Friday, May 19, 2017

You're My Best Friend...Sometimes

I have a great affection for secondary characters. They’re a vitally important part of my books, some even going on to have their own books because they’re so popular. *hugs Mario McGarrity* I take great care when making those best friends or roommates that interact with my guys and gals. Is there anything better than a great friend, a wacky roommate, or one of those eccentric goalies?

Secondary characters many times become the voice of reason to our protagonist. They help calm our hero down, pick them up, cheer them on, and sometimes point out the errors of their ways. Those supporting characters keep our hero from being too perfect. They keep them grounded and relatable while sometimes providing help in solving conflict. Just like in real life, our buddies give us a hand when we need it the most.

But, on the other hand, not all secondary characters are friendly. Some are real jerks who push and prod our hero into action, create plot twists, or add drama or upheaval to the story.

In First Season, Harrisburg Railers #2, the book I’m currently coauthoring with the delightful Rj Scott, I have a secondary character who’s a very important part of one of the leading man’s life. I have plans for this supporting character to be the one person that Adler can turn to when faced with the crazy and wild emotions he’ll be feeling about Layton. Hopefully, Apollo will be able to give his best friend some good advice, and if the advice fails, he can boot Ad in the ass when needed.

Who are some of your favorite supporting characters? I’d love to hear about them – and how you feel about secondary characters – in the comments below.

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