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Author/Book Spotlight - Misty Harvey's Malevolent Mind

Thank you Vicki for taking the time to share in Malevolent Mind’s cover reveal. This book has been a lot of fun for me to write and I hope in turn that readers will enjoy it as much as I have.

Hello, Readers!

Thank you for taking your time today to stop by to read about my novel and partake in the cover reveal. This novel has truly been a labor of nightmares. I mean that in the best possible way. Raven’s revenge certainly came straight from those sleep-filled nights. There are pieces that are intricately woven into the story line that I’d conjured up to terrify myself awake. Thank you again for that subconscious. Still, there was something so intriguing about the characters in this novel that I had to write their story.
After a nice talk with my editor I came to realize that there are bits of me woven into each one of them. From Heath and his childhood antics of writing stories to scare others, to Raven and her wild dreams to visit haunted places around the world. Even Kade holds parts of me as well.
As a young child my nephew and I used to write these grand tails to tell our younger siblings. We’d try to make them as scary as possible. Being the young, inventive things we were back then we weren’t going to leave anything up to chance. We would take them into the basement, in one of the backrooms and read the scary tales to them. Just as we’d get to the climatic part of the bit we were reading we’d haul our behinds through the basement, flipping off lights as quickly as possible to leave them alone down there in the dark.
While we were busy laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe our parents were right there, ready to ground us. Still, it didn’t matter how many times we did that to them they kept returning to listen to more of the story. We knew we were onto something when it even managed to scare us.
These things continued to stick with me as I grew up. I wove these stories trying to scare me and others around me. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t.
Still, I will continue to create these tails where I not only get to frighten others and myself, but it’ll give me a chance to delve into the psychological aspects that come with such things. I can’t wait to release more novels in the future for readers to enjoy.
I hope you will all take time to enjoy the excerpt that I’ve chosen from Malevolent Mind and will keep your eyes open for its release on March 16th.

Malevolent Mind


A story so dark, twisted and unfinished has a way of driving the sanest to the brink of insanity.

Between the constant state of bullying from Heath and his friends, and the unrest of not knowing what happened to her twin, Raven seeks revenge. Years later, she becomes the nanny for Heath’s young son, Kade. She helps him start a horror story with the plan to bring the horrible creature Kade created into the real world to torment Heath and his friends. It was perfect, until everything began unraveling. When Kade’s creation no longer wishes to do Raven’s bidding, it becomes a fight for life or death. The only way to survive is to figure out how to finish off the creature before she finds her freedom. Will Kade find a way to stop the creation of his malevolent mind? Or will Raven’s revenge consume them all?


Kade sat there in the middle of the room. He pulled his legs up against his chest, wrapping his arms around them. There was nothing to see now that his head cowered there in the darkness of his own lap. If tonight was the night that he’d die, he wasn’t so sure he’d want to see either of the girls coming for him.
His ears perked up. Behind him came the sound of rustling clothes. He lifted his head, unable to keep it down. It was just his imagination. That was all.
The feel of icy breath slid over the back of his neck. Each tiny hair stood at attention as the stench of decay washed over him. Was it the girl from the river or was it Zilla? Kade flipped onto his knees, the beam of the flashlight straight forward.
There, inches from his face, was Zilla. She stared at him. Her mouth was open at an angle as her tongue flicked out against the air. It was too late to run anywhere.
Death stared him right in the face. Part of him felt relief that it was only her. Of course, that was if the other one wasn’t waiting for him as well. He didn’t dare move the flashlight beam to find out. Zilla had appeared out of nowhere so who knew what would happen once the light wasn’t on her?
Kade watched as her blue-tinged hand reached up for him. She held her hand for him to take. Something told him that doing so would be the end of him. Panic gripped his insides and he knew he had moments to make the first move. If he didn’t react soon, she’d overpower him.
He swung out with the flashlight, catching her on the side of the head. Her body rolled across the floor with a sickening thud. Kade was sure that the magnum flashlight had cracked her skull. It had nearly broken his foot when he'd dropped it one time. He jumped across his bed, darting into the hallway. His gaze moved around the hall as he tried to make out anything.
The sound of her rapidly skittering toward him had him running down the hallway. He stopped at Raven’s door, trying her handle, but the door wouldn’t budge. Instead, the old wood rattled in the frame.
In a flash of lightning, he watched Zilla skitter into the hall on her hands and feet, her body parallel to the floor as she let out a sickening hiss. Half her head remained dented in from where he’d clocked her with the flashlight. It was a terrifying image to behold. The fact that she continued to chase him regardless turned his stomach.
Kade looked back only briefly before he ran. She was close on his heels. In the distance, he could just make out his father’s door. His bare feet padded against the wood flooring.
Goosebumps raced up his spine as her icy fingers wrapped around his ankle. The weight of his body hit the floor with a loud thud. His head bounced against the hard surface blurring his vision. Tears filled his eyes making it even harder to see. At least now, he wouldn’t have to worry about seeing his death coming.
The cold sensation crept up his leg, over his knee and toward his waist. He could feel the weight of her above him as she crawled up his body. Time slowed so that each second felt like eons. The stench of her undead body burned at his nostrils. Kade gagged on the smell that was so strong he could almost taste it.
He didn’t want to die. Life was too short for him. There was still so much that he wanted to do. Besides, he wasn’t sure who would take care of his father if he wasn’t there any longer. That thought rolled inside of him. He wasn’t going to go out like this, a cowering lump of fear on the floor. If she wanted to kill him, she’d have to fight a lot harder for it.
Kade grabbed her arms, rolling them over as he kicked out with both his legs. Her body smashed into the wall across from them, freeing him to run. He scrambled onto his feet, darting for his father’s room.
The bright light blinded him as he ran for it. That was it. He’d found his end and now he was headed into the light. Just as he’d read in another book. It was his time to cross over.

Misty Harvey loves writing spine-tingling horror novels sure to thrill readers. The psychology behind such tales has always been a fascination for her since she was younger. Even to the point that she once contemplated taking up psychology as a profession. Still, her love resides in the art of storytelling. An art she wishes to continue to share with readers for the rest of her days.

After climbing out of her writing cave and searching the house for the sound of the latest creak or pop, Misty can be found doing one of many things. Often times she spends the remained of her day with her amazingly supportive husband and youngest daughter. While she has two older children that are out there spreading their wings around the world, including giving her a few grandchildren.

Her favorite things to do when not writing are crafts, wrestling with her dog, avoiding her cat’s bite or generally making her husband and daughter crazy. Often times she can be found creating vivid tales with her daughter about whatever mundane thing happened in their day and turning it into a crazy story. She is also an avid gamer, crochet goddess (we shall pretend there), domestic queen, and animal tamer (it’s a work in progress).

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Twitter: AuthorMDHarvey

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Tuesday Tales - Picture Prompt

It`s time for Tuesday Tales.

 Welcome back! Rj Scott and I are still working away on Changing Lines, our M/M hockey collaboration novel. We’re both quite excited to be working on this series of M/M hockey romances. It should be a fun, sexy, and romantic group of books and I cannot wait to share some snippets with you!

This week is our picture prompt week and all posts must be 300 words or under and reflect the chosen image. In this snippet, we’ll get a wee bit of spicy stuff in the bedroom. *wink*
This story will have same sex moments, strong social issues addressed and crude language, these are hockey players after all. If those things offend now is the time to move onto another Tuesday Tales blog. Thanks for stopping by!

Mads picked up my bag then offered me his hand. For some reason, after all the time spent pitching myself around because of lack of sex, now that he was waiting for me to take his hand to go have sex, I was feeling stupid and shy. He arched a brow.

“If you’re not ready, Ten, that’s fine.”

“No, I’m ready.” I placed my hand into his. My heart started dancing irregularly. “Are you kidding? I’ve been ready for weeks. Months.”

“There’s a difference between being physically ready and mentally ready.” We stood in his tidy living room – which had all kinds of furnishings – holding hands while he tried to feel me out. “Are you sure you’re mentally ready?”

“I’m sure.” I stepped into him and kissed him with all I had, our clasped hands pinned between his chest and mine. When we broke apart I found his gaze resting on me. “I’m so sure. I want you inside me.”

“Dear God, Tennant,” he sighed, took a light kiss, and then led me to his bedroom. It was a nice room. Filled with a dresser and a neatly made bed. I’d been in it at least two dozen times but now that we were getting down to more than humping each other or touching each other’s dicks through our underwear, the room seemed bigger, the bed enormous. Hell, my lover suddenly seemed to have grown a foot or two. “You look like you’re ready to run.”

“I’m feeling stupid and small.” He released my hand then placed my overnight bag beside the light oaken dresser. “Okay, so I’ve sucked lots of dick, right?” My nerves were jangling. Mads nodded. “So, I’m good with that. But the other stuff…”

Copyright 2017 ©by V.L. Locey


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Fandom Friday - Who Should be the New Doctor Who

That seems to be the big discussion in the Whovian world of late so I thought I’d toss my two pennies into the conversation. For those who aren’t following all the Dr. Who/ Torchwood pages on Facebook like a certain person I know *looks in mirror* let me give just a little background on the topic.

Oh, about a month or so ago, Peter Capaldi, who plays the current Doctor, announced that this season would be his last piloting the TARDIS. As you can imagine the internet has been aflutter with all sorts of theories, suppositions, guesses, and sometimes downright nastiness over the incoming number thirteen. As you can also imagine there are the fans who are dead set against a woman taking the role.

The loud, angry ones don’t seem to mind as much if a black man would get the nod but a woman seems to really set them off. This is not surprising. Just take a look at any TV or movie role where a woman is cast as the lead in what has been a predominately male genre. You don’t have to dig too hard. The uproar over the last two Star Wars movies shows us that there are some really insecure and frightened dudes out there.

I’ve read articles stating that it’s time – actually beyond time – for the show to have a person of color or a woman as the lead. The show has been airing for over fifty years and in all that time a white man has played the role. Why not a woman? There is precedence for a female Time Lord. Just look at Master/Missy and you’ll see that those folks from Gallifrey can swap genders.

So, since we know that Time Lords can regenerate as either sex, why not have a woman as the next Doctor? Or a man of color? I’m firmly behind either as long as the actor/actress chosen is right for the role. That’s very important. Simply picking a woman because she’s a woman won’t work. If the next Doctor is to be a woman or person of color they have to be perfect for the part.

Casting is going to be hugely important. Personally, I hope they choose an unknown actor/actress who will make the role his/hers. What plumbing they have is secondary as long as they love the world and the lore of Doctor Who as much as the fandom does. If the powers-to-be do this – choose the incoming actor/actress by suitability - then whoever is the next Doctor will be setting off on their time travels on the right foot…or with the right sonic screwdriver in hand. Whichever tickles your time traveling fancy!

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Tuesday Tales - Love

It`s time for Tuesday Tales.

 Welcome back! “Love” is our word this week. Rj Scott and I are still working away on Changing Lines, our M/M hockey collaboration novel. We’re both quite excited to be working on this series of M/M hockey romances. It should be a fun, sexy, and romantic group of books and I cannot wait to share some snippets with you!

In this excerpt, Tennant and Jared run into each other after some on-ice testing in the morning. I think we can safely say that Ten is smitten with the older man. 

This story will have same sex moments, strong social issues addressed and crude language, these are hockey players after all. If those things offend now is the time to move onto another Tuesday Tales blog. Thanks for stopping by!

“Right, water.” I shot up and hustled into the kitchen. When I returned with two tall glasses of ice water, Mads had gotten his clothing back in place and was flipping through one of the sheet music books that had come with my new used piano. The cubes in the glass clinked against the sides. He glanced up at me standing there staring at him. I held out a glass of ice water. He put the book in front of the other one resting on the music rack. “I didn’t have any lemon or flavoring so it’s just plain Harrisburg city water.”

“Yum,” Mads joked as he took the glass. I sat back down on his left and sipped at my chemical-rich water. Mads took a sip, made a face, and then gently placed his water on the floor by his feet. “When I was a kid we used to go to this lodge up in Chicopee to ski. Along one of the slopes someone – years ago – had run a pipe back into the mountain and fresh spring water ran from that pipe all year round. I’d always stop and drink from it. It was so cold it would make your head hurt like ice cream.” I nodded. “That was the best water I’ve ever tasted.”

“Maybe when you retire for good you should move back to Chicopee and have that water every day,” I offered because he was sounding kind of wistful.

“Maybe I will. So, how are you feeling about things?” Shit. He spun that back around to me fast. I glanced at the sheet music book. It was a Disney one. A few quiet seconds turned into several awkwardly quiet moments. Mads shifted around on the bench. The time had come for me to reply but I didn’t know what to say. Lying seemed shitty. Telling more lies, that is. But admitting to him that my feelings were all over the place when he was near didn’t seem like the way to go. “Ten, if you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine.”

“It is?” I stared at the cubes in my water. They had tiny little air bubbles frozen in them. That was sort of how I felt. Like I had things trapped inside.

“It is completely fine. Why don’t you play me a song?” His request brought my head up and my eyes from my cubes. He was smiling again. Why did he do that? Didn’t he know he was deadly lethal to any man when he smiled? “You do play. I heard you rocking out in here. I’d forgotten that you did to be honest. Brady plays guitar, right?”

The last person I wanted to talk about was Brady. “Uh, okay.” I bent to the side to put my glass of water on the floor. “What song do you want to hear? I’m kind of rusty, which is why I got the scales and arpeggios comment from my mother.”

“And I thought only aristocratic cats did those.”

“Okay, now that one I get,” I chuckled as he reached for the Disney sheet music book.

“And we thought we’d never find anything in common aside from hockey,” he joked and flipped to a random page then plunked the book back into the rack. “Play this one.”

I glanced at the title. Wow. This hardly seemed like the kind of song I should be playing with his hip keeping mine warm. Then again it had gotten Simba some face rubbing. I’d take a face rub with Mads. Whiskers on whiskers… oh man…

“Okay.” Playing seemed less dangerous than thinking about his whiskers.

“Are there words?” He asked after I played a few notes.

“Yeah, they’re just not on the sheet music. You want the words?”

“Do you know them?” He seemed really into this for some reason.

“Dude, I grew up with Sir Elton John’s biggest fan. I could sing this in my sleep.”

That made his smile wider. Yep, I was going to melt and all those stupid fizzy bubbles trapped inside me were going to float free. Instead of liquefying all over the man, I took a breath in through my nose, let it out the same way, and began playing and singing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” for him. When the last note faded, I shook off the hold that playing held me in and chanced a peek to my side. Mads looked spellbound or something.

“I told you my finger work was a little weak.”
He needed to say something because I was getting majorly self-conscious. Mads blinked and then leaned in to press his lips to mine. It was a chaste kiss but it nearly knocked me backward off the bench. 

Copyright 2017 ©by V.L. Locey


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Fandom Friday - Valentine's Day Help from Captain Jack Harkness

Because who knows more about wooing all the gents and gals than Jack Harkness? I dare say no one! So, to help we mortals out as we search for romance this Valentine's Day, Jack has kindly agreed to loan us one of his best pick-up lines. What a great guy he is! *wink*

Happy Valentine's Day! 


If you're interested, here are the links to my fan fiction blog and AO3 page:

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Tuesday Tales - Metal

It`s time for Tuesday Tales.

 Welcome back! “Metal” is our word this week. Rj Scott and I are still working away on Changing Lines, our M/M hockey collaboration novel. We’re both quite excited to be working on this series of M/M hockey romances. It should be a fun, sexy, and romantic group of books and I cannot wait to share some snippets with you!

In this excerpt, Tennant and Jared run into each other after some on-ice testing in the morning. I think we can safely say that Ten is smitten with the older man.

This story will have same sex moments, strong social issues addressed and crude language, these are hockey players after all. If those things offend now is the time to move onto another Tuesday Tales blog. Thanks for stopping by!

Ten minutes later the four of us who had the fastest times were back out for another three minutes of hell. Yay. Playing hockey was so much fun. It was close but I eked past Troy Hanson, the first line left winger. He was smaller than me and lighter but I managed to smoke him by a full two-tenths of a second. After we caught our breath then it was more testing. Forty meter sprints forward and backwards, slalom pylon tests, and another round of endurance laps.

When my skates hit rubber, I was spent. There was not one little puff of energy for me to pull up from deep within. I desperately wanted some chocolate milk. I wobbled down the hall outside the Railers dressing room, heavy metal music blaring from within, and rounded a corner to find Mads trying to feed a dollar bill into the coffee machine. He glanced over his shoulder. Our gazes met and held. The machine spit his buck back out and he cussed as he bent over to pick it up.

“Need a little zip?” I asked as I padded up to the cold drinks machine.

“Something like that.” He turned the bill around and tried again.

“Got a buck I can borrow?” Mads looked at me as if I had asked him to loan me a kidney. I patted the back of my sweaty hockey pants. “No wallet on me.”

“Oh, sure. Here, use this one. Maybe that machine will like it better.”

“Thanks.” I took the wrinkled one and tried flattening it on the side of the soda machine. Mads dug into his wallet and pulled out a less tattered bill. “So, what did you think of the runs?” I asked to make conversation. Standing beside him, his elbow bumping mine, and not talking seemed weird and awkward.

“You know I can’t discuss those with you,” he replied then smiled as the machine sucked his buck in. Man, that smile…it changed him. The fine lines around his eyes and mouth deepened a little. It made him look a smidgen more mature and ten times hotter. My body tingled, a rush of desire igniting in my belly and spreading out like one of those control burns the forest service does. If I touched him now in some flirty way that contained blaze would roar to life and engulf me as if I were a parched woodland.

Copyright 2017 ©by V.L. Locey


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Fandom Friday Audio Book Review – Doctor Who - Pest Control

INCOMING TARDIS!!  *hangs onto papers on desk*

Hey fandom friends, welcome back for another review. This time around we’re going to chat briefly about an audiobook from the extensive Doctor Who library. I’m a relative newbie to audio books, having gotten into them when my old pub had my shifter books made into audio. I have to say I’m hooked now, and love to listen to audio books as well as audio dramas, especially when driving to and from the gym. Big Finish Productions puts out some amazing Torchwood and Doctor Who audio dramas and I’m sure we’ll have a few reviews of those pop up along the way.

So, onto the review. I’ll start things off by saying that I could sit and listen to David Tennant read a manual on how to repair a Studebaker truck engine. I love his voice and that accent of his is to die for. Also, he’s my favorite Doctor with Eccleston and Smith very close seconds. I’ve also discovered that I much prefer to have the actors of the shows reading the book as opposed to a random narrator. It pulls me in more for some reason. Tennant does an incredible job narrating “Pest Control”, a 2008 BBC Audio offering. His sense of humor stands out, as does his knack for slipping into the different personas. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing him playing Donna. He has her character down pat.

There’s an engaging storyline with a really good sci-fi plot, lots of action, aliens, and laughs. There are bugs, battles, and of course, the Doctor just manages to pull everyone’s collective backsides out of the fire. I do love a sexy Time Lord! It runs for two and a half hours so there’s plenty of story to enjoy. If you’re a Whovian you should find this audio book quite enjoyable. If you’re not a fan of the show but like sci-fi it’s still a sound story with plenty of Tennant’s manic humor and engaging personality. 

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Point Shot Trilogy Box Set Cover Reveal & Exclusive Character Interview!

The idea to allow Victor Kalinski to host interviews on my blog came to me one day while chatting with my online sprinting friends. I’d been lamenting about being such a bad blogger and not having any ideas. One of the ladies suggested character interviews, which are sort-of fun.

“Maybe I should let Vic host the interviews,” I tossed out flippantly.

The gals loved the idea. When I presented it to Vic a few days later he gave me a quirk of a red eyebrow, an evil smile, and a nod of agreement. And to that end here we are about to unleash Victor on my other characters – and maybe even some who aren’t mine – as their new book releases approach. Forgive me. Truly, I know not what I do.

One other thing...

This is Victor Kalinski. He is/was a hockey player married to a hockey player who spends most of his time with a team of hockey players. Rude talk about sex, genitalia, and bodily functions is a given. Foul language and sarcasm are to be expected. If these things knot your knickers it’s best to leave now because Victor does not hold back. All I can do is hope that Dan being at his side will help temper his tongue a wee tiny bit. Yeah right. *hides under Rangers umbrella*


(Both guys are seated in very nice chairs and are fiddling with microphones just like the Game Grumps use because Victor insisted. Shout out to Arin and Danny! WE LOVE YOU! Ahem. A table rests between the chairs, on top of it is an ice bucket filled with ice and cans of Coca-Cola. Slipknot plays as mood music. V.L. sits off-stage with an umbrella open and held over her head for no reason aside from the fact that it’s a New York Rangers umbrella and toads will probably fall from the skies as punishment from the gods for setting Victor loose in blog-land.)

Victor – “Okay, see V.L. has totally lost her faculties and I do not mean she misplaced her teachers. You know that, right? She plunks me down across from an empty chair, hands me a six-pack of Coke, and tells me to be nice to the guests. If she wants nice she should have given you the gig because your nice. Me? *snorts* I’m about as nice as a pie.”

Dan- “Nice as pie? Vic, that makes no sense. Pie is nice. It’s sweet and crusty. Actually, now that I think on it, you are pie.”

Vic- “I am not sweet. I’m like rattlesnake pie.”

Dan- “You make up the dumbest stuff.”

Vic- “No, I do not Samwise. Down south they make rattlesnake pie. Truth.”

Dan- “Really?”

Vic- “Total gospel. You Canuck’s don’t know about rattlesnake pie? Toss me a Coke.” Dan chucks a cold can of soda to his husband. “Thanks, babe.” Pops the top and takes a long pull. “So, the premise of this whole thing is to do character interviews of V.L.’s and maybe some other author’s imaginary friends in preparation for upcoming releases. Which is okay. I mean, I can get into talking to McGarrity and Lila when their book comes out. And maybe a few other studs in her stable, but this month the upcoming book is ours.”

Dan – “It’s actually a rerelease.”

Vic – “Whatever. It’s still our books coming out now that V.L. has us back and has vowed to never let Vic K. go again. Ah, she’s such a clever minx even if she does cheer for the wrong pro team. Also, many other women have sworn to never let me go once they get their hands on my impressive Polish meat. Several men too. Just saying.”

V.L. – “Can it, Kalinski. Talk books and leave the Rangers and your Polish meat out of it.”

Vic – “Freaking Rangers. I played for Boston and she cheers the pretty boys of Broadway.” Looks at Dan. “Did you ever notice that you strongly resemble that frisky Norwegian winger that V.L. is so fond of?”

Dan – “No clue what you’re talking about.” Cracks open a can of soda then tosses long, dark hair from his face.

Vic- “Right.” Rolls his eyes. “Moving on then. Let’s talk about me.” Dan clears his throat. “Or we can talk about you.”

Dan – “That would be cool. So, I come from a little town in Manitoba called--”

Vic – “When did you first know that I was the hottest thing you ever saw and you had to have me? What? Inquiring minds want to know.”

Dan- “Your mind wants to know. We talk about this all the time, Vic. You and me seeing each other that first day you come back to Cayuga after Boston sent you down for disciplinary reasons.”

Vic – “Disciplinary action my balls. They just wanted to hide me in this ass-crack of a town and pretend I never existed.” Drains first can of Coke. “Toss me another.”

Dan – “No, you need to let the rush from that one wear off. Okay, now back to when we met. I knew you from the news, you know? Seen you play. You had wicked skills. I never knew your eyes were so pretty or so filled with pain until I seen them in person.”

Vic wiggles in his chair.

Vic – “And once you gazed into my lipid hazel eyes you fell head over heels. Blah, blah, typical gay romance novel shit. Move it along folks, nothing to see here.” Waves his hand around.

Dan – “Actually, the first day we met you punched me in the face.”

Vic- “You made a dumb Polack joke. Not that the joke was dumb because it was a pretty decent jab but you insinuated that we Poles are dumb which we are not. So, I popped you.”

Dan – “Yep, you did. I deserved that one though. Then what, like two weeks later or something we was on the road and all over each other.”

Vic- “We did hump like monkeys that first time…”

Dan – “We still do even though we’re married.”

Vic – “Who would have thunk it? I think I might find you hotter now that you got my ring on your finger. If only I could get you to meet me at the door in an apron and high heels.”

Dan – “I’ll meet you at the door with a pile-driver you keep talking about me in an apron. You might be taller than me but you know I can whip your pale ass.”

Vic – “Pft. You pin and fuck me a few times and you think you're Triple H or something. Enough talk about this wrestling crap. Back to me. I mean you. I mean us. Are you digging this show so far? I even picked out a theme song.”

Dan – “This bit has a theme song?”

Vic – “It does.” Cues up Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too” then begins to sing along while flashing a big V whenever the big V is called for in the song. “The V is a two, just thought I’d whip that out since V.L. didn’t explain that well.”

Dan – “Yeah, that song fits you perfect. I think she explained it okay.”

Vic – “You are so fucking cute. That’s why I married you. Your cuteness. Also, I love how you use that tongue of yours.”

Dan gives his lips a good porn star wetting.

Vic – “Keep that up and the good folks at home are going to get a wedge of man sex served up like a slice of warm apple pie with cheese.”

Dan – “Okay, I’ll stop. Not that I never had sex with you where people could read about it, but because every time you mention apple pie with cheese, I end up with Velveeta dribbled over me.”

Vic – “And you’re complaining?”

Dan – “Nope, I just didn’t think V.L. wanted cheese mess all over her new chairs. Tell them about the box set, Vic.”

Vic – “Chill out, babe. V.L. is putting all three of our novellas into a box set and pricing it hella good. Check it. $4.99 for three novellas. I mean, that’s one third what it cost readers who bought the books separately from the publisher. That’s a great deal for digital! For those who want me and Dan in print so they can caress my fine pale Polish skin, V.L. will have you covered. First time ever our story will be available in print and with new artwork. Man, the new covers are hot, romantic, and capture me and my man perfectly. Lay your peepers on this beauty…”

Dan – “Man, those are really nice. Any idea what the print copies will cost?”

Vic – “Not a clue yet but as soon as Madame Author over there finds out she’ll pass it along via the Book of Face, her blog, and her website. We’re shooting for a release date of 3/1/17 so mark that day down on your calendars. There will be no preorders for this book. I was told to say that by the short chick under that tacky red, white, and blue umbrella. You can add us to your Goodreads Want-To-Read list by following the funky little link right here--"

Add Point Shot Box Set to Goodreads Shelf

Dan – “Sweet! So, who are you going to be talking to the next time on the 'The Face Off' show?”

Vic – “Looks like we got Mario and Lila up next. They have a book coming out on 4/6/17 called Snap Shot that will kick off the new Cayuga Cougars LGBT erotic hockey romance series.”

Dan – “I love Mario and Madame Lila. So many people wanted to read more about them. McGarrity is a gas. How many hockey players you see in a kilt? I never seen too many back in Manitoba.”

Vic – “Yeah, he is. We ginger men are all the rage. Also, Lila is the best. I mean. The. Fucking. Best.”

Dan – “She’s awesome. Good to see our transgender sisters and brothers getting some of the spotlight.”

Vic – “Hashtag representation matters. Guess that’s all the time I’m giving this for the day. What say we head home and break out the Velveeta? All that talk about cheese has given me half a chub.”

They leave the set in a rush.

V.L. peeks out from under Rangers umbrella. “Phew. Nary a toad in sight. Okay. Good. Maybe Vic will behave and not be an obnoxious jerk to everyone who sits across from him. And maybe an armadillo will play the national anthem on kazoo at the next Cougar’s home game.”