Thursday, September 22, 2016

Let's Talk About Sex, Bay-Bee

(Before we begin, there is a gay sex scene included in this post. If that offends now is the time to move to another blog. I won’t be hurt, trust me. )

 Nothing like some Salt-N-Pepa to kick off a blog post! They’d be great artists for a sexy soundtrack. Actually, one of their songs is playing in Open Net, when the Cougars visit a gay dance club on 80’s night. Love me some good bump and grind.

 Speaking of bumping and grinding (I is the queen of slick segues) let’s talk a little about sex and writing it. Now I don’t plan to go into great detail here, I’ll save that for my books *wink nudge* but instead I thought I’d chat about the struggle some authors have penning sexual encounters.

 I read a comment the other day in one of my author groups where a delightful and talented romance writer friend was saying how hard it was for her to write “the perfect sex scene” and that got me to pondering. Is there such a thing as the perfect sex scene? What makes it perfect? Is the perfect sex scene impossible to write because each reader has their own ideal of perfect sex?

 In my humble, there is no such thing as a “perfect” sex scene. When I sit down to write sexy times, I flick my Perfectionist Muse off my shoulder. I’d much rather have Raunchy Muse sitting on my shoulder for sensual matters because sex is rarely ever perfect or masterfully orchestrated. Sex is slippery, guttural, sweaty, sticky, funny, sometimes spontaneous, and always sloppy.  Or it should be if you’re doing it right.

Perhaps my take on sex scenes is different because I write erotic romance. Or maybe it’s because I mainly pen gay sex nowadays. There is a certain rough, gritty side to man-on-man sex in my books, I admit that. There’s also romance, but for the most part when my men are together for the boot bumping, flowery talk isn’t front and center. Take this scene from Full Strength as an example:

The inside of our second floor apartment was stuffy. Dan went around opening the windows. I carried our bags into our bedroom and made a stop in the bathroom to take a piss and ensure the look of abject horror from Dan's driving was gone from my face. I kicked my shoes off in the living room then padded into the kitchen to find Dan standing in front of the open fridge.

            "There's nothing in here but an empty jar of olives and some margarine," he said in what sounded to be surprise. I walked up behind him, slid my arms around his waist, and then lowered my mouth to his neck. He shivered when my teeth nibbled along his jugular.

            "Let me take your mind off the olives," I murmured against his tan flesh while my hands slid downward. My fingers dove under the band of his jeans, eager to touch his dick. Dan rocked forward. I stepped up slightly, my hands now inside his briefs and in possession of his cock and balls. One hand stroked, the other squeezed. Dan rested his head on the freezer, the fridge door hanging open and the light bathing us. My cock was rigid and ready. I gyrated against his ass. He pushed back.

            "Fuck yeah," I growled at his response. I pulled my hands out of his pants and tugged on his jeans and underwear until they slid over his hips. Then I freed my cock and grabbed the container of margarine. Dan watched me over his shoulder, his long dark hair stuck to his brow, cheeks, and neck.

            "Yeah, that is so hot," he breathlessly said as I slathered oleo over my dick. I kicked his legs apart. He reached back, forehead to freezer, and spread his ass cheeks for me. "Show me who you love, Vic."

            "Only you, Dan," I ground out as I pushed the head of my cock into his tight ass. I moaned, he hissed, cold air blew over our bared legs. Fingers coated with margarine, I slid them into his hair anyway. He urged me on, begging for more. I began moving inside him, rolling my hips in a circle. "Only you, sweets."

            "Fucking hell," he cried out when the round-and-round became the in-and-out. "Yeah, hard. Fuck me so hard you don't never think of anyone else."

            I tugged on his hair. His head snapped back. I pounded the man just as hard as I could. The fridge rocked back and forth, the olive jar on the door tipping over.

Before anyone says anything, Victor and Dan are a committed, seronegative couple in a long-term monogamous (Now legally wed) relationship, which is why no condom was used. Always play it safe guys and dolls, wrap it up!

 Now, as you can see, there’s not lots of gushy goo-goo talk going on in that scene, yet there are romantic overtures. Most of my emotional moments come after the sex, when the guys are winded and their defenses are down. That scene is all about slaking an overwhelming need. Will some readers dislike it? For sure. Would that kind of scene play well in a M/F romance? Darn Skippy. Is it perfect? In the eyes of some readers it’s pretty darn close (or I hope so) but in the eyes of some readers, definitely not.

 Which brings me back around to the notion that there is no such thing as a “perfect sex scene” because every reader is bringing their tastes and desires with them when they read your sassy, sexy times. Just like humor is subjective, so is sex. What floats one person’s boat will sink another’s craft. Maybe striving for perfection for sex scenes is futile.

 So for those authors who are tussling with writing perfect sex try allowing the characters to just have fun, get messy, and enjoy the naughty bits as much as the people in that big, rumpled, fictional bed. It’s worth a try! Maybe letting go of the reins a wee bit will make those dreaded scenes a little less stressful.

What do you look for in a sex scene? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Tell me what you think in the comments below!


Jean Joachim said...

I totally agree with you. You have to let go of the idea that you're writing a story when you do a sex scene. You have to get into the characters, both of them, to ramp up the heat. And sex is messy.
You're so right about each reader bringing their own perspective to a book, especially a sex scene. We are individuals, there is no "one size fits all" sex scene.

Instead, have fun, get into it, feel it or the reader won't.
Love this sex scene. Vic and Dan are hot! So well written, as usual with you.

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks for your thoughts and comments, Jean!