Sunday, January 3, 2016

Snippet Sunday

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Today we have an excerpt from my current work-in-progress, Roster Addition, a To Love a Wildcat M/F erotic hockey romance novella! It's great fun to go back and visit the old gang once again. The birth of Ashley and Trevor's little girl is taking place in the following snippet, which is from Derrick Andersson's POV. I will be switching from Derrick to Maggie, then to Liz and Veikko, as all four adults try to come to grips with the baby and the adoption process.

Today we have some man banter! Nothing like sitting in the virtual backseat and listening to a couple guys talking about cars and sex, is there? This excerpt is unedited so please forgive any errors you may stumble across. It also contains mature language because hockey players.  I hope you enjoy the snippet and don't forget to visit Cathy Brockman and Ellie Mack's blogs to see what they're working on.


            "I was wondering if you'd be having a snack while you waited," the Finn said after he entered the shop. I held up a half-eaten peanut-butter crème filled. Aho smiled then walked up the counter. That little girl didn't seem to have any troubles chatting and blushing all over Veikko as he ordered drinks.
            "I already got you some," I informed him when he walked over to the table by the window.
            "Ah, well, we'll have refills."His eyes dropped to the open box of doughnuts.
            "Dig in," I said then pushed the last bite of my peanut-butter crème filled into my trap.
            "Thank you, but I'll have to pass," he said in that precise, refined way he spoke.
            "I ain't playing no more so I can grab a sweet now and again," I informed him.
            "It looks like you have grabbed five sweets," he countered then gave me a wink. I closed the lid then pushed to my feet. The man was just rubbing me wrong for some reason. Probably I was still pissed off yet about the train ride and was taking that out on him. "I envy you," Veikko added as I gathered up my dirty napkins. My sight jumped from the trash in my hands to the Finn. There wasn't one damn thing I could think of that Aho would envy me, or anyone else, about. "You're free now to enjoy the delights of life and not be so concerned about a few extra pounds and how they slow you down on the ice."
            "Oh, yah, well being retired is about the best thing ever," I lied like a rug then whipped my garbage into a can by the front door. Out into the cold we went, both of us carrying containers with coffee, and me with a box of doughnut under my arm. "So where are we, you know, in terms of the baby coming?"
            "Not far yet," he replied turning his face from a gust of wind that sent papers flying up over our heads. "Elizabeth tells me that first time births can take many hours."
            "Yah, so I hear." We stopped by the blue BMW. "Where's the Jag? I didn't think you ever left home without her."
            Aho grinned at me from across the roof of the Beemer. "That was before we were to be parents. As much as I love my Jaguar, it is not exactly the kind of car one carries a child in, is it?"
            "Guess not," I replied then slowly lowered myself into the car. I looked into the backseat, hoping to find a place to put the doughnut box, and saw a brand new car seat all strapped in and ready for use. I kid you not, seeing that car seat hit me puck between the eyes. I placed the box of fried dough next to the car seat then turned around to stare out the windshield. Veikko slid behind the wheel, placed his coffee tray to the floor behind me, and then took a moment to loosen the white scarf around his neck.
            "It was a tossup between this and a Volvo, both are reputed to be quite high in safety features. Since I have always like the way a BMW handles, I chose this one. Elizabeth likes the sound system," he chuckled as I worked real hard to give two fucks about the car, how it handled, or the sound system. There was a giant ball of something wedged into my esophagus.
            "Have you ever taken one onto the Autobahn? When I was young and playing for Liiga, there was a pretty German girl who caught my eye. She had family in Finland, paternal grandfather I think is right and attended games when she was visiting. We dated for a few months and during the offseason, we would divvy up time between Finland and Germany. Her father had a BMW, an older one, an E9 from the mid-seventies in perfect condition. He let her drive it when she came of age. Once, when we were going back to Germany, I got her to allow me to get behind the wheel. It was a lively thing, kind of like Marelda." He gave me a look and a smile. I mumbled something around the ball of granite in my chest. We pulled into traffic smoothly, me holding coffee on my lap and trying to figure out what the shit was wrong with me.   
            "I don't think I ever been on the Autobahn," I finally managed to say.
            "Ah, well, it is quite an experience," he replied then pulled up to a red light. "The first time you find a stretch that is unrestricted it is much like your first time making love to a woman. You push the accelerator and hold on."
            "It's been so long since my first fuck I don't hardly remember it," I tossed out. Veikko chortled and we moved ahead once the light changed.
            "Surely you must remember something about her," he prompted. I shuffled the coffees from one thigh to the other."Your head has not been concussed so often that you would forget your first woman."
            "I do recollect that she had long legs and a laugh like a mule."
            "Long legs on a woman will make up for a multitude of sins, like a mule laugh," Aho responded then made a left hand turn. "Hopefully she was not laughing too much while you were fucking her."
            "Hard to work up a good belly laugh when the show's over in ninety seconds," I said and Veikko laughed loudly.
            "God, yes, my first time I think I barely had my dick into the girl when I came."
            "Hopefully you've gotten a little better with age," I joked, feeling the tight ball inside me loosening up a bit.
            "Elizabeth has no complaints," he countered neatly as we pulled into the hospital parking lot and into a reserved slot. "I do hope you, old man, can remember what your prick is for?"
            "Maggie made flash cards."


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Jean Joachim said...

OMG, I have missed this soooo much. I love the banter between them. So much like guys and Derrick is hilarious!! Love the last line, I laughed out loud. I have missed these players and their women. So excited to know another book is on the horizon!

V.L. Locey said...

Thank you for the kind words, Jean. I've missed them as well.