Monday, July 4, 2016

Tuesday Tales - Necklace

Hello! It`s time for Tuesday Tales.

 It's time to have more zombie fun! Today we have another excerpt from my LGBTQ zom-rom-com Two Guys Walk Into an Apocalypse 4 - Zombies, Zendra, and Ziegfeld Follies.

 This story contains crude language, gore because of the darn zombies, and gay sexual situations. If that offends now would be the time to move onto another Tuesday Tales offering.  Our word prompt for the week is "Necklace".

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Water cold enough to freeze a snowman's nuts rudely roused me. I coughed and gagged, spit water out of my mouth, and had a moment's pure panic, as I feared I was drowning. Lashing about with my hands as I lay on my back, another dousing occurred, this one with far more water. Several different masculine and feminine chuckles filled my ears as water slipped down into my lungs. I began hacking violently as I rolled to my side. Water dribbled out of my mouth and nose. Someone put a foot to my shoulder and pushed, sending me roughly rolling to my back.

"No more water!" I coughed and threw my hands over my face.

"Well, well, it sounds as if Mr. Hollywood is finally awake," a man said, his voice low and smooth as Tennessee whiskey. I continued coughing. Someone jerked me up to a seated position. I swiped at my face with the back of my hands, desperate to get the water from my eyes so that I could see whom I was dealing with. Once I had my vision cleared, I sorely wished I had left the water clouding my eyes. 

A circle of people stood around me, armed to the hilt, and quite ragged looking. All but one who looked as if he had just stepped out of the pages of Gentleman's Quarterly. I blinked and sniffled, my gaze stuck on the dapper man sitting on a lawn chair under a rather ratty red and white patio umbrella shading a battered metal table. On the table was a pitcher of cold water, a small rock covered in small purple flowers, and a Fedora-type hat.

For some reason, I immediately picked up that this was the alpha male among all these grimy peons. The dapper man was handsome in a rough way, cleanly shaved with short dark brown hair slicked down to his skull. His dark gray suit screamed hand-tailored yet it seemed a bit too snug across the chest for him.

"Welcome back to the land of the living, fellow survivor." I threw a look around at the ten men and several women, one with a gaudy handmade necklace, eying me like a deadly viper or a leg of lamb. My sight went back to Dapper Man as he studied me. "I'd offer you something to drink but you seem to have already had your thirst quenched." The horde surrounding me chuckled. I glanced up the sky. The sun had shifted significantly. How long had I been knocked out? Where were Joe and Tink? Where was I? All the thick woods around us told me was that I had been taken out of Port Gray. "In case you were wondering, my name is Mercury. That large fellow behind you with the remaining bucket of water, his name is Slug. He also has a pillowcase and a real lust for waterboarding but a hatred for lies. Just thought I'd let you know that before we start chatting."

Copyright 2016 ©by V.L. Locey


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whoa. Not a place I want to be. Sounds like more trouble is on the way.