!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


… keepin` me waitin` as Carly Simon sang back in my heyday.

Here on the hillside farm we have just about two weeks until our does should begin kidding, that is IF they wish to play by our schedule, which they usually don`t. It seems that our ladies like to keep us on the edge of our seats and making frequent trips to check. Checking usually gets us a blank stare and a cud-burp in the face. Once the checker leaves the barn kids come flying out like well greased pigs as goat`s snicker behind their hooves. Somehow I have to think that the entire game is payback for shaving udders before we begin milking, but that’s only my guess.

In preparation for the festivities I spent yesterday getting ready since it was too dern ugly to much of anything else besides watch old Jimmy Stewart western`s with Mr. Yodeling. Not that I don`t like Mr. Stewart for I surely do, but an all-day marathon of western`s counteracts the effects of my beloved java juice. I think I have all the bases covered but just for hoots and hollers we can go over my checklist one final time.

Kidding supplies. Check.

Freshly laundered towels. Check.

Goatpool. Check. What? Oh, this one needs a fast explanation huh? Well firstly for my comic buddies the goatpool in no way has any bearing on Deadpool…. that I`m aware of. Although it is yellow it is not a thought bubble…..that I`m aware of. This is something of a family tradition here. Every year all three yodeling goatherders try to predict what each doe will have-number and sex of each kid-with the winner being allowed to choose the restaurant of their choice for a family meal out! It really is a lot of fun and now Miss Yodeling begins asking about the goatpool weeks before any kids are due. I`ll let y`all know who wins this year`s pool when all the kids are here.

Okay, back to the checklist.

Pregnant goats. Check.




Freshly bedded maternity wing. Check. This is our milking area when we begin to milk, but until we wean the kids it serves as a bonding area. We take the new moms and their wee ones and separate them for a day or two, just to make sure everyone is eating well and mom accepts her babies.

It looks like the checker`s are about as ready as we can be, now it all falls to the checkee`s to do their-Did I just hear goaty snickers?????

Thursday, March 11, 2010

One Liners-3/11

'So are you listening to Moo-town?'

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Case of the Absent ATV Key

There are some cases that befuddle even me, the world`s foremost farming detective. They are rare and I do not say this to bolster my ego nor to try to attempt to draw unwarranted praise. It is simply a fact that my skills in rudimentary deduction and consumption of caffeine-rich beverages are unparalleled within the confines of our country estate. This case, which should have been a most simple one to reason out left me, the chief inspector (Upon whom the pinching was perpetrated firstly) and my clever and winsome companion Miss Yodeling, utterly perplexed. I shall endeavor to explain with more detail.

It began on a very pleasant fall day just last year. The leaves had tumbled from the trees that dot our simple farmstead and the winds carried a tint of the winter to come. I was deeply engrossed in a particularly spicy romance novel and my companion was enjoying a lively game upon her video game system. Our domicile was warmed nicely by the wood stove. My freshly brewed mug rested upon the oval table that rests before our sofa. The canine`s were slumbering as they are want to do and a peaceful silence and tranquility enveloped we two ladies. Suddenly, our front door was tossed open and Chief Inspector Yodeling came blustering in with some of the spent leaves swirling about him.

“Please do hasten to close the door,” I commented lifting my sight from my novel.

“Have no worries! I have only come back to retrieve the key for my all-terrain vehicle,” said the good Inspector as he tugged the screen door closed behind him.

His cheeks were ruddy from the blustery wind I noted. He did close the portal directly and I lowered my gaze back to the upcoming spicy scene. When a few tense moments passed and the inspector began to bluster much like the chilly zephyrs I once more looked from my reading, to gauge what was befuddling the man so.

“Do you know where my key is?” he queried of me.

“The last time I saw it was when it laid on the counter,” I responded. It was then I saw that he now stood at said counter, his hands on his hips and a frown forming. “Did you by any chance return it to the key rack?”

I knew before I poised the query what his reply would be.

“No. I placed it upon this shelf because I knew I would need to use it. Did YOU put it somewhere?” he inquired of me. It is known that I do come along behind the man and tidy. It is a small foible of mine I admit most honestly, but in truth I had not seen nor touched the sought after key and I informed him of this.”Well!” he huffed,” It didn`t just pick up feet and toddle off! Someone must have-“then he froze mid-sentence and leveled a rather disapproving look at me.”Where is your kitten?”

“Now just a moment my good man,” I countered, coming to my slippers with defiance in my tone.”I shall not brook such accusations being tossed about willy-nilly regarding Lu-Lu! Perchance you merely stuck the key into one of your coat pockets!” I argued, although a small nugget of suspicion did blossom in my breast. He then began patting himself down, and doing a most professional job of it if I do say. Sadly his search of his person left us keyless.

We then called Miss Yodeling from her sleeping chamber to see if perhaps she had inadvertently mislaid the key. She assured us she had not. I padded over to the coffeepot and poured another toasty mug full then opened the cupboard door above my head. There resting in a small plastic Barbie glass from Miss Yodeling`s childhood days waited my bubble pipe. I heard the sharp intake of breath from my associates as I placed the stem between my teeth and turned to look at them.

“It appears we have a mystery to unravel,” I announced placidly.

“Great Scott! Do you think we`ve been burgled?!” Miss Yodeling asked and I shook my head.

“No, I do not. I think that this is simply a case of the Inspector misplacing his key.”

“I did not misplace the key, it was stolen and hidden by that kitten of yours and I shall see justice done!” the Inspector said with great veracity.

I saw then that I had to find this missing key and quickly! The reputation of my kitten was at stake! Granted the little tortoiseshell feline was into everything we owned and had been found red-pawed swatting other assorted sundries about. A small key with a sturdy round black plastic cap may have lured the curious cat. It was a possibility that I had to consider as much as it galled me to do so.

“Now now my dear Chief Inspector let us not get ourselves into an uproar before we conduct a thorough and precise search of the premises. I shall take the kitchen area, Miss Yodeling shall scour the living room and you my good man shall check beneath our beds,” I said as calmly as I could. One cannot deduce well if one is riddled with anxiety or low in caffeine, this is proven scientific fact.

“Off we go then!” Miss Yodeling said cheerfully.

Each of us found a portable light and began our respective searches. After a very intense hour had passed we found ourselves stupefied and empty-handed. Each nook and cranny had been gone over. Lights had been cast beneath bedding and into closets. Kitchen appliances had been peeked under. Recliners and our heavy sofa had been pulled out yet no trace of the missing key had been found. I was greatly flummoxed and stood amid the carnage of my misplaced furniture chewing on the stem of my pipe in great concentration.

“What could she have done with it?” Chief inspector Yodeling asked on a tight breath.

“I cannot say,” I muttered and removed my pipe so that I could sip some of the invigorating brew that had chilled in my mug.”It is simply….gone.”

My companions merely gaped at me, yet there was nothing more I could say. There was not a single clue to be had and the accused could not be questioned. Surely I thought we must have overlooked something-some small and innocuous dark cubby-hole that the minx could have knocked the key into? Yet I knew this was not the case. It seemed as if I had been out-foxed or out-catted as the case may be.

Admitting momentary defeat I watched as the Inspector stalked over to our glass-fronted cabinet and tugged out a large clear plastic bag. He then reached into the bag containing the manual for the all-terrain vehicle and removed the spare key, which he then proclaimed he would hang in the shed. It was a most logical idea and I said as much to him. As he re-entered the brisk winds and swirling dried leaves with the spare key in hand, I resigned myself to being once and truly stumped. It was, to say the least, most disconcerting and I knew I would not rest until I had come to a satisfactory conclusion.

A fortnight passed and the alleged perpetrator carried on with her daily activities while I would keep a sharp eye on her, lest she emerge from a hidden spot with the missing key. Over the two weeks she did trot by with a sock, a furry pink mouse, a disposable razor and a ball of silver paper made from Hershey`s candy wrappers, but alas no key. It seemed that my kitten was indeed larcenous and try as I may I could not locate any other explanation! Lu-Lu Light-Finger had become her new and rather unsavory moniker.

That morning I stood at the kitchen counter, the same counter upon which the infamous key had purportedly been laid upon, and sipped some Folgers. Although the others had moved on I for some reason could not seem to let the mystery or the blight upon my skills go. As I lingered and sipped I ran my astute vision over the living room thinking that perhaps I should run the vacuum cleaner to try to dislodge this nagging unsolved crime from my mind. It was then, as I cast my sight to the clutter of chore boots behind the taupe recliner that I saw it. The key!!

I hastened over and dropped to one knee, careful not to disrupt the scene. There on the mauve carpet it lay. My brows knitted and my mind raced. How could this be I wondered. We had moved this chair the night the key had first been noted as missing! Surely such observant and well-trained people as we three goatherders could not have missed it! Most perplexing this development was I had to concede.

As I rose with the key in my palm I simply admitted that this case may well and truly be the one that I could not solve, as humbling as that admission was to make. It was then, as I stood awash in no small amount of shame that Lu-Lu walked past with her fluffy tail high.

“So, you think you have outwitted me do you?” I asked and the feline merely glanced at me with a most superior look. Whoever or whatever happened to the key and however it came to be where it was found would never be known. “Perhaps we should now call you Miss Moriarty?”

A soft purr was her reply.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

From Feral`s Front Porch

Well actually that should read Feral`s goose coop!

I`ve been keeping my eyes open for any harbinger`s of spring I could find. Since no robins or red-winged blackbirds have arrived yet nor have any goat kids * Wags fingers at cross-legged does* I was happier than a hog with a full trough to find these this morning!

The first goose eggs of the season!! These are actually very good to eat and wonderful for baking. We also blow them out and decorate them for Christmas gifts. For those of you who may not own geese, I thought I`d give you a size comparison.

(Please ignore the Lu-Lu toes and nose.)

Going from the right to the left is a bantam egg, a jumbo egg then at the left a goose egg. You can make one heck of an omelette with a couple of those babies!!

I think it is FINALLY coming!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Calico Tales

As you can tell this is a trip down memory lane in honor of our bean cat Susie.

Over the past week since she left us for the rainbow bridge, we`ve had lots of time to sit around and reminiscence. Owning an animal for nineteen years leaves a wagonload of memories, many good and a few bad. Just like their owners our pets can`t be good ALL the time. * Sighs and removes Lu-Lu`s claw from sock*

I thought I would go chronologically which would make the most sense, but this is Feral we`re talking about so if I tend to stray from the time-line someone holler and hold up a fresh cup of coffee, I`ll track myself back by scent alone!

I clearly recall when we first got Susie. It was back before Mister Yodeling and I were even married and stegosauri roamed freely over our county. Just ask my daughter, she`ll vouch for how old-dang! Classic he and I are.

We were living together *Gasps* in this little rented tin-box of a mobile home in a trailer park at the end of our road. Since we couldn`t have dogs we opted for a kitten. While visiting our neighbor and Mister Yodeling`s long time buddy Mister L. one day he offered us a kitten from a litter someone else`s cat had in his garage.

*Scratches chin* You know, as I ponder on it, Mister L. is the same man who gave us Lu-Lu. Good gracious he`s a feline dealer! This is just like ‘Breaking Bad’ except he deals in kittens…or he has a very cat-friendly garage. Hmmm, I`m not quite sure…... I smell coffee-Thanks gang!

We brought the little tri-colored kitten back to the Box-O-Death which is what we affectionately called our cubicle. It was sincerely that bad I do not lie. Sweltering hot in the summer and ice formed on your toes in the winter. But we were young and in love and well, you know, we managed to find ways to stay warm. *Waggles brow* But I digress…

We discovered much to our horror, that the wee little thing was covered with fleas. I shudder even to this day. I despise things that bite me, aside from Mister Yodeling since those are only love bites. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, bees, wasps-Okay yes, bees have stingers but they pierce my flesh so they are lumped in with the biters. I think we bathed that poor cat at least three times before we were satisfied. She looked absolutely bedraggled and highly affronted let me tell you!

Mister and I decided to name her Susie. To this day I cannot recall how Susie became Bean but it did. Isn`t it odd how that happens? You work and fret over an original or nice name for an animal then end up calling it something else?? Our black lab is named Trinity yet she has ended up being call Doidle Dog, or Doi for short. I will not say what we call Lu-Lu since it would violate the already shaky G rating of this here blog. (Note above references to love bites, waggling brows and cold young lovers.)

Another vivid memory I have to pass along that starred Bean was after Miss Yodeling was born. Thankfully by this time we had moved from the Box-O-Death into a much larger, and temperature friendly, mobile home. We still live in it to this day except now sits on our acreage as opposed to a rented lot. Actually we just made our last mortgage payment! *Does happy goatherder clog dance* Where the heck was I? Oh yes, the day the Earth stood still.

If I recollect properly Miss Yodeling may have been two months old when this occurred. It had been a very, very, very L-O-N-G two months with a newborn. I loved her dearly and still do but she was not the most happy of babies when she was newly hatched.

For those who think that large bosom`s equals lots of milk I am here to pooh-pooh that misnomer. They are not mutually exclusive I assure you! I am, and always have been, blessed with more than my share up top. I could not maintain this tiny baby though. She would howl and scream within half an hour of a feeding. This went on until I could no longer take it and went against our doctor`s wishes and switched her to formula. She was happier, I was happier and I don`t think it stunted her any since she can reach the crackers in the cupboard and I cannot. *Sniffs haughtily*

During this time of every new mother`s worst nightmares Mister Yodeling decided to let me sleep one weekend morning. He rose with Miss Yodeling when she began to cry and let the zombie-fried woman he married sleep. This was a pleasure the likes of which I can`t begin to describe. As most new mom`s know when hubby has to go to work you are the one who usually gets the baby detail during the night.

Anyway, this morning of rest for me ended far too quickly. It had nothing to do with a dirty diaper that needed changed, for he would do that when needed. Sure, he would gag and sputter which always puzzled me. A man can gut a deer without a single qualm but when faced with a poopy diaper they fall into a fit of the vapors. Go figure.

This rude awakening centered on our cat Bean who was about five at the time and still able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. The combined shouts of Mister and my child had me up like the proverbial shot from a gun with perhaps an extra hour sleep under my belt. I can only imagine the sight I presented as I stumbled from our bedroom to see what was the matter. Saint Nick I was not! Bean came streaking down the hallway and skidded under our bed.

“What is going on?” I asked as Mister bounced our baby on his shoulder trying to quiet her deafening screams.

“Oh that rassafrassin` cat!” he spit. (He said something beside rassafrassin` but I shall not say what. It was very bad and would definitely rocket us into a sound R rating.)

“What did she do?!” I looked down blearily at the floor and saw our lovely glass picture frame shattered on the carpet lying beside the blanket we would place our precious bundle on. It had been a wedding gift and held a picture of Mister and me on that most special day. I whipped my sight to him and he merely bounced and shushed. My toe may have begun to tap.

“She was up on the entertainment center,” he said over the shrieks,” And knocked the rassafrassin` picture frame down!”

“Did it hit her!?!?” I squeaked and paled simultaneously.

“No. It fell beside her but when I yelled at the rassafrassin` cat she jumped down onto the baby.”

I immediately went into over-protective new mother mode and demanded my child. After a very thorough onceover all that was found of the incident were three cat scratches on her sweet little belly. Some peroxide, many hugs and smooches and a warm bottle of soy milk and Miss Yodeling was right as rain! Man do I wish I would have had my goats back then!

Needless to say by the time all of this was over I was far too rattled to even THINK of going back to bed. That might have been a two pot morning if I know myself as well as I think I know myself.

Bean did mellow of course as the years went by. She lost that frenetic young cat fervor and became a stately old lady content to meander out to the back porch and sun herself, or perhaps mosey into the summer grass if a bird hopped past although the hunting and pouncing were distant memories. It really would be impossible to pass along all the fond recollections I have of her so I chose only two. All kidding aside if we are lucky enough to have all three dogs and Lu-Lu live to be nineteen then we will truly be blessed and our memory cups shall overflow.



Monday, March 1, 2010

Birthday Party Pics

Y`all knew these were coming didn`t ya? *Winks*

Miss Yodeling had a great time, heck we all did. So I can now continue to make the young miss bemoan her reputation even further once this is fed to Facebook. Mua-ha-ha! Doctor Doom has nothing on a mother with a camera and a blog! =)

The Birthday Girl

Grandma Yodeling and Patches ( You can now see why my budding career as a photographer took a nose dive. Grandma does have a top to her head. )

My sister-in-law and most of her family scanning the 4-H cookie order sheet. Never turn down a sales oppurtunity I always say! The handsome young man is not my sister-in-laws boy, he`s my nephew`s son. Her boy was, well we`ll see later what Shane was doing...

Miss Yodeling and Miss Boar Lover cuddling with Patchy.

Grandma`s cat Maxwell, who demanded equal photo time as Patches. *Sighs*

Mama Yodeling (A.K.A. Pippen the Hobbit)and my girl. And a cuppa!!

We did sing despite her pleas not to. Tee-hee-hee.

Hmmmm, too much cake and ice cream Shane??

And lastly, because my sister-in-law said 'I want to see THAT on your blog tomorrow.'

(Don`t laugh too hard Tina, I still have that picture of the top of your head.)

I think I have now mastered the art of embarressing my child and shall proudly accept the black belt of maternal shame-provoking with dignity. * Looks at above photograph* Well, with as much dignity as I can muster anywho.