Sunday, December 6, 2015

Snippet Sunday

Welcome back for another Snippet Sunday! 

Since I wrapped up Home Ice last month, I'm now working on something new. Something that fans of old V. Kalinski will be excited about. Yep, I've just started Full Strength, the last book of Vic and Dan's trilogy.

In this snippet Vic and Dan are on their way back to Cayuga from Minnesota after the guys were viciously outed on Twitter. Dan has already addressed the press. Vic and Dan are sharing the ride back to New York state with Heather Pavlick, the young lady that named Victor, our bisexual leading man, as the father of her unborn child in a paternity suit. Enjoy the excerpt and when you're done skate on over to Cathy Brockman and Ellie Mack's blogs for some sneak peeks at their work! 

There is mature language because: 1-hockey players and 2-Victor Kalinski. Also, you may find some gay sexual situations. If this offends then you may wish to head to a different blog.


            "Is there something about pregnant bladders?" I asked as Dan and I meandered through the convenience store while Heather used the bathroom.

            "You're asking me?" He picked up a package of nacho cheese flavored chips and tossed them into the basket riding in the crook of his arm. "Want some blue cheese corn chips?"

            "Sure." I followed the Munchkin with the killer ass. "So what the hell would have made her cry like that? I mean, is Manfred Mann that fucking sob worthy?"

            Dan shrugged a meaty shoulder. "I never even heard of Manfred Mann before this car trip. Think we should try to find something nutritious?" His lapis eyes, those eyes that fill my dreams, scanned the inside of the gas station/convenience store.

            "You'll be lucky to find doughnuts that haven't been here since Nixon was in office," I said as I lifted up a box of uncooked macaroni and peered into the small cellophane window. "So is that normal? Crying over a fucking Manfred Mann song?"

            "I think so," he replied then threw a box of powdered doughnuts into his basket. I yanked open a cooler on my right and extracted three bottles of milk, two chocolate and one white for Miss Weepy Britches in the powder room. "I've seen some shows about how a woman's hormones are all over the place when they're pregnant."

            "Hmm." I glanced up when the bells over the door jingled. Heather bounced in looking cheerleader pretty. "You okay with all this?"

            Dan looked up from the rows of snack cakes to me then to Heather chatting up the kid behind the counter. She was all white-toothed smiles and flowing golden hair. I bet that teenager staring at her like a besotted beaver had a boner so big it was probably tapping the alarm button under the countertop.

            "With her you mean?" Dan whispered. I nodded. He then nudged me back a few steps, so Heather couldn't hear us. "She's okay," Dan said glancing over his shoulder to make sure she wasn't coming toward us then looking back at me. New whiskers covered his cheeks and neck. I had an urge to slam him against the wall and grind my face against his body, starting at his neck then making my way downward until his balls were pink and tender from the abrasion of my whiskers against them. "Stop thinking about sexing me up."

            A sly smile tugged at my lips. Fuck but he knew me well.

            "Sorry. It's been a couple days," I offered as an excuse.

            "Poor little Vic," he snorted. Heather giggled at the register. "I'm okay with her. She's nice. A little airy for my tastes, but I know you guys dig the vapid blonde thing with women."

            "Us guys? You mean us bisexual guys or the straight guys?"

            "Either," Dan huffed then leaned his shoulder against the cooler. "Maybe it's just her, you know? Like, her personality, but she acts stupid."

            "Nah man, she's just perky," I said, my gaze still roaming over Dan's corded neck.

            "Maybe." He didn't sound convinced. "Whatever the case, she's nice enough. I wish Brooks wasn't so smitten with her. The team doesn't have nice things to say about her."

            "So now you, the gay man, are going to sit in judgment of another person's sexual behavior? Wow." 

            Dan's blue eyes sparked. 

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Cathy Brockman said...

I loved it! I am happy to see more Vic!

Ellie Mack said...

I have just one problem with snippets. YOU ARE SUCH A TEASE!!!!!!

Seriously good, now I can't wait for more!