Monday, June 20, 2016

Tuesday Tales - Toes

Hello! It`s time for Tuesday Tales.

 It's time to have more zombie fun! Today we have another excerpt from my LGBTQ zom-rom-com Two Guys Walk Into an Apocalypse 4 - Zombies, Zendra, and Ziegfeld Follies.

 This story contains crude language, gore because of the darn zombies, and gay sexual situations. If that offends now would be the time to move onto another Tuesday Tales offering.  Our word prompt for the week is "Toes".

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The small mining town of Port Grey sat in the distance. Joe, Tink, and me all studied it carefully, Joe from behind our lone set of binoculars. One did not simply drive into a town anymore and ask where the nearest Holiday Inn was. Now you crept up on a town or village, much like a cur trying to steal a bone from another dog. While this lovely little village looked peaceful, it could house hundreds of Phobies or other survivors who did not share the fine moral convictions that we at Fort Acceptance held.

"Looks like it's dead." Joe lowered the binoculars and looked over at me. "We should scout the perimeter just to make sure."

Tink and I both agreed and slipped out of the truck. Joe pulled off the road and parked the F-10 behind a stand of towering lodge pole pine trees. We split up to approach the tiny town from three different angles. A finger of fear ran down my spine to my toes as I crept closer to what appeared to be a second-hand clothing shop. I peeked around the corner of the building. A bird flittered down to the lawn to pick among the mud. My gun rested on my left wrist as I hustled around the store looking for entrance. The tiny brown bird took to wing as I trotted past.

I found a side entrance and discovered a locked door. There was also one of those outdoor smoking receptacles. I wrinkled my nose at the stink as a fine line of grey cigarette smoke wafted out of the smoker`s station. My eyes widened when I put two and two together.  Joe, Tink or I did not smoke. I flicked off the safety of my Smith & Wesson, my heart now hammering inside my ribs.

Copyright 2016 ©by V.L. Locey


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Jean Joachim said...

OMG! What a cliffhanger. But Zombies don't smoke, either, so who could it be? Can't wait to find out. Great story!

Susanne Matthews said...

Nice way to scare the bejesus out of someone. Well done.

Cathy Brockman said...

Uh oh!

Jillian said...

ooooh, spooky and very well done on the suspense!

Trisha Faye said...

Great scene! I'm on the edge of my seat in suspense.
Vicki, you could write in any genre you choose, and always nail it.