Friday, January 1, 2016

Goals, Goals, and More Goals!

*starts singing Rangers goal song*

Ahem. Sorry. Rangers fever had me for a moment.

As exciting as it is watching my boy Mats scoring goals, my post today isn't about hockey...well, not directly anyway. Seems the beginning of the year everyone and their cocker spaniel make grand and sometimes unrealistic resolutions and, most generally, within two weeks most of those resolutions are broken.

This is why I don't make them. I'd rather set myself attainable goals, then when I reach them I feel good about myself. When I feel good about myself, I am more productive and happier. Why set yourself up to fail? If you feel the need to make resolutions, pick goals that you can attain and begin moving in a positive direction as opposed to a negative one. Success breeds more success, and the smallest goal met will empower you to try to reach another goal, and another, and another!

To that end, for 2016 I have but two goals. Both of these are within my reach. One is for my writing career and one is for my personal life.

For my writing goals, they're simple yes, but they are attainable and that's key. Remember, set yourself up for success not failure. For 2016, I am working toward these writing goals. Any other works aside from the main ones shown are pure gravy! So this is the part that is kind of about hockey. *winks*

Now, onto my personal goal for the year, and again it is one that I feel I can attain. My aim is to keep moving along on my personal goal of getting healthier. This is a slow crawl to the finish line. One that I knew would take years and I'm fine with that. This is my weight chart. It's nothing fancy, just a piece of notebook paper that hangs on the fridge.

Today I will flip it over and start jotting down my weekly results for 2016. As you can see, some weeks are good and some are not. I did gain a couple pounds over the holidays, and that's okay. I suspected I would. I try to stay away from saying "I am going to lose XXX by XXX date!" because if I don't, I'll feel like a loser. Bad energy breeds more bad energy and the self-hate will make more self-hate because I didn't make that darn numerical goal. Before you know it you've sunk into a pit and have no will to crawl out.

I've gained a new perspective on things from my yoga practices and reading some Toltec teachings. I now take one day at a time and try to do my best during that day. If I stumble, and I do because no one is perfect, I don't berate myself. I move onto the next day and try to do my best all over again. I know that many of you may scoff at yoga and meditation. Our Western world isn't geared toward finding the perfect balance of body, mind, and soul. In America, it's all about the body with little regard to the spirit residing inside that shell. If you look good, that's all that matters, right?

So take just a moment to reflect on your spirit as well as your body. Once you have your mind in a peaceful place you will find that reaching your goals - and please set realistic ones to avoid the bad karma place - brings you joy, peace, and harmony.

May 2016 be a year filled with happiness and great accomplishments for you.


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Misty Harvey said...

Yes, Vicki! This was exactly what I was talking about. I don't want unrealistic goals. I want achievable, and I want balance in my life - to nurture body, mind and soul, not one over the other. Thank you for this post. It hit everything I was feeling on the head.