Sunday, January 17, 2016

Snippet Sunday

Welcome back for another wintry edition of Snippet Sunday!

The cold winds and snow have found our little farm on the hill. I hope you're staying nice and warm if Old Man Winter is knocking on your door. To help keep myself entertained while we await spring, I'm busily working away on hockey books, watching hockey, and reading hockey romances. You'd think all that hockey would get tiresome but nope! There is nothing like a good game or a great hockey romance to make my day a little brighter. I hope this weeks snippet from my recently completed Wildcat novella, Roster Addition, brings a smile to your face.

This week we get to visit with Maggie, as she and Derrick struggle to come to terms with some long buried emotions about Veikko and Liz adopting Maggie's granddaughter. I've always loved this couple and not simply because Derrick was so darn popular. They symbolize hope for many readers. Maggie and Derrick show us that love does not disappear just because you're over forty and have a few scars and/or stretch marks. Also, may I just add that Derrick is full of surprises! He knocked me off my pins while working on this story. That is one of the great things about being an organic writer. You never know what your characters are going to do.

This excerpt is unedited so please be kind about any errors you may find. When you're done visiting with Maggie and her man, skate on over to Cathy Brockman and Ellie Mack's blogs to see what those two clever scribes have been up to!


"Let's go inside here," Derrick whispered. I let him steer me into a room with muted lighting. It was quiet in here. I lifted my head to find that we were in a small chapel. "Sit down and get your wind."
            He led me to the last pew near the door and assisted me down to the seat.
            "I'm not so old that I need help sitting down," I said. My voice cracked several times.
            "I know, Mags, it's just that you ain't looking too sturdy." He sat down beside me, filling the delicate wooden bench with Minnesota ex-hockey player. "You need a hankie."
            I threw my hands up to cover my face while Derrick rummaged around in his pockets.
            "Thank you," I croaked when he tickled my ear with his handkerchief. I slid around so that he couldn't see my face then blew my nose several times. "My God, everyone must think I'm a massive boob," I coughed as I dabbed at my swollen eyes.
            "Nah, they don't. They think you're just maybe overwhelmed like the rest of us is," he said and rearranged himself on the pew. The bench groaned. "It's nice in here. Reminds me of when I was a kid and visited my Grandma Andersson. She went to this small church outside of her hometown. God, that was a nice place," he sighed as I worked on trying to look less like a snot monster. "There was all these green hills and cows. More cows than people it seemed. Her church was tiny inside, kind of like this. Makes me feel like I was back home. There are times I sure miss Minnesota, Mags. I dream of taking you there to live."
            "Do you really?" I asked, lowering his hankie from my puffy face.
            "Oh sure, seems like every day I think about going back. Buying a place in the deep woods, near a lake, fixing it up good, you know, lots of modern things in the kitchen so you can cook and bake all them good meals you make."
            I smiled at the wistful tone of his voice. "That sounds really nice." I slid around to face him now that I had the worst of the crying jag wiped away. "I could cook all the fish and moose that you caught."
            "You don't catch a moose, Mags," he chuckled then pulled his gaze from the plain wooden cross to look at me. The man was so handsome, worn and weathered yes, and with silver appearing in his dark brown beard daily, but he was the best-looking man in this hospital in my eyes. "You shoot them."
            "You knew what I meant."
            "Yah, yah, I did." He smiled at me. "I like it that we know what the other means now. Makes a man feel good to be that close to a woman," he said. I bobbed my head. "Maggie, I know how hard this is for you. For me too," he exhaled deeply. "I always thought I would have time for kids, right? Then life just happened and the kids, well, they just never come. Then I fell in love with you, and you had this little family and it was nice, real nice." He tapped his chest, right over his heart. "Being with you and them kids, even when the kids are being asses, it's what I always wanted. But the kids, well, they're all for grown mostly, and little Elsa, she was going to be my chance to help bring up a child good. With good codes and stuff, proper like thinking about things."
            "Yeah, I understand," I said then began rolling up the damp hankie in my hand. "I screwed things up so badly with Trevor. So many years spent raising him improperly."
            "Nah, you done good with the boy, Mags. He's coming around. I seen lots of maturity in him over the past few months."
            "Well if so that's all on him, not me. I was a coward. I should have left Travis way before I did, taken my son away from that abusive environment. I was too scared. So I let him see things that he shouldn't have. Then, when I did finally work up the guts to leave Travis and divorce him, I spoiled Trevor and made him into a young man that no one could stand."
            "Seems like Ashley stood him just fine."
            I gave the man an eye roll and he smiled widely. God, that smile was so what I needed that my eyes began to well up.
            "So it seems," I agreed, sniffled, and then tightened my fist around his handkerchief. "I guess I wanted to keep Elsa because I wanted to be a better mother than I was the first time around. She was going to be my chance to hopefully get it right."
            "Mags, you're a great ma, really and truly. I know you don't see it, but others do. I do, your son and his gal do, hell everyone does."
             "That's very kind. I love you for saying that."
             "Just saying the truth, Maggie. You and me, we got lots of things that we feel we did wrong. Maybe we did, and maybe we didn't, hell I don't know." He slid closer so that his hip now pressed against mine. I glanced down to where our bodies touched. Oh look, I had black slacks on. Good to know. "I do know that the one thing that I did right was getting you into my life. You think maybe, after all this baby stuff is done, that you'd like to marry me and move to Minnesota?"
            The hankie slid from my fingers to the carpet of the chapel. 

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Jean Joachim said...

Oh no!! They can't move away! We need to see more of Derrick and Maggie. Wow, what a surprise. Derrick sure pulled a rabbit out of the hat this time. Love this story so much. Great, heartfelt scene of their love and sharing.

Cathy Brockman said...

Sigh!! Derrick is so perfect!! I cried so you know!! I can't wait for this book!

V.L. Locey said...

Derrick sure surprised me with that proposal! We'll have to see what happens with this wonderful couple in future Venom novels/Wildcat novellas.