Friday, March 10, 2017

Fandom Friday - Logan Movie Review

Last night I finally got a chance to see “Logan” with the hubster. The experience was a bittersweet one for me but also highly enjoyable.

Without question “Logan” is the Wolverine movie we die hard Wolvie fans have been waiting for. I’ve made no secret of the fact that previous Wolverine movies have been disappointing to say the least. I refuse to even discuss the catastrophe that was “Wolverine: Origins” because it infuriates my Wolvie fan girl and my Deadpool fan girl. When those two are mad it’s not pretty. The only one who has a chance of talking them down is my Iron Man fan girl, but she generally just pours herself a martini and sits back to watch the carnage while tossing bon mots.

First off  let me give some big thanks to the powers to be for giving “Logan” an R rating. They all should have been rated R if you ask me. Much like Deadpool, Wolverine works best when you let him off his leash. If you dull his claws – or curb Wade’s mouth – you have a sickly, watered down version of the comic character. Yes, I know… the kids. 

Well, sometimes the kids may just need to sit out a flick or two. They can watch Cap correcting people about language and let us grown-ups have the bad ass boys. You know, the ones who cuss, drink, slice and dice, and have gritty sex. My kind of Marvel men. If only we could lure Tony into the mature side of things… *fades off while remembering Ultimate Iron Man and the Tony/Tasha sex tape panels*

 Ahem…yes. Back to Wolverine.

So, we had a bloody, gory mess with lots of swearing and Hugh looking ragged and kind of old but still sexy as hell. Patrick Stewart was incredible. Simply incredible. I’m not going to spoil for those who might not have seen it yet, but this was by far the best Professor X we’ve ever had from Mr. Stewart. I will cop to the fact that I’ve never been the biggest X-23 fan. I don’t hate her but she’s never appealed to me as Logan has over the years. This movie has made me like Laura much more than I did, and the child who portrayed her did an excellent job in the role.

It’s just a wonderful movie from top to bottom. Lots of action, superb acting, drama and emotion, a compelling plot, and some beautiful locations and cinematography. I will sorely miss Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. I don't fault him with the flops that some of the Wolverine films were. That fault lies with the scripts and those who penned them. Hugh has been a wonderful James Howlett. I’m not sure who – if anyone – they plan to bring in to play Logan in future films, but whoever it is will have some damn big claw marks to fill.


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Cathy Brockman said...

I haven't seen any of the wolverine movies. I would like to see Logan Anything Hugh Jackman then add in Patrick Stewart it's good for the eye candy!