Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Author/Book Spotlight - Colbie Carter's Sold Into Salvation

Today in the spotlight is another new friend, the talented and lovely Colbie Carter! She's dropped by to tell us about her latest Gone Writing Publishing book, Sold Into Salvation. 

Brooke Kennedy has always led a sheltered life. Shy, quiet, and brainy, she invested all of her time into her education to become a doctor. But when she takes a vacation halfway across the world to visit her father who is living in Romania, her tightly-stitched world is ripped apart at the seams when she is snatched into the sex trade, and sold at auction. But being bought turned out to be her salvation, and when the dark secret behind her kidnapping is uncovered, she must turn to the man who bought her in order to survive.

Romanian-born CIA operative Dorin Milosovici lives his life with his survival being his only concern. Being a street kid in Bucharest only prepared him for a life as a Marine, then a spy. When the Agency sends him back to his homeland for an undercover operation, he is less than thrilled. But when a kidnapped American woman is placed on the auction block, drugged out of her mind, he posts the winning bid in order to save her. When Brooke comes to him in danger once again, it's no longer only his survival he must fight for. His cover is blown, the only thing that matters now is getting he and Brooke back to the United States safely. He just never expected to fall for the introverted, innocent kidnapping victim in his care.


The auctioneer stopped for a moment, a devious grin spreading across his face. “We have an extra special item up for bid next. She's a little older than the rest of our ladies, but she won't disappoint. She's an American, and is as pure and untouched as she looks! Minimum bid is ten thousand.”

The crowd whooped and cheered as the next girl was ushered on stage.

Dorin's heart careened in his chest. Oh... God, no.

Long brown hair, olive skin, 5'7”.

Brooke Kennedy.

Tugged onto the stage by one arm, her bare feet padded across the wood floor. She was dressed like the others, in just a bra and panties. Her long hair was mussed, and her big, dark eyes were glazed with drugs. She stood in the middle of the stage, her arms hanging limp at her sides as her eyes were fixed in front of her in a blank stare.

Dorin wanted to run up on that stage, throw the girl over his shoulder, and make a beeline out of the club. But he couldn't blow his cover.

Do something.

“Starting bid at ten—”

“Fifteen thousand!” Dorin blurted at the top of his lungs.

“I— fifteen thousand! Do I hear sixteen?” Another bidder joined in and raised the bid.

“Seventeen!” Dorin countered.

The other bidder countered with eighteen.

Dorin was shaking, his heart had taken up residence in his throat, and his mouth ran dry. He couldn't screw this up. If she were bought by anyone else, she would disappear forever. He took a deep breath.

“Twenty thousand!”

Dorin waited for a counter; he'd keep going as high as he had to. He was walking out of this club with Brooke, even if he had to resort to violence.

No counter bids. Dorin breathed a sigh of relief when the auctioneer closed on his bid.

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Colbie Carter's debut novella, Sold Into Salvation, released in November 2015. Having a passion for writing since her early teens, Colbie has been jotting down short stories and poems to free her active imagination. She continued to practice and perfect her writing for over fifteen years, until she released Sold Into Salvation at the age of 29. She is an avid supporter of Police, Fire, and EMS, is a military and intelligence enthusiast, and has a deep love of animals. She lives in Missouri with her family, and is a paramedic for a rural county ambulance service.

Books Published- Gone Writing Publishing:
Sold Into Salvation (2015)

Coming Soon:

Accidental Salvation (TBA)

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