Friday, February 19, 2016

Let's Hear It For The (Common) Boy

The other day the first review for Twirly Girl came in and it just tickled me to bits! Not only because it was 5 stars, but because the reviewer had this to say about Dale, the leading man--

"Dale is a free thinker. He lives on a farm with his father and daughter that he has been raising in his own. Their farm is pretty much self contained. No tv's, no computers, just good clean living. I guess the best word to describe him would be unique. Maybe quirky, but only because he is so different that what we normally read about. He was a nice refreshing change that I enjoyed learning more about. I would have loved to have had his pov throughout this book. He wasn't your typical 6' 4" stud muffin with a 9" willie who slept with half of the state that we normally see in books. "

Thank you Sassy Beta Reading & Reviews for such a great review. It's always so darn exciting when someone gets it! 

 Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy a big, strong stud just as much as the next woman. I've been known to pen an alpha or two myself, but let's be honest, after awhile all that macho posturing begins to get a little tedious, at least for me as an author. I like to mix things up in my books, touch on people who have faults, foibles and quirks.

In the Venom books, you'll discover that the leading men are not going to be cookie cutter romance heroes. Much like the leading ladies in my To Love a Wildcat and Venom books, the men that the Venom players and coaches will be romancing will not all be hot, blond, twenty-four year old macho men with loose morals and a rakish smile. We're going to meet real men.

Some will be in their forties or fifties. There will be liberal musicians, brash radio talk show hosts, professors, carpenters, and hockey players who run the gamut to downright adorable to downright hard-to-handle. The Venom women will romance husbands, fiancee's, new lovers and ex-spouses. Some women will fall for older men and some for younger, while one won't fall for a man at all.

They'll tumble for lovers who are white, black, Native American, Asian, and biracial. Each couple will face unique obstacles and struggles as the Venom work to forge a winning team. I hope you come to appreciate the men and women of the Venom for being realistic, passionate, and one of a kind characters.

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Cathy Brockman said...

I love the unique characters in this series