Friday, January 6, 2017

Fandom Friday Review - Arrow

Since this day is all about sharing the love of our fandoms, I thought that perhaps posting reviews of shows, movies, comics, books, or audio books every now and then might be cool. Maybe it will spur some discussion about the fandoms that we love or persuade someone to check out something new. I’d be more than willing to have guest reviewers on, so if you’d like to give it a shot just shout! And so, here’s my first every FFR for the television series Arrow.

I tried. Honestly, I did. 

Perhaps I’m just too much of a Marvel girl. Maybe I’m just too particular about the personality of my leading men or perhaps it’s just that this particular DC show and I weren’t meant to be, even though my beloved John Barrowman did grace it.

After seeing Suicide Squad the idea to give DC another shot had been rattling around inside my head. Ever since the days of being a moderator over on the old Marvel message boards I’d been a Marvel-only type of comic reader. But, Suicide Squad won me over. Something that no Batman or Superman movie had been able to do. When I discovered that Barrowman was on Arrow, that seemed like a sign and I dove into the show with glee.

It took me about ten episodes to realize that Oliver Queen and I were not going to mesh well, no matter how good the man looks. And that lack of bonding with the lead was what killed this show for me. Not the acting or the action, the storyline, or the fact that by the time I had called it quits there were more people in spandex on Arrow than in Xavier’s spiffy mansion. And remember there was the big draw of Malcolm Merlyn. Not even John Barrowman could help me get past Oliver’s off-putting personality though.

Obviously, it’s a personal quirk. I have never been a fan of the “I’m so damaged. Watch me endure great heartache and never show emotion” type of hero. If you look at my top five Marvel men -Iron Man, Wolverine, Deadpool, Nightcrawler, and Gambit -  they’re all pretty much overflowing with personality and shade. You might not like Tony’s personality but he has one. Same with Wade, Remy, or Logan. Everyone loves Kurt, how can you not? Oliver Queen? There’s nothing there to like or dislike and therein lies the problem, at least for this old comic fan.

I was so desperate and determined to like this show that I forced myself to watch the first two seasons of forty plus episodes. I was sure something or someone *glances at Malcolm Merlyn* could turn things around for me. When I found myself searching for Barrowman’s appearances and skipping the rest of the show, I knew that I’d never be able to push through until the end. And I’m really bummed about that because I do love the comic genre and would love to have more shows like Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones to enjoy.

So, in closing, if you’re the type who enjoys tall, dark, and stoic leads then Arrow is right up your crime-fighting alley. But if you like a bit more sass in your heroes, you’ve been forewarned that cheek and Oliver Queen don’t live in the same area code.



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Susanne Matthews said...

Sorry, girl, but we have to disagree on this one. I love Arrow, even if the flashbacks to his bad old days are annoying. I guess the guilt-ridden, brooding, stoic hero, a lot like Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, is my style. What I don't like is the way they've killed off the characters from the first seasons--his best friend Tommy, his mother, Laurel and Sara Lance, although Laurel came back from the dead and stars in Legends of Tomorrow. I was devastated when his relationship with Felicity fell through. I'm looking forward to how things will change again this year. It looks like they're bringing Laurel back from the dead, too.

V.L. Locey said...

And that is totally okay, Susanne! I know the show is wildly popular and figured folks would disagree with me. Thanks for dropping by and discussing your fandom!