Sunday, February 21, 2016

Snippet Sunday

Today I've got more from the fourth Venom novel, Angle Play.  In this book we get to know the Venom goaltender, Stephanie Huschuk, better. While Stephanie struggles to carry the burden of being the starting goalie, her attraction to Greg Blue Blanket, her goalie coach's divorced twin brother, is only adding to the weight the young woman carries.

In this week's snippet we get to see a wee bit of a heart-to-heart between Stephanie and Isabelle Lancourt, the women who owns the Venom and Wildcats. 

This excerpt is hot off the presses and has not been professionally edited. I've done my best to make it as tidy as I could but there may be some misplaced commas or other mistakes. Please be kind about any flubs you may find. When you're done reading today's snippet, skate on over to Cathy Brockman, Misty Harvey and Ellie Mack's blog to see what they've been up to recently. 


"I am resting," the beautiful woman said then opened her arms for her new babe. Philip placed the child in her arms, pecked her cheek, and cleared the room of everyone but me then left us to our talk. "Have a seat." Mrs. Lancourt nodded at one of several plush chairs resting along a wall.

"He's just perfect," I told her after I pulled a chair closer to her large bed. "Do you have a name picked out yet?"

"There's some discussion going on about what to name him," she said with a smile. "I'm just thankful that I made it this close to term." I smiled as she pressed a kiss to her son's cheek. The boy napped comfortably in his mother's arms. "So, I've heard through the grape vine that there's some contention between you and Alice Dunlop."

The serene smile fell from my face.

"Oh, well, not really," I lied. I didn't want to get Coach Dunlop into any kind of trouble. That would not help our tricky situation at all.

"That's not what I've heard. What I hear is that Alice is having some major difficulty with you and her brother seeing each other. Does that sound about right?"

I fiddled with the hem of my over-sized sweater while I worked on how to reply.

"There might be a teensy bit of difficulty, but we're not letting it slop over onto hockey."

"That's good to know. Stephanie, look up at me child." I raised my gaze from my sweater. Mrs. Lancourt wore a soft, understanding look. "When I began dating Colton I met with plenty of difficulty. People disliked the fact that I was seeing a white man."

"It's so stupid."

"Yes, yes it is. Sadly there are still people milling around today that look down on an interracial couple, I see it all the time. Of course, now that I have money and power the asshats tend to keep their ignorance well buried, but on occasion one of them will slip up. I take great pleasure in knocking any bigot who crosses my path down several notches." The evil glint in her eye made me giggle. "I suspect that you're dealing with much the same thing now that you're dating Professor Blue Blanket?"

"Sort of," I confessed and stared at her slumbering son. "Not so much the race thing, although I guess people give us looks about that, but mostly the age thing."

She bobbed her head in understanding then shifted her son from one arm to the other.

"People are always going to judge others. I won't even bother to repeat some of the things that were said to me about my daughter when she was young. I suspect this one will hear many of the same kind of slurs," she whispered as her sad eyes lifted from the little boy to me. "All we can do is work tirelessly to show those who doubt or cast stones that we're not going to let them run our lives."

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Misty Harvey said...

Oh Vicki! I can't wait for this book to come out. These snippets are great!

Cathy Brockman said...

This was so touching I nearly cried( well i did..)