Sunday, January 31, 2016

Snippet Sunday

Hello and welcome back for another Snippet Sunday! 

Can you believe the first month of 2016 is almost over? I'm not sure where the times goes but it can slow down just a bit. Today I've got more from the fourth Venom novel, Angle Play.  In this book we get to know the Venom goaltender, Stephanie Huschuk, better. While Stephanie struggles to carry the burden of being the starting goalie, her attraction to Greg Blue Blanket, her goalie coach's divorced twin brother, is only adding to the weight the young woman carries. 

In this week's snippet Stephanie and Greg are touring the Society hill row home our handsome professor just bought. To say that Greg's twin sister Alice is not in favor of this May/December romance would be putting it mildly. But, the heart wants what the heart wants no matter the age gap or the disapproval of family or friends. This snippet has some spicy sexy type stuff. There. It's a warning for the delicate ones. Although if you're visiting my blog sexy stuff should be a given, right? 

This excerpt is hot off the presses and has not been professionally edited. I've done my best to make it as tidy as I could but there may be some misplaced commas or other mistakes. Please be kind about any flubs you may find. When you're done reading today's snippet, skate on over to Cathy Brockman and Ellie Mack's blog to see what they've been up to recently. 


      "Yeah, it does. I'm sorry to hear about your father."

     "Thank you," he said with a small incline of his head. "And I'm sorry to hear about yours. I didn't bring you here to make you feel small or insignificant Stephanie. I wanted to get your thoughts on the place because I was hoping that you'd like it and want to spend some time here."

     "I like it," I was quick to say as a blush rose into my cheeks. "It's so nice…and old."

     "Kind of like me, huh?"

     "Professor Blue Blanket, are you fishing for compliments?" I asked as a smile tweaked the corners of my mouth.

     "Maybe," the man admitted then gave me a wink. "Or maybe I'm just trying to lighten the mood. And it worked because now you're smiling and Stephanie, when you smile, my world seems a whole lot brighter."
     Hand to God I did not know what to say in reply. My brain felt as if it had lost its edge. My body, though, it knew how to react. My skin grew warm; a flush crept up my neck, and my breasts felt tight and sensitive, the nipples peaking into hard tender flesh chafed by the soft cups of my bra.

     "Yeah, me too," I eventually responded. Greg unfolded his arms and sat up. I held my ground on the bench, wishing and hoping that he would lean in to kiss me full on the mouth. To hell with pecks on the cheek. I can get those from my brother. My heart thumped inside my chest when he lifted his hand to push a strand of dirty blond hair back from my eye. A shaky breath escaped me when he ran his fingertips down my cheek. His hand settled tenderly on my neck. There was a moment when I desperately wanted to jump on him, push his back flat to the hard window bench we were sitting on, peel off our clothes and cover his sexy body with mine. Instead of doing that, I reached up to place my hand over his. His dark eyes ignited.

     "I find myself torn over you," he said as his touch made me yearn for so much more. "There's the side that wants to take this slow, and in slow I mean like a sloth, so that people won't be casting dispersions at us."

     "What does the other side want to do?" I asked as his thumb began to stroke my jugular. He had fine lifelines around his eyes and mouth that I found wildly appealing.

     "That side wants to spread out the blanket that I brought for our dinner, lay you down on it, and make love to you until we're both cross-eyed."  

     "Wow, that's–yeah, wow," I stammered. The room felt warmer. His eyes dropped to my mouth then slid downward, lingering for just a second on my breasts before they returned to my face.

     "Exactly," he said then moved in to put his lips to mine. It was a firm, sweet kiss. His fingers softly dug into my neck. I wanted the pressure of his mouth to deepen. I needed it to. But he pulled back after a moment. My lashes lifted from my cheeks. "Yeah, slow is good. What's slower than a sloth?"

     "Molasses in January," I offered. He mulled that over for a second then nodded.

     "That will work." He pulled me closer for another kiss. This one had real heat behind it. I wiggled around more to angle my body properly. Greg's hand moved lower on my neck, his thumb now rubbing my collarbone. His breaths were short little puffs when the kiss ended. I didn't dare look down to see if he were as hard as I was wet. If I did, and I saw his cock straining against his zipper, I would probably not be moving in sloth mode. "We need something slower, much slower. Like glacier creeping slow."

     "Snail slow," I whispered then kissed him.

     "Department of motor vehicle driver license renewal line slow," he replied then stole another taste.

     "Chess game slow," I parried as my lips danced over his. The bench creaked when his weight shifted. I slid closer, my breasts pressing into his chest now.

     "Customer with five thousand items ahead of you in the checkout line slow," Greg said before sliding an arm around me. I moved willingly over and onto his lap, my tongue flicking out to meet his.

     "A lecture from a professor slow," I panted and settled my ass on his thighs.

     "Hey now," he chuckled, the hand on my shoulder pulling me in as close as he could get me. His mouth moved over mine as the kiss deepened. I rolled my hips and made him groan. That was when he gently but firmly removed me from his lap and stood up. I blinked at him, my sight caressing his body as he turned to walk off the lust, as if that were a thing you could do. I mean, yeah, I'd seen players walk off taking a slap shot to the leg but walking off an erection? Was that even possible?


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Jean Joachim said...

Whoa! Turn up the fan! Slow and sensual. Beautifully done with humor to spice up the spice. Great scene. I can't wait to read this book. One more month until the next book comes out. Yippee!

Cathy Brockman said...

I am going to love Greg You come up with the best characters.

V.L. Locey said...

Thank you both for commenting! I sure hope Greg appeals to my readers. I know I'm quickly falling for the man.