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Full Strength Cover Reveal!

I have to confess that as much as I am looking forward to this book coming out, I'm also dreading it. Saying goodbye to Victor and Dan is going to be really tough. I have fallen head over heels with these two men, the Cayuga Cougars, and the people who share Victor and Dan's world.

When I wrote the first book of this trilogy I never expected it to be such a success. Two Man Advantage has the most reviews/rankings of any of my books at Goodreads. That still amazes and humbles me.

I knew when I wrote Vic for the first time he was not your ordinary romance novel hero. I also knew that readers would either love him or hate him. And my gosh how the haters do hate him! I am so proud of him for pulling such strong emotions from people. I hope the final book in the Point Shot trilogy moves readers as deeply as the previous two have.

Now let's take a peek at the cover, blurb and an excerpt!

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What a difference a year makes. Twelve months ago, Victor Kalinski was one of the best and most controversial ice hockey players in the pros. This year he’s playing in the minors, has a paternity case pending, and has just been vindictively outed to the world by one of his own teammates.

But he seems to find life in the tiny town of Cayuga to his liking. A large part of that is Dan Arou, the Cougars’ alternate captain and the man who now holds Victor’s heart. Surely venomous, viper-tongued Victor hasn’t been mellowed by love!

Well, perhaps a little. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t intend to get sweet revenge on those who’ve hurt the man he loves and the friends he’s somehow made along the way.

An adult gay romance from Ellora’s Cave

Excerpt: R-rated

“Is there something about pregnant bladders?” I asked as Dan and I meandered through the convenience store while Heather used the bathroom.
“You’re asking me?” He picked up a package of nacho cheese flavored chips and tossed them into the basket riding in the crook of his arm. “Want some blue cheese corn chips?”
“Sure.” I followed the Munchkin with the killer ass. “So what the hell would have made her cry like that? I mean, is Manfred Mann that fucking sob-worthy?”
Dan shrugged a meaty shoulder. “I’d never even heard of Manfred Mann before this car trip. Think we should try to find something nutritious?” His lapis eyes, those eyes that fill my dreams, scanned the inside of the gas station-stroke-convenience store.
 “You’ll be lucky to find doughnuts that haven’t been here since Nixon was in office,” I said as I lifted a box of uncooked macaroni and peered into the small cellophane window. “So is that normal? Crying over a fucking Manfred Mann song?"
"I think so,” he replied, then threw a box of powdered doughnuts into his basket. I yanked open a cooler on my right and extracted three bottles of milk, two chocolate and one white for Miss Weepy Britches in the powder room. “I’ve seen some shows about how women’s hormones are all over the place when they’re pregnant.”
“Hmm.” I glanced up when the bells over the door jingled. Heather bounced in looking cheerleader pretty. “You okay with all this?” Dan looked up from the rows of snack cakes to me, then to Heather chatting up the kid behind the counter. She was all white-toothed smiles and flowing golden hair. I’d bet that teenager staring at her like a besotted beaver had a boner so big it was probably tapping the alarm button under the countertop.
 “With her, you mean?” Dan whispered. I nodded. He nudged me back a few steps, so Heather couldn’t hear us. “She’s okay,” Dan said glancing over his shoulder to make sure she wasn’t coming toward us then looking back at me. New whiskers covered his cheeks and neck. I had an urge to slam him against the wall and grind my face against his body, starting at his neck then making my way downward until his balls were pink and tender from the abrasion of my whiskers against them. “Stop thinking about sexing me up.”
 A sly smile tugged at my lips. Fuck, but he knew me well.


There will also be an excerpt tour from 3/23-3/30 hosted by Pride Promotions. I'll pass along the tour stops as soon as I have them so you can follow the tour and read all the exclusive excerpts! 


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