Thursday, October 27, 2016

Getting Ready for NaNo

Thank goodness NaNoWriMo is kicking off in a few days. I’ve been jangling around at loose ends since I wrapped up Playmaker. Not that having a couple weeks off from writing hasn’t been productive. I’ve managed to get a couple books formatted and tweaked my release schedule for 2017 and into 2018. I’ve also gotten images purchased for covers. Still, even all this busy bee work getting done doesn’t take the place of actually writing on a daily basis.

I’ve also had time to do prep for Breakout, Brighton Wood Blades #2, my NaNo project this year. More prep than usual, I should say. Generally, all books get a character bio sheet that I use for the usual goodness such as height, weight, hair color, eyes, and any other distinguishing features or quirks. I’m also fond of finding images of my characters. Now that I’m going to be self-pubbing most of my M/M books, that means I can purchase the images that will be on the covers in advance. So yes, I do have the image of Todd and Lee already in my files. It’s so sinful hot smoke is rolling out of my laptop. Really, there is! 

A lot of the prep that I’ve done this year is extra fun stuff that I wouldn’t have time for most years. For instance, I made a rollicking good playlist over on Spotify for all the songs that Lee, or LeeLa Blue, sings onstage. I’ve also started picking out dresses for Lee to wear. In case you haven’t guessed, Lee is a drag queen who performs under the name LeeLa Blue. LeeLa is a queen with an attachment to the songs and clothing of the 40’s and 50’s.

Are those dresses to die for or what? If you love the songs of Lena Horne, Dinah Shore, Peggy Lee, and countless others, LeeLa is your gal! And once Lee and Todd lay eyes on each other, neither is going to be the same. Here’s the blurb for the story just for you! 

This is also a rarity, as I hardly ever write the blurb or synopsis beforehand. How can I when I don’t know what’s going to happen? But with Lee and Todd, I woke up a couple days ago with the blurb rolling around inside my head. Up I jumped at 4 am to jot it down. My husband gave me one odd look but didn’t say anything. He’s used to that sort of thing happening.

Breakout Blurb-

Todd Oleksuk has spent twenty years perfecting his loner persona. The indie trucker/Blades defenseman is a man trapped, yearning for the freedom to come out yet bound by the fear of revealing the gay man inside. What will his family think? His ex-wife? His two kids? Better to stay in the gloominess and out of the limelight of that wild, gay lifestyle. It looks like his time alone in the dark might be over, though. Seems Todd has just fallen for a man who thinks that living in the shadows is only fit for mushrooms and campy 60’s TV vampires.

Lee Odette has never been able to hide in the dark. His fire has burned far too brightly since he was a small lad who liked to dress up in his grandmother’s finery. Now, closing in on thirty, Lee is looking for something more than fawning fans and fast hookups at The Scarlet Owl, the gay nightclub where he performs as LeeLa Blue. What he’s found is a beautiful man with a heart as big as Lee’s home state of Louisiana, eyes as blue as a secret bayou, and a firm attachment to those dark old corners.  

Will Lee’s love and inner light be bright enough to lead Todd out of the shadows? 

 I am so ready. I am pumped. I’m all prepped up and anxious to put the pedal to the metal. Bring on November 1st!

How have you gotten ready for NaNo this year? Done anything different? I’d love to hear about it. Share your process for NaNoWriMo readiness down in the comment section.

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RJ Scott said...

Not at all ready... think i will be half way through Montana 4 so I'll just keep going with that, and then start Ghost (Sanctuary 9)... good luck with yours, love the sound of the blurb xx