Sunday, December 27, 2015

Snippet Sunday

Hello and welcome to another Snippet Sunday! 

Today we're going to have the last excerpt from Full Strength that I can share. I just typed THE END for Victor and Dan's last book, and don't want to share anything after today in fear of spoiling some key plot points for my readers. As it is I had to erase the name of Victor and Heather's baby so that surprise wasn't revealed! Speaking of the baby, in today's snippet it seems as if the time has come for the parents-to-be to become mom and dad.

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This excerpt is unedited so please forgive any errors you may stumble across. It also contains mature language because hockey players. Vic and Dan's story deals with two men in a loving, sexual relationship. If this offends please feel free to leave. I won't be offended at all. 

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            Things seemed to be going along the right track until the day before Thanksgiving. Heather and Mrs. Arou, who were now chatting daily on Facebook for some reason, decided that since Heather was due in two weeks, flying or driving to Winnipeg would be too much for her. Therefore, the Arou clan were coming down to Cayuga for Thanksgiving even though those crazy Canucks had celebrated their Thanksgiving in October.  Guess who was going to be in Binghamton for a special Thanksgiving Day game? Yep, Dan and me.
            "Tell me again why your family and my baby momma are taking over our new place?" I tossed some clothes into a big duffel bag and looked across the bedroom at Dan. Everything we owned was now in boxes. We had hoped to move over Thanksgiving break but no, the AHL sorting hat had spewed out the Cayuga Cougars and the Binghamton Broncos to play on Thanksgiving Day. Lucky us. "We haven't even fucked there yet."
            "Because they can't make a big dinner here," Dan wearily explained for the fourth time. I knew the reason; I was just pissy and liked to hear my own voice. "Stop being such a twat and just suck it up."
            I threw a pair of ratty underwear at him. He flung it back. Somehow we ended up on the bed, our neatly stacked clothes scattered as we tried to cram the torn BVD's down each other's throats. My cell started ringing. I thought about ignoring it because I had a hot Hobbit with my briefs in his mouth writhing around under me.
            "Might be Heather," Dan said after he spit my underwear out.
            "Don't go anywhere. As soon as I hear her latest sob story about what the Quartermaine's are doing to the Spencer's on General Hospital I am going to fuck you silly."
            "Promises, promises," Dan said then let his arms and legs go slack. I rolled off the tease and grabbed up my phone. One glance informed me it was indeed Heather.
            "Hey, what's up?"
            "Victor, I don't want you to freak out but I was in town shopping for shoes. Mine are all so small and I found this really cute pair of sandals that fit great but it's November and who wears sandals in Cayuga in November? But, if I get them now and put them away, well, they're half off and then I'd have new sandals in the summer."
            "Heather, please stop talking about shoes and get to the point."
            "Oh right, so yeah, I think my water just broke here in the middle of Smith's Shoe Shop. Can you come get me and take home? I don't think I should drive."
            "But you're not due for another two weeks," I said. Dan stopped trying to look seductive and sat up.
            "Guess XXXXXX—"
            "Oh for God sake, fine, I guess XXXXX has different plans. Now can you come get me?"
            "Yeah, just sit tight and don't let the kid fall out onto its head." I hung up and looked at Dan. "Her water just broke."
            "But we have to meet the bus to Binghamton in two hours," Dan said as I scrambled off the bed, trying to remember where my shoes and keys were.
            "I'll call Lambert on the way to get Heather and tell him she's going into labor. They do that, right? I mean, after the whole water gush they start labor? Why didn't you make me go to those fucking Lamaze classes?" I barked at Dan as I searched under the bed for my shoes.
            "Me? I tried to make you go with her but you said 'Women have been popping kids out for centuries. She'll be fine. Come sit down and watch Jax Teller shoot this guy in the face' or something stupid like that."
             I sat back on my calves. "Do not ever call Jax Teller stupid. He sacrificed it all for his club," I warned him them flopped back to my side to dig around under the bed.
            "Your keys and shoes are by the front door where I always put them."
            I shot to my feet, threw my arms around Dan, and held him to me.
            "I am fucking terrified," I whispered. He cinched me close.
            "You're going to be a great dad. I wish I could be here for this," he said then kissed me so hard it helped ease the fear a bit.
            "You and me are going to make our own baby as soon as you get back from Binghamton," I told him.

            "Yeah, we'll work on that. Go get Heather before she talks the ears off old man Smith. I love you."

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Jean Joachim said...

I'm sorry to say I haven't read the earlier excerpts, but I loved this one!! When does the book come out? I"m going to have to get it. Love your writing.

V.L. Locey said...

Thank you, Jean. I'm not sure about the release date yet. I'll be turning it into the pub for first round edits in a month or so.

Cathy Brockman said...

Make their own babies lol I love Vic