Sunday, December 13, 2015

Snippet Sunday

Welcome back! Today we have another excerpt from Full Strength, the last book in Victor Kalinski's trilogy. Some of you may remember that in the last book, the Cougar organization made it mandatory for Vic to start seeing the team psychiatrist. This did not please Victor, but since he needs to stay on the straight and narrow or risk being put on waivers, he swallowed his pride and is now meeting with Dr. Chris Lotnick. Just to clarify, Victor seems to think that Dr. Lotnick looks like Mrs. Weasley from the Harry Potter movies, hence his referring to her as Dr. Weasley on occasion. Here is a little peek into how the first session went.

Please be advised that there is mature language because it's Victor Kalinski and he's a hockey player. Enjoy the snippet and when you're done skate on over to Cathy Brockman's blog to see what she's been working on!


            Why yes. Yes it could get worse. Not only did Dr. Weasley seem to be happy to see me, her office was revolting. It was all peachy-tan with potted plants hanging in front of a big window. One wall held a bookshelf and another had a painting of some sort of weird Watership Down shit like bloody rabbits limping across a battlefield.

            "Did Charlie Manson paint this or what?" I asked as I studied a white fuzzy lump jabbing at another white fuzzy lump with a bayonet.

            "No, my daughter did."

             I turned my head to look at her over my shoulder. "No offense, but your daughter has some major fucking issues. Maybe you should let her take my slots."

            "Perhaps you're just projecting onto the picture. When I look at it I see a red sunset." I returned my attention to the oil painting. If I squinted and tipped my head to the left maybe it could be a sunset, and the white things were clouds and not rabbits on the warpath. "Why don't you come have a seat? We can chat and get to know each other a little better."

            "I'd rather look at the rabbit genocide."

            "Yes, well, as fine as your ass is, I'd rather look at your face."

            I spun around and gave her a randy wink. "You sly old MILF you."

            She smiled, pressed the hem of her green dress tighter to her thighs, and then nodded her redhead to the chair next to hers. I walked over then dropped into the chair.

            "I'll admit that I'm shocked that you came of your own accord, Mister Kalinski," she said then placed the glasses that hung on her neck from some beaded chain to her pug nose. "After reading the teams reports, I assumed the only thing that would get you into my office was if you were hog-tied and carried in over someone's shoulder."

            "I'm just full of surprises."

            "So I see. I also see that you're known for being brutally honest, almost to the point  of using honesty as a weapon." I inclined my head then folded my arms over my chest. "Would you like to proceed as we are, pretending to be social and feeling each other out? Or would you prefer to just get right to the meat of things?"

            "I'm big on getting to the meat," I tossed out in hopes of getting something from her. She just nodded her scarlet head and leveled cool brown eyes at me.

            "Good. I like to cut out the bullshit as well. Why don't you tell me about your anger issues?" She sat back and crossed one chunky leg over the other. "Why are you so angry all the time?"

            "I wouldn't be angry all the time if stupid people didn't piss me off continually."

            "So your anger is everyone else's fault?"

            "Bingo. Can I go now? My gay lover needs me to help him bleach his asshole."

            "Are you trying to shock me with the fact that you're engaged in a homosexual relationship with your teammate?" She asked. I had been but I sure as hell wasn't about to cop to it. "If so, you're going to have to do better. I've heard much, much worse so you can stop deflecting and answer my original question."

            "I think I don't like you much even if you are Ron's mom."

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