Friday, February 3, 2017

Fandom Friday Audio Book Review – Doctor Who - Pest Control

INCOMING TARDIS!!  *hangs onto papers on desk*

Hey fandom friends, welcome back for another review. This time around we’re going to chat briefly about an audiobook from the extensive Doctor Who library. I’m a relative newbie to audio books, having gotten into them when my old pub had my shifter books made into audio. I have to say I’m hooked now, and love to listen to audio books as well as audio dramas, especially when driving to and from the gym. Big Finish Productions puts out some amazing Torchwood and Doctor Who audio dramas and I’m sure we’ll have a few reviews of those pop up along the way.

So, onto the review. I’ll start things off by saying that I could sit and listen to David Tennant read a manual on how to repair a Studebaker truck engine. I love his voice and that accent of his is to die for. Also, he’s my favorite Doctor with Eccleston and Smith very close seconds. I’ve also discovered that I much prefer to have the actors of the shows reading the book as opposed to a random narrator. It pulls me in more for some reason. Tennant does an incredible job narrating “Pest Control”, a 2008 BBC Audio offering. His sense of humor stands out, as does his knack for slipping into the different personas. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing him playing Donna. He has her character down pat.

There’s an engaging storyline with a really good sci-fi plot, lots of action, aliens, and laughs. There are bugs, battles, and of course, the Doctor just manages to pull everyone’s collective backsides out of the fire. I do love a sexy Time Lord! It runs for two and a half hours so there’s plenty of story to enjoy. If you’re a Whovian you should find this audio book quite enjoyable. If you’re not a fan of the show but like sci-fi it’s still a sound story with plenty of Tennant’s manic humor and engaging personality. 

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Misty Harvey said...

I love audio books for when I'm crocheting or doing housework.