Monday, August 1, 2016

A Hat Trick of Questions #2

Before we leap into the questioning and answering, I'd like to thank everyone who read my last Q&A post. It got the highest hit count that I've had on my blog for many a moon! So thank you to everyone who took the time to visit and read. You all are truly the best. So, let's get right into round 2, shall we?

What's your writing schedule for the rest of the year?

I just finished working on a short story for a charity hockey novella slated to release in early 2017. Faceoff is a 10K tale that will be a prequel for my upcoming LGBT Brighton Wood Blades hockey romance series. In it, you'll get to meet Dance Caldecott, one half of the duo of leading men in the first book of the series. We'll get to see how and why he ends up where he does when the Brighton Wood Blades series begins in the fall of 2017.

After I wrap up Faceoff, I'm going to start Playmaker, which will be an F/F Venom novella. I'm excited and nervous about this one because I've never written a lesbian romance. I just adore the two romantic leads already. Their chemistry is sparking like mad and that's only from character bios and a few scenes I had to write down beforehand!

Following Playmaker, I might begin work on the next Lake Erie shifter novella. There's a story about a gay nightclub owner and the crooner he hires and falls in love with that is beginning to nudge me strongly as well. Chances are good it will be one of these two that I choose to do for NaNoWriMo this year, but which one is still undecided. 

I have plans to whip up an M/M hockey romance short story that will be free for my newsletter readers, so make sure you sign up and keep opening those newsletters! More info about the free short will be available over the coming months. And of course, I better get cracking on the second novella for the Cayuga Cougars duology. Looks like I'll be busy for the next few months!

Will we see Mario and Madame Lila soon? I must have this book. No. Really. I MUST have this book!

All the Mario and Madame Lila fans will be happy to hear that I'm hoping to get the second part of the Cayuga Cougar duology written by the end of August or early September.  Add another book to that writing schedule list above! I do have Lila and Mario's novella completed. As soon as I get the second novella done I'll hustle things along as quickly as I possibly can. I cannot wait to bring you these two stories so if the pub accepts the book, we might hopefully see a release sometime in the early months of 2017. Fingers crossed!

 If you could spend a week in the world of a famous book series written by another author which world would you choose?

Oh boy, this is tough! There are so many wonderful series out there that I enjoy. Do I really have to pick only one? Okay, then it'll be seven days in the world of the Percy Jackson novels. I have this massive love of Greek mythology and spending time at Camp Half Blood would be the best! 

Although a week in Caldwell, New York with all those sexy Black Dagger Brotherhood boys wouldn't be too difficult to accept either. I do love me some V and Qhuay. 

Of course, there is always Hogwarts...

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