Saturday, May 14, 2016

Talk of Paths & Decisions Made

Life can lead us down some interesting roads. We may start out on one path and follow that to the end, never swerving off to investigate any new trails we come across. Other times, we place our foot on a hidden pathway, one that seems to appear magically as we walk through the woodland, drawn to investigate the secrets of the forest on this new path. Once we have both feet on that trail we realize that this trail is the one we are now meant to tread.

After careful consideration over several months, I've come to realize that while I greatly enjoy penning M/F romances, my heart lies in the LGBTQ romance genre. Therefore, after I fulfill my contractual obligations for the Venom series and any contracted novellas, I'll be transitioning to exclusively writing LGBTQ romances.

This has been a difficult decision as M/F romance has been very good to me, and it will always have a treasured place in my memories. I love my Wildcats and Venom players! Leaving their genre behind will be terribly hard. However, since the first time I wrote an LGBTQ story, the love for the LGBTQ genre has slowly overtaken my heart.  

As many of you know, I am a staunch supporter and ally for LGBTQ rights. I've seen the joy on the faces of gay young adults when they hear I'm planning to write a lesbian romance, a bisexual romance or a transgender romance. These stories MUST be told.  These characters MUST be allowed to speak and be heard. By writing romances that cover the rainbow of humanity I, and my talented fellow LGBTQ authors, are striving to show the world that love truly knows no gender. This is a message that I feel deeply and carry in my soul.

So yes, I may be leaving a certain genre behind but I'll be stepping into one that holds my heart, soul, and creativity. I look forward to the future and the stories that I hope to bring to you, my friends, family, and fans.

Skate hard and love deeply,


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Cathy Brockman said...

Good Luck!! I support you all the way!