Friday, February 17, 2017

Fandom Friday - Who Should be the New Doctor Who

That seems to be the big discussion in the Whovian world of late so I thought I’d toss my two pennies into the conversation. For those who aren’t following all the Dr. Who/ Torchwood pages on Facebook like a certain person I know *looks in mirror* let me give just a little background on the topic.

Oh, about a month or so ago, Peter Capaldi, who plays the current Doctor, announced that this season would be his last piloting the TARDIS. As you can imagine the internet has been aflutter with all sorts of theories, suppositions, guesses, and sometimes downright nastiness over the incoming number thirteen. As you can also imagine there are the fans who are dead set against a woman taking the role.

The loud, angry ones don’t seem to mind as much if a black man would get the nod but a woman seems to really set them off. This is not surprising. Just take a look at any TV or movie role where a woman is cast as the lead in what has been a predominately male genre. You don’t have to dig too hard. The uproar over the last two Star Wars movies shows us that there are some really insecure and frightened dudes out there.

I’ve read articles stating that it’s time – actually beyond time – for the show to have a person of color or a woman as the lead. The show has been airing for over fifty years and in all that time a white man has played the role. Why not a woman? There is precedence for a female Time Lord. Just look at Master/Missy and you’ll see that those folks from Gallifrey can swap genders.

So, since we know that Time Lords can regenerate as either sex, why not have a woman as the next Doctor? Or a man of color? I’m firmly behind either as long as the actor/actress chosen is right for the role. That’s very important. Simply picking a woman because she’s a woman won’t work. If the next Doctor is to be a woman or person of color they have to be perfect for the part.

Casting is going to be hugely important. Personally, I hope they choose an unknown actor/actress who will make the role his/hers. What plumbing they have is secondary as long as they love the world and the lore of Doctor Who as much as the fandom does. If the powers-to-be do this – choose the incoming actor/actress by suitability - then whoever is the next Doctor will be setting off on their time travels on the right foot…or with the right sonic screwdriver in hand. Whichever tickles your time traveling fancy!

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