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Sleigh Bells Ring - Chapter Four

Welcome back for the final chapter in Sleigh Bells Ring! I hope my readers have enjoyed this little holiday gift from Oscar and me. This story has not been professionally edited, so you may find some errors even though I have self-edited it to the best of my ability. Please forgive any glaring mistakes that I may miss.

This short story is about a gay couple. If this offends then you should move along to another blog. 

Sleigh Bells Ring
Chapter Four

            "Oscar, babe, you need to come out from under the covers." I peeked over the top of the duvet at Nilay. His hand on my stomach was comforting. "Why are you still in bed? It's Christmas Eve day. Your party is tonight."
            "I'm cancelling the affair," I said then pulled the covers back over my face. "All we have are four chickens and six geese. We might as well all put on denim overalls and sing Hee-Haw songs instead of Christmas carols."
            I heard his hearty sigh even under the blankets. He pulled the coverings down to expose my face.
            "Honey, you're overreacting."
            "I'm not," I said then sat up, the covers dropping down into my lap. "I have members of both Philadelphia hockey teams coming over tonight and not one damned turtle dove or leaping lord can be found!"
            "Oscar, they're not coming to see leaping lords or turtle doves, they're coming because they love you, just like I do."
            He pressed a kiss to my lips. It felt divine but I was in a funk. "You say that about the wedding too, but people like fantastical events."
            "Well, maybe people do but our friends don't. They just want to come and celebrate the holiday with you because they adore you." He patted my thigh though the covers. I made a face. "It's the truth, honey. Our friends won't care if you have white goats at the wedding."
            "I know where we can rent some," I mumbled thinking of Mr. Christie's farm.
            Nilay smiled warmly. "The point I'm trying to make is that the people who care about you aren't going to talk badly about the party tonight simply because there aren't seven swans a swimming."
            "There are two swan boats a sitting," I groaned then fell back into bed.
            "Yes, there are. And six nasty geese plus a crate with four French chickens sitting in our heated garage."
            "Are you put out with me?"
            "Not in the least." He lay down beside me, even though he was fully dressed and ready to head to the stadium. I wiggled around to press myself into him. "I know you want everything to be perfect because that's just who you are. It's one of the reasons I love you. "He pressed a kiss to my bald head and I sighed dreamily."Just know that I would marry you in the middle of Broad Street."
            "That would be utterly tacky and quite dangerous," I murmured into his suit jacket. "But I thank you for the sweetness."
            "Are you going to be okay?" he asked and I nodded.
            "I'll be fine." I patted his strong chest then lifted my head for a tender kiss.
            "Good. I'll be back for lunch and we'll start setting things up for the party. I love you." He stole another kiss, this one deeper and much more sensual, then slid from the bed and left for work. I rolled to my back and stared at the ceiling.
            "Okay Oscar Larue Tiffany, time to stop moping. You have a party to get fabulous for." I said the words but the joy didn't quite make it to my heart. But, since I didn't wish to upset Nilay any more, I forced myself to get up and get moving despite my lingering malaise. I did what needed done but my heart just wasn't into the preparation. Nilay came home at lunchtime and helped to lift my spirits slightly. Even though my Hindu heartthrob doesn't recognize Christmas as a religious tradition he loves to celebrate and be with friends, so his enthusiasm was pleasant just not catching sadly.
            As the time for the party drew closer, we stood back and appraised our work. There were decorations from stem to stern, enough food to feed an army, and holiday tunes playing in every room of the townhouse thanks to Nilay's whole-house audio system. I schlepped upstairs to begin my toiletry. Nilay was as fancy as he was going to get. My squeeze is not one for glitz. I, on the other hand, had a lovely outfit planned and even if my party bombed, which was a given, I was going to look amazing as it went down in flames. I showered, shaved, plucked, powdered, applied my beauty mark, put in my contacts, perfumed and then dressed. Black slacks, white dress shirt, green satin vest and a jaunty red beret with gold snowflakes made up my outfit. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror in our bedroom. I did look amazing. Pity no one would see it.
            "Just stop. Nilay will see you. Who is more important than him, hmm?" I asked myself then pulled on a gorgeous pair of black leather Italian boots. As I opened the door of our bedroom, I heard voices from downstairs. I plastered on a smile and sailed down the stairs, head held high and chest out just like Grace Jones had taught me. I paused at the bottom of the stairs and awkwardly gawked at my packed living room. I had assumed only Viviana, Lizzie, and Maggie would attend the debacle. Nilay saw me, grinned, and hustled over to take my hand.
            "What is all of this?" I asked as he led me into the crowd of hockey players and their dates.
            "These are your friends," Nilay replied. I nodded dully as I drank in athletes dressed like leaping lords, pipers piping, drummers drumming and ladies leaping. Many faces I didn't know well, others, like Maggie, Liz, Margarite, and my darling Viviana, I knew quite well. "Guess they heard you had trouble finding the required parts for the song so they dressed up as them. Did you see Aho? He and his wife are turtledoves. How charming is that?"
            "Oh dear me, I'm all weepy," I coughed as I pawed inside my vest for my handkerchief. I turned and buried my face into Nilay's neck. He began rubbing my back as I sniffled into his collar.
            "If you cry you'll lose your beauty mark," Viviana said behind me. I turned from my love to embrace my best girlfriend who was either supposed to be a swan or a calling bird. Alain was also in costume. He saluted me with his flute. What a handsome sight he was! I searched for our lovely owner and the GM of the Venom, but found them nowhere. Probably Philip had stayed home with Isabelle who was quite pregnant. 
            "I tried to make Derrick put on tights and be a leaping lord," I heard to the side as I worked on gathering myself.
            "Who wants to see my old knobby knees I told her."
             I lifted my head from Viviana's feathery shoulder. There stood Maggie and Derrick, both dressed up like milkmaids complete with long blond plaits, gingham dresses, and milk pails. Derrick Andersson would not be giving RuPaul any competition.
            "I think I'm allergic to all these feathers," Veikko said as he and his wife strolled up. As he spoke, tiny grey feathers fluttered around him and made him sneeze violently.         
            "Oh my gosh, I just love you all so much!" I shouted to be heard over Michel BublĂ© crooning Walking in a Winter Wonderland. "And I love you most of all," I said to Nilay.
            "I am pretty lovable." Nilay held a sprig of mistletoe over my beret and waggled a black eyebrow.
            "Yes you are," I whispered then grabbed a festive kiss to thunderous applause.
            What a wonderful Wildcat Christmas this was going to be!
            "Hey, there's a flock of geese in the kitchen eating the fruit cake," Bobby Fovea yelled then jerked his redhead in the direction of our kitchen.
            "Better them than us," I commented then sailed off, Nilay tight to my side, to enjoy the party and the wonderful people who had saved it for me. There really is no greater gift than love and friendship is there?

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Thank you so much for a beautiful story of love and friendship! Merry Christmas!

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You're very welcome, Angie! I loved visiting our old friends.

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