Sunday, November 29, 2015

Snippet Sunday

Welcome back for another Snippet Sunday! This is getting to be a popular addition to my site so I think I'll keep it as a regular feature. Thanks for the the great support and comments here, on Facebook, and over on Goodreads. You guys and gals rock! Hearing how much you all are enjoying the snippets is so uplifting and inspirational. Keep your comments coming!

This week we have the last excerpt from my Home Ice, my GFY hockey romance NaNoWriMo project. I've completed the NaNo challenge and am totally exhausted, but man was it fun!

Since I don't want to ruin the ending I'll be sharing something with you from my next WIP next week. This week, though, we get a taste of how things are going for Jarrod Troy, star center for the Pittsburgh Steelheads, and his sexy nanny, Nash Sullivan. This takes place during the first round of the division championships. I'm hoping to have this book out sometime in late 2016, but my release schedule for next year is already filling up, so it might be early 2017 before I can find space for Home Ice. I promise it will be released though, even if I have to self-publish it!

So, here's a last taste from Jarrod and Nash's story. Please ignore any errors. This is unedited work.

See you next week!


            We didn't lose solely because my stupid ass was on the bench. To say that would be massively egotistical. It didn't help, of course, since my absence made the coach juggle the lines a little. My first line wingers just didn't have the connection with my replacement. Also, the Knights fucking goalie stood on his head. Our goal scorers just could not find a hole. He was a freaking wall. Our tendie did an outstanding job as well, letting only one shot out of forty-four in. 

            Yeah, forty-four shots on goal for the Knights. We had twenty-two. No one was pointing fingers at Bogdan as he sat in his corner working over mental shit as only a goalie can do. All the coaches were pointing those fingers at the defense for collapsing and for the offense for not being prepared and properly focused for such an important game.

             "I'm really sorry for not doing my part," I announced to the team as we sat licking our wounds. "I promise you all that I will be totally committed to knocking those cocky bastards down a notch or two."

            The men in the dressing room clapped and hooted, but it was lacking. They'd bounce back. Tomorrow when we arrived for morning skate the Steelheads would be out for blood. Tonight, though, we were a lackluster group returning to our hotel. Craig fell into his bed and was asleep almost instantly. I walked over to the small table and chairs in the corner, and sat down to call home. This time my nanny answered.

            "Hey," I softly said so not to wake up Craig.

            "Hey, sorry about the game," Nash said. It was so nice to hear his voice caressing my ear. "Kenley tried to stay awake but she crashed midway through the second period."

            "Probably for the best," I said and stretched out my legs, "wouldn't want the poor thing to have nightmares after seeing that bloodbath."

            "It was pretty gruesome."

            "Wes Craven couldn't have done it better. Look, about that whole thing with Randy, I need you to know that I didn't plan to get rough with the man. He just started talking shit about you and your wrists and I got upset. I had only intended to gently warn him to be more discreet."

            "I know, and I know that you paid for it by sitting out that game, which is why I picked up when I saw it was you calling again. I think you've made recompense."

            "I love you, you know that, right?" I looked from the dark side of the room where Craig was sleeping to the billion lights of Manhattan. "If anyone ever talks down about you I will jack the fucker into a wall. That is a given."

            "Such a beast," Nash replied with some humor. "I love you too, Jay." I liked when he used that nickname. I liked quite a lot of what the man did. "I just hope there isn't any fallout from your stupidity."


            "Well, it was amazingly stupid." He yawned loudly. "Sorry, I'm wiped out. I think I'm going to crawl into our bed. Call us tomorrow morning so Kenley can pat your back over the phone."

            "Will do, and feel free to spread out to my side of the bed if you want."

            "Oh, I had planned to do so. Love you." 

            "Love you too. Sleep well." I closed my eyes and let the phone slide from my ear to rest on my shoulder. Knowing Nash was over being mad at me eased the burden a little. I took a long breath and could feel my muscles beginning to soften. A light came on. I turned my head from the blinding light for a second.

            "What the fuck did I just overhear?" Craig groggily asked. I sat staring stupidly at my roommate for a couple incredibly long seconds. There was really no way to lie my way out of it. I sat up straight and looked right at Craig.

            "I'm having a relationship with my nanny."

            Craig shoved a hand through his hair and gaped at me. I placed my elbows to my knees, my phone in my hands, and waited.

            "Is she young, blonde and Swedish?"

            "My nanny is a man," I explained.

            "No shit."

            "No shit," I softly responded.


Cathy Brockman is sharing a snippet from her NaNo work as well this week. She'd love to have you drop by and say "Howdy!"


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