Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sleigh Bells Ring - Chapter Two

Welcome back for more Sleigh Bells Ring ! I hope my readers enjoy this little holiday gift from Oscar and me. This story has not been professionally edited, so you may find some errors even though I have self-edited it to the best of my ability. Please forgive any glaring mistakes that I may miss.

This short story is about a gay couple. If this offends then you should move along to another blog. 

See you tomorrow for another chapter!

Sleigh Bells Ring
Chapter Two

            I spun around to face the harpy of death. Viviana looked like a badly rutted stretch of road. Oh dear, that could be taken a couple ways. I snickered at my mental naughty.
            "Do you own a watch?" the rumpled brunette tartly asked.
            "Several," I countered then bent over to pat a little white dogs head. When Daisy's attention quota had been met, she ran off to join the larger dogs in the kitchen. "I happen to have a handsome one on today." I stood up and shook the gold Vincent Ogilvie gold watch down my wrist. Viviana never once glanced at the thick band resting just below the sleeve of my coat, the grumpy Gert.
            "Do you know how to read them?"
            "I'm picking up a touch of displeasure in your voice," I said then removed my silk scarf and began folding it neatly. "You know what I keep telling you about frowning and wrinkles."
            Three dogs jogged out and leaped onto the couch. They were followed by one finely made man in baggy jogging pants and nothing else. I waved my scarf at Alain. He blinked sleepily at me then his lovely hazel eyes went to his ladylove.
            "Why is this happening?" he asked his voice thick with Quebec and sleep.
            "I was wondering the exact same thing," Viviana grumbled. I glanced back at her. She looked frumpy. Looking at Alain's pectorals seemed a much nicer way to spend the time.
            "I'm sorry for waking you, pumpkin. I know it was a rough road trip. Go back to bed and get some beauty sleep," I told Alain. He made a motion in the air with his hand then turned around and went back to bed, followed by the doggies.
            "Why are you here before seven in the morning, Oscar?"
            "You could use some beauty sleep as well," I mumbled then unbuttoned my coat.
            "Don't you dare take your beret off," Viviana barked then stormed into the kitchen. I reached up to pat the bright red hat sitting merrily on my head. As if I would take it off and chance a dog snatching it up! "You're not staying long enough for you to get hot."
            "Viv, honey, I am always hot," I countered as I walked into the kitchen, taking care not to step on dog bones or into a water dish. My new leather boots did not like water.
            "It's too early for sassy gay men," she grumbled and began making herself a cup of coffee.
            "Your robe is a perfect color for you," I offered then placed my coat on the back of a kitchen chair. She nodded at the compliment. "It matches your eyes."
            "Oscar, stop buttering me up," she sighed and watched her mug fill with coffee."Why are you here so early?"
            "I need your help to gather up party goodies today."Her head swung around as if on a swivel. She did not look pleased. "It's an extensive list. Viviana, if I don't get things quickly settled my first holiday party with Nilay will be a bust and he'll break off the engagement."
            I sniffled, turned away from her, and pulled out a pressed silk handkerchief to dab at the corner of my left eye with. I didn't dare dab at the corner of my right, that was where my beauty mark was today.
            Her sigh filled the kitchen. "He wouldn't break off the engagement if you ran over him with Derrick's truck." Damn, she had a point but I continued to make weepy sounds. "You do realize I only got three hours sleep, right?"
            "Yes," I coughed gently into my hankie.
            "Do you have a list?"
            "Yes!" I whirled around and dashed over to kiss her on her cheek. She blew a strand of dark hair out of her face but accepted the buss. "You are an angel." I pulled out several sheathes of paper and handed her one. She took the list, read it over, and then pinned me with those unique eyes of hers.
            "Are you shitting me?"
            "Viviana, please, no vulgarity, it shows a lack of refinement. And no, I am not shitting you," I said then hurried to pull her mug out of the machine and place it into her free hand. "These are all terribly important things. If we split up we may be able to gather them up by this evening."
            "There is no way we can find all of these things by tonight," she said as she stared at my party list. "We're going to need help and why do you even need--"
            "Why don't I call Maggie and Liz while you shower?" I nudged her to the door with my hip. She shuffled along, list and coffee in hand, until she was out of sight. "I love you!" I yelled at her. I can't repeat her reply because I'm classy. When I heard the bedroom door shut, I pulled out my cell and dialed up Mrs. Aho.
            Someone male and murmuring Finnish words passed me along to Lizzie a moment later.
            "Good morning, dumpling! Viviana told me to call you. We need help gathering party goodies today. Are you available?"
            "Party goodies?" Lizzie sleepily asked.
            "Yes, for my holiday gathering," I gently reminded her.
            "Veikko just got home a few hours ago," she whispered as if she were dozing off.
            "I know, and if this weren't an emergency I would never have called you. Can you come help us? We should be done in an hour, two tops."
            I opened the fridge and took out a carton of orange juice.
            "Uhm, sure, okay. I'll be at Viv's at nine?"
            "Nine is super! Thank you so much, Lizzie. Many kisses." I made kissy sounds into the phone then made the next call. Once Derrick woke up enough to understand that I was not his Grandma Andersson calling about a pickled moose meat recipe, I was handed off to Maggie. At least Margaret was semi-conscious, pleasant and accommodating.  Unlike a certain someone who was in the shower thinking nasty things about me. I could feel Viviana's sour vibes all the way out here. After I hung up with Maggie, I found a glass, poured myself some pulpy orange juice, and sat down at the table to divvy up the goodies needed onto four lists.
            My party was going to be the talk of the Wildcat and Venom organizations just as soon as I figured out where one found eight maids a milking in Philadelphia.


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Angie Malone said...

LOL! I love Oscar! Can't wait for tomorrow's edition!

V.L. Locey said...

He's a real pistol! =D

Jean Joachim said...

This was hilarious! Had me laughing out loud. And so happy to see more of the old gang making appearances. Love this story. Oscar is a hoot and a half!

Susanne Matthews said...

I'm loving this, Vicki. Well done.

V.L. Locey said...

Thanks Susanne and Jean! It's been so much fun to have the old gang visiting.