Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Twirly Girl Release Day!

I am so super excited! Today Twirly Girl, the second novel in my women's pro hockey series, the Venom, hits the ice! If you're a fan of hockey romances that deal with social issues, personal growth, team dynamics, and lots of lusty love then this is a book for you. Early reviews are coming in and readers are falling in love with Alicia, Dale and Wren! Here's an excerpt from a review from Julianne over at Goodreads--

"The characters are all so vibrant and real in their individual ways. Alicia, who is constantly struggling to be the best, to prove to her parents that she is a legitimate adult with her own life, meets a man who challenges her in ways that she never thought possible. You see that Dale starts to question exactly what he values but I love to see how Wren ALWAYS comes first in his life. And Wren ::sigh:: the name perfectly describes her personality and demeanor."

You can read more of Julianne's 5 star review by following the link below. Thanks to everyone who has supported me, hockey romance, and the Venom. I hope you enjoy Alicia and Dale's book. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Skate hard and love deeply


Twirly Girl Goodreads Review

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Born into a prestigious and powerful political family, Venom captain Alicia Avery learned at a young age that appearances were everything. Alicia has now been molded into the perfect young woman; her only transgressions against the dictates of her parents to date are her dogged determination to play hockey and a rather radical new haircut. That was before Alicia met Dale Christie, a highly principled and deeply spiritual street performer who is raising his daughter, Wren Song, alone.

Now Alicia is finally opening her mind and heart to the knowledge that there is more to life than monetary success and ambitious goals. As her soul awakens, so does her desire for the man her parents - and society - would deem horrendously wrong for her. Can the Venom captain learn to walk a new path of serenity through life? Or will the pacifist and the hockey player be torn apart by a world that judges a person by the size of their bank account versus the largesse of their soul?

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